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The Tallest moutain of Malaysia infact of South East Asia towering at more than 4100 Meters. MT KK is a granite top mountain with a medium level of intensity rquired but the last part of the trek really gets vertical and one needs to be in good physical shape to climb that.


Opening Hours

the National Park opens from 7 am and climbers start their climb once a group of 4 or more people is formed.



The climbing permit with the guide is approx 80-100 Ringitt but for people under 18 this is around half the price. the Cost doesnt include accomodation which has to be arranged separately.


Getting There

From the main city one can get a bus or taxi to go to the Base Camp of MT KK. A bus is a cheaper option besides that one has to go there early in the morning make it before 7 am.



The initial part of the climb is very easy and the mountain seems to have a very low gradient meaning the climb is not very steep. This casual climb though at some places it gets testing is what one would be doing for most of the few hours till reaching Laban Rata which id supposed to be the place where one has to spend the night over if one wants to climb the mountain in two days. This is at a height of 18000 feet and one reaches there 5 pm if one climbs the moutain at a moderate pace. The weather is amazing at times it starts drizzling and one comes into contact with the clouds. Truly a surreal experience!!. The temperature is cold and without any heating it sometimes gets unbearable but a better thing to do is go to have dinner from the resort’s resturarant which has heated rooms. one has to go to bed early because we the second leg of the climb for the summit starts at 2 am at night thus sleep is essential. At this time I should also point out that this last 3000 feet ascent is the most demanding as the climb at a lot of places gets vertical and in big steps which greatly tests people’s ability and most of the people can’t seem to go ahead because they develop cramps or altitude sickness. Its a good idea to bring chocolates, nuts and juices to involve oneself with the cimb. Besides at the top it gets very very cold with constant winds blowing in one’s face thus it is best to take a good jacket along with some gloves. Our guide amram was one cheerful young kid who was climbing the mountain for who knows he lost counting!!

The sights which one can see on the trail is a train of light coming from hikers head mouted torches which when seen from a distance look like a group of fireflies. Its very unearthly the feeling one gets by looking down besides being creepy as you don’t see anything at night!

Te summit has to be reached before the sun rises because it gets very difficult to climb once the sun is up as the rays get in one’s eyes. With a heculean effort I was able to reach the top before 5 am and then enjoy the sunrise as well as the spectacular scenery. It should also be prudent to mention that the mountain is made of granite so one has amazing views of the pinnacles in the morning sun light.

I had a feeling that the descent would be a piece of cake but with a lot of drizzle falling the slopes got really slippery so we had to come down really slow. This for me was more difficult than the ascent. The mountain has small rest areas after a few hours of climbing where one can get water as well answer the call of nature. But anyways the rigorous descent down truly drains
one of the final energy and once one has fully decsended then it seems as if more like dead. c
Climbing for more than 15-16 hours my your legs just give way and it takes its toll .



There is a restuarant at Laban Rata which serves moderate tasteful food but it is very expensive especially for someone who is backpacking. so one should bring their own food like noodles etc and just boil them by oneself.



the climb is very tiring so one needs to bring water as well as a host of juices and milk etc. one can also get tea/ coffee from the restuarant.



The accomodation has to be arranged seperately from the main city at the Sutera Lodges Office in the downtown of KK. The accomodation is avalilable at Laban Rata at the Sutera lodges there. Laban Rata is at a height of 18000 Feet.
there are two kinds of accomodation.


The Budget accomodation doesnt have central heating provided and the place is open and damp and can get chilly at night. the beds provided are not so cozy but anyways one just needs to sleep till 2 am following which the climb restarts for the summit.


The mid range Lodges are better with heating provided but they are expensive besides the accomodation is difficult to find in the peak season.

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