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Lao or Laotian is the official language of the Lao PDR, or Laos as we are used to refer to. Learning a few words can be helpful in big cities but once in the countryside it won't go very far because half of the population of Laos does not speak Laotian as their first language or at home. Although Russian and French are spoken by older people most of the younger people learn English as the common international language. Laotian is a tonal language came from the language family that is known as Tai Kradai, or Kra-dai.



Lao Alphabet

To view Lao language you might need Lao font installed on your computer.

There are 27 basic consonants and 6 combined consonants in Lao language.

The basic consonants are:

The combined consonants are:

  • ຫງ
  • ຫຍ
  • ຫນ or ໜ
  • ຫມ or ໝ
  • ຫລ or ຫຼ
  • ຫວ



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