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Limbe was founded by the British missionary Alfred Saker of the Baptist Missionary Society of London in June 1858, it was originaly called Victoria. It became German between 1887 in exchange to Santa Lucia Bay, today part of South Africa. Limbe is an English speaking area.



Sights and Activities

  • The Botanical Garden founded by the Germans in 1891.
  • The Limbe Wildlife Center founded in 1993 by the NGO Pandrillus Foundation to rescue endangered African primates that are critically endangered, including gorillas, as well as chimpanzees, drills, mandrills, baboons and meerkats.
  • Black Sand Beaches, a bit filthy in the center of Limbe but quite nice further west, get there with shared taxies or motorbike taxies.
  • Buëa is a nice daytrip, on the slopes of Mount Cameroon, 1,000 metres altitude in about 30 kilometres distance. It was after Douala the 2nd capital of the German colonie Kamerun from 1901 on. There are still some colonial aera buildings including the palatial former residence of the German governor (and sometimes residence of the president of Cameroon, no pictures allowed and you can see the place only from quite some distance).



Getting There

By Plane

The closest airport is in Douala.

By Bus

From Douala a constant flow of shared taxies and minibuses, leaving when full from the Rond-Point Deido, arriving close to the town centre. Minibuses go from there also to Buëa. Regular buses will arrive at the bus terminal about 4 kilometres to the northeast. There is also a bus to Bamanda via Kumba.

By Boat

There is a weekly boat to Calabar, Nigeria.



Getting Around

By Public Transport

Shared taxis or motorbike taxis.




If you go down from the Victoria Guesthouse and the black and white roundabout there are some fairly nice sidewalk restaurants having fresh fish.
The local dishes are mostly made of fish, due to the abundance of fish from the sea. There are various dishes from the traditional cocoyams such as kwacocoa bible or endeley bread (common among the Bakweri people) ekwang, ashu; others prepared with vegetables like the popular akomobong soup, eru and fufu, and a lot more. Roasted fish is commonly eaten at night, along with an abundance of prawns popularly known as janga. Cameroon was first named by the Portuguese (Cameroes) due to the abundance of prawns. There is also increasing local demand of snails, and they can be found in restaurants and at the beach.




A variety of drinks are available, including the traditional palm wine and locally made cornbeer and foulerie, bottled drinks such as malta, pamplemouse (grapefruit), djino and beers such as Castle, Insemberg and a host of others. You can also get natural fruit juices and bottled water like Tangui and Supermount. The medicinal lemon grass tea and its great aroma is also available. It is popularly known as "fever grass" and used to calm fever.




  • Trinity Hotel in town and has a minimum price of 15,000 FCFA.
  • Hotels close to the sea with a perfect seaview for nature lovers: Seme beach hotel has a minimum price of about 25,000 FCFA.
  • Fini Hotel, ☎ +237 233 332 697, +237 670 067 005, e-mail: One branch in town, one at the seaside. Bar, restaurant, pool, business centre. Doubles from 20,000 FCFA in town, and from 34,000 FCFA at the seaside.
  • Victoria Guest House is very reasonable in the center of Limbe, the black and white roundabout.

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Keep Connected


You can find Internet access all over the place, but the speed might be slow.


See also International Telephone Calls

The country calling code to Cameroon is 237.
To make an international call from Cameroon, the code is 00.

To make local and international calls you need to buy a pre-paid SIM card. Check if your cell phone has a compatible GSM standard (Africa/Europe) - if not, in addition to a SIM card you probably need to buy a new phone. "MTN" and "Orange" are two major telephone companies in Cameroon.


National post service is considered to be unreliable.


Accommodation in Limbe

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