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Larnaca is a city on the island of Cyprus and a popular seaside resort area on the island for mainly European tourists.




Typical for Cyprus Weather with a Mediterranean climate, meaning mild and relatively wet winters and warm/hot and dry and sunny summers. The main tourist season is from April to October, though winters are better for exploring the island and most airlines serve Larnaca year-round.

Avg Max16.4 °C16.8 °C18.7 °C22.4 °C26.1 °C29.9 °C32.2 °C32.4 °C30.6 °C27.5 °C22.3 °C18.3 °C
Avg Min7.2 °C7 °C8.2 °C11.4 °C15.2 °C19 °C21.6 °C21.6 °C19.2 °C16.2 °C12 °C8.8 °C
Rainfall68 mm58 mm39 mm18 mm9.5 mm1.7 mm0 mm0.6 mm1.7 mm19 mm42 mm86 mm
Rain Days10.



Getting There

By Plane

Larnaca International Airport (LCA) is 4 kilometres from Larnaca and is the main gateway to Cyprus. Quite a few airlines, including serveral budget airlines, serve the island from cities throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
The airport can be reached by car, taxi and public transport system. From Limassol, there is a shuttle bus system with 14 trips per day and ticket price is €7. From Nicosia the shuttle can have up to 30 trips per day and the ticket price is €5. The shuttle services are non-stop.




Keep Connected


Internet access is increasingly available in tourist centres in the form of internet cafés and side rooms equipped with monitors. Prices vary, so shop about. €2 an hour seems average, but you can do better. Many cafés now offer free wi-fi access and hotels and resorts often offer Internet access to their guests.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The country calling code to Cyprus is: 357. To make an international call from Cyprus, the code is: 00

Fixed-line telephone in Cyprus is provided by Cyta, an independent (but government-owned) company and PrimeTel; both provide packages for home and business usage. Cyta public phones are in all towns, villages, ports and airports. There are three types of public telephones, coinphones, outdoor cardphones and indoor cardphones. All public phones can be used for local and international calls. Cardphones accept payment by Telecards, which are available in various denominations. They can be purchased at banks, post offices, souvenir shops, kiosks and CytaShops.

Mobile cellular telephones are available from major retailers and phone shops. If coming to Cyprus with a phone from another country, it may be possible to use it in Cyprus if the frequency band is the same (GSM 900/1800; UMTS 2100). The most economical way to make and receive calls will likely be to purchase a SIM card in Cyprus. All incoming calls are free and local calls are charged at a local rate.


Cyprus Postal Services is the postal operator of Cyprus and operate the government-operated Post Office. A legacy of British colonial rule is the use of pillar boxes (mail boxes) with the initials of the British monarch, although after independence they were painted yellow. It offers relatively cheap but not extremely efficient and reliable services. Post offices in Cyprus are generally open from 07:30am to 1:30pm. In some districts the post offices are also open in the afternoon. If you want to send a package, you will be better of using companies like DHL, UPS or TNT.

Accommodation in Larnaca

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