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Liancourt Rocks

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Liancourt Rocks (Korean: Dokdo) are a collection of small islets in the Sea of Japan. They are disputed territory, although controlled by South Korea since 1954. Liancourt Rocks were created by volcanic activities. It is made up of two larger islets – Dongdo and Seodo – and 89 smaller ones around them.

It is the easternmost territory of Korea and situated 87.4km to the southeast of Ulleungdo Island and 216.8km to the east of Jukbeon of the East Coast. As it is 157.5km to the northwest of Oki Island of Shimane Prefecture of Japan, Japan cannot see the islands from Oki Island whilst South Koreans can see them from Ulleungdo Island on a clear day.

Liancourt Rocks are 187,554㎡ (Dongdo: 73,297㎡; Seodo: 88,740㎡; Other Islands: 25,517㎡) and is a government-owned land (owned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries). The strait between Dongdo and Seodo is 151m in width, 330m in length, and about 10m in depth.

Dongdo, the southeastern part of Liancourt Rocks, has most of the maritime facilities, including Manned Light House. Dongdo is 98.6m in height, 2.8km in circumference, and 73,297㎡ in area. The longer side extends about 450m to northeast at a 60° grade and the center is a vertical hole that is depressed down to the surface of water.

Seodo, the northwestern part, is 168.5m in height, 2.6km in circumference, and 88,740㎡ in area. The longer side extends about 450m longitudinally and the shorter side is about 300m latitudinally. Seodo’s peak is a steep cone. Seodo’s major facility is Fisherman’s Lodge.



Opening Hours

The entrance of civilian visitors to Liancourt Rocks was restricted by Article 33 of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act since Liancourt Rocks was appointed as Natural Monument #336 (Official Title: Dokdo Natural Preservation Zone) in 1982. However, of the two restricted areas, (Dong-do and Seo-do) Dong-do has been opened to civilian visitors who submit an application and obtain approval (2005.3.24 New Governmental Orders).

The application and registration must be completed at least 14 days in prior to the desired date as since it may take some time for the Cultural Heritage Administration and other related officials to make a decision.

Please contact the Ulleung-gun Dokdo Administration Office (Tel:054-790-6645, 6646 Fax: 790-6649) for further information.




Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 37.241667
  • Longitude: 131.866667


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