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2009 532 Chess Men Small

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Lviv is a city in the (north)west of Ukraine with around 750,000 inhabitants living in the city and about 1.5 million in the total metropolitan area. The city used to be called Lemberg in German language. Capital of the historical region of Galicia, Lviv is now regarded as one of the main cultural centres of today's Ukraine.

The city has a multicultural history but little of the evidence of this has survived until today. It was founded in 1256 by King Daniel of Galicia (Ukrainian: Король Данило Галицький - Korol' Danylo Galyckyy) and fell under Polish control in the 14th century. Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Germans and others lived there together for centuries. This multicultural experience virtually came to an end during and after WWII. Germans, with the help of Ukrainian nationalists, killed most of the Jews (about one third of Lviv's population at that time) and, at the end and in the direct aftermath of the war, the Polish population (about 65% of the population) was first partly driven out by nationalist terror, then "repatriated" to Poland in its new borders by the Soviet government. The Polish and Jewish heritage is hardly preserved, but one can find some inscriptions on former shops in Polish, Yiddish and German.

Because of Lviv's proximity to the EU and its openness to foreigners, the city's multicultural feel has experienced a resurgence. Even today, walking through the city centre, a traveller can hear Poles laughing and taking pictures of the beautiful old buildings, Germans walking through the city on guided tours, Ukrainian or Russian tourists and students joking about this or that, and American or British businessmen chatting in cafes. There is even a small Jewish community in the city. The many universities in Lviv attract students from every continent on the globe, and its old architecture draws tourists from various parts of the world, including Ukraine.

The Polish king John II Casimir founded the Lviv University in the 17th century and Lviv (known as Lwów) was by that time one of the most important cities in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, along with Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk and Vilnius.

In 1772 the city was taken by the Habsburgs, and in Austrian times it was known as Lemberg, the capital of Galicia. After the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, it was returned to Poland.

As a result of World War II, Stalin moved the Soviet frontier westward so Lviv became part of the USSR under the name Lvov (still widely used, even locally). With Ukrainian independence in 1991, the name was changed to Lviv (Львів).

Lviv is in the most Ukrainian region of Ukraine. When it was a Soviet province, most signs were only in Ukrainian, and only a few also in Russian. Because of its Polish and Austro-Hungarian history, Lviv has a Central European flair in its architecture that makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Lviv has even been called "the capital of Ukrainian culture". The people there are very warm, although somewhat direct (which is very common in eastern Slavic cultures).

Since slightly before the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, the city has become more and more tourist-friendly. All downtown street signs are now in both Ukrainian and English, and the staff of the Information Center on Rynok Square speak many different languages. Maps, schedules of local events, and tourist guides can be obtained there for free in English, German, Polish, and Russian. There are even small information kiosks beside some monuments (small touch-screen TVs that offer maps and information about the city). Visiting Lviv is very rewarding for the pioneer traveller, as living is extremely cheap here and the place has a truly authentic feeling, unlike places like Kraków or Prague, which are swamped with tourists.



Sights and Activities

The historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historical heart of Lviv with its old buildings and cobblestone roads has survived World War II and ensuing Nazi and Soviet occupation largely unscathed.

Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (Tserkva Preobrazhennia Hospoda Nashoho Isusa Khrysta, Церковь Преображения Господа Нашего Иисуса Христа), Krakivs'ka str, 21. On the site of the former church of the Holy Trinity which was part of The Trinitarian fathers monastery (1703). In 1783, the monastery was closed. Inside the church is a library and assembly hall. Burned out. The Church of Transfiguration was consecrated on 29 April 1906.
Armenian Cathedral (Вірменського собору), Virmenska str, 7-13. An architectural complex of the centre around which other buildings are grouped to form three small enclosed courtyards. Constructed between 1363 and 1370, later remodelled a few times. Very interesting interior.
Dominican Roman-Catholic Church (Домініканський костьол (Церква Пресвятої Євхаристії)), Muzeina sq, 1. Built in the Gothic style in the years 1370-1375. Impressive Baroque temple rebuilt for Dominicans in 18th century. Resembles the church of St. Charles Borromeus in Vienna with its concave façade and huge elliptical dome. After World War II, the building served as a warehouse and later Museum of Religion and Atheism. Now it is a Greek Catholic parish church.
Assumption Church (Успенскої церкви), Pidvalna str, 9. In the 1550s the Dormition brotherhood emerged in which the school operated and printing. The 65m high church has a two-headed Russian eagle image as the memory of the significant donation of funds to build a church, made by Tsar Feodor I of Russia in 1592. Here is also Chapel of the Three Holy Bishops (Каплиця Трьох святителів) a Renaissance architecture, built by architect Peter Krasovsky in 1578-1591, it is adjacent to one side of the northern wall of the Assumption Church. Also here is the Tower of Korniakt (Вежа Корнякта), built as the belfry of the Assumption Church, served as defence towers in the siege and fire guards patrol the item, built in 1572-1578.
Narodnyi Dim (Nation Home) (Народний Дім), Teatralna str., 22. One of the oldest and richest cultural and educational institutions in Galicia, in 1849-1939. At the People's House, there were a library and museum. It was some time Russian Casino, Academic Club, a place for the "Society Russians ladies". In 1862 moved here the first Ukrainian academic high school. Here opened the Seminary. In addition to schools, there is contained Archaeological, Art and Natural History Museum.
Poleyovskiy house (будинок Полейовський), Krakivska str., (Краківська вул.) 24. Corner house longer side face (north) out on the street Ukrainian Lesya. Building dates from 1780s. (Architect P. Poleyovskiy), restructured in 1783 and 1894. Architecture stone shows stylistic features Baroque and Historicism. This mansion a three-story, brick building. At the level of the ground floor façades laid ashlar. Centre accented balcony on stone consoles, 18th century. Today the building is used as a dwelling house. Also there are more monument buildings on Krakivska str at numbers 4, 13, 15, 17 and 22.
Ratusa (Town hall) (Ратуша), Market Square, Ploshcha Rynok, Площа Ринок. You can climb the tower of the town hall: go in via the main entrance, wander about until you see a sign 'вхид на вежу', then follow those signs up 103 steps to a ticket-office and up 305 more steps to the top of the tower. There's a great view of the Old Town, and this is clearly one of the romantic spots of the city: I saw a marriage-proposal there. The City Hall is made of brick, four-square plan, with patio, in 1830-1835, in the Viennese classicism style. Added the town hall a clock tower. Around the building on the square are three fountains in 1900s: first the Fountain Adonis (to Northeast) has an cup, which stands on the pavement, in the centre of a star, outlined in red and black stone. In the centre of the bowl - a statue of the hero character of ancient mythology Adonis with a dog and boar killed him; Fountain Neptune (to Southwest) In the centre of the bowl - a statue of ancient mythology character Neptune,- the Roman god of freshwater and the sea,- which is situated at the feet of dolphin; and also on the square is the Fountain Amphitrite (to Northwest) with a statue of ancient mythology character Amfitryta, consort of Neptune with a dolphin.
Lychakivsky Tsvyntar (Lychakiv Cemetery, Ukrainian: Личаківський цвинтар, translit. Lychakivs’kyi tsvyntar; Polish: Cmentarz Łyczakowski we Lwowie), Vul. Mechnikhova (вул. І. Мечнікова), 33 (east 5 km: Tram 7 to 'Pekarska St'). There are about 400,000 people buried here, including Ukrainian heroes such as Ivan Franko. Cemetery is enormous (42 ha), and very pleasant to wander around on a network of variously-maintained paths. At the back there are series of war memorials. The cemetery is considered a museum - hence the entry fee. There's also supposedly a further fee charged for permission to take pictures (I think it might be for professional shoots, there's no way they can enforce such fee for simple tourist). 30 грн.
High Castle (Union of Lublin mound,Vysokyi zamok), Vysokyi Zamok street (East). The place where a historic castle used to stand and now stands a mound built in 1869 to commemorate 300th anniversary of Lublin Union. On the mound there is an observation platform with nice views of the city and another sandy mound, which you can also climb, and which has a cross devoted to the dead of the war in Afghanistan. From the mound you can walk around the whole central hill-park of the town. very recommendable. easy to find and free of carge.
The Lviv National Museum (Національний музей у Львові ім. А.Шептицького), Svobody ave, (пр. Свободи,) 20, ☏ +380 32 235-8856. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. The main building displays Ukrainian Art from the Middle Ages up to the 19th century. The Lviv Art Gallery mainly shows foreign art in its art collections so if you are more interested in Ukrainian art you should definitely visit this museum. About the buildings: former Art and Industry Museum, built in 1904, in Neo-Renaissance style. From 1950 to 1990 it housed a branch of the Central Lenin Museum. 9 грн, children 3 грн; temporary exhibitions: 3/1; permanent exhibitions: 5/1. Excursions: 15/10. Tours in (English, Polish, Russian): 50 грн.
Museum of Natural history, Vul. Teatral'na. (вул. Театральна,), 18, ☏ +380 32 235-6917, ✉ [email protected]. Tu-Th Sa Su 10:00-17:00. Collection include more than 500,000 items. The museum building is in the palace 'Dzieduszyckis - Magistrates', 18th century building, in the 19th century rebuilt in the classical style. One of the items that are most proud of the museum is Europe's first full carcass hairy rhinoceros and mammoth unearthed from Starunia village, (Ivano-Frankivska oblast) an earlier mud volcano site.
Museum of the History of Religion (Львівський музей історії релігії), Museina Sq,(пл. Музейна,) 1, ☏ +380 32 272-9100, ✉ [email protected]. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. An interesting museum documenting Jewish and Christian history of Lviv in one of Lviv's biggest and most beautiful Baroque churches of 14th-18th century. The museum has a specialized library of religious profile, which is unique in the state. Among the 150 000 copies - labours of theologians of Kyiv, Lviv, St. Petersburg and Moscow Theological Academies and their periodicals. And religious literature of Catholic institutions from Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Poland. A collection of religious books of the Crimean Khanate time, works of publishing house of Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome. An unique collection of Bibles in different languages: Greek, Latin, German, French, Chinese, English, etc. Among them - the Ostrog Bible of Ivan Fedorov, the Paris edition of 1563, and a Venetian edition of 16th century. Adults/discount 10/5 грн; Guided tour: 10/5 грн.




Lviv has a continental climate with warm, sunny summers and cold winters with regular snow. Average temperatures in summer are around 20-25 °C during the day and 12-14 °C at night. Winters see highs around zero and lows around -5 °C. The absolute records though stand at 36 °C and -30 °C to give an idea about extremes. Precipitation average just about 750 mm a year with most of that concentrating in heavy showers in summer. Winters are slightly drier.



Getting There

By Plane

Lviv International Airport (LWO) has flights to/from Kiev, Naples, Tel Aviv, Simferopol, Tivat, Burgas, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Timisoara, Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Munich, Istanbul, Athens, Antalya, Heraklion, Sharm el-Sheikh, Zadar, Moscow, Dalaman, Dubai, Hurghada, Dortmund, Milan and Venice.

By Train

Currently several trains cross the nearby Polish–Ukrainian border (mostly via Przemysl in Poland). There are good connections to Slovakia (Kosice) and Hungary (Budapest). Many routes have overnight trains with sleeping compartments.

By Car

From Poland: take the Tabliczka E40, this will end at the city centre. Formalities at the border take at least one hours. There will be a long line for trucks, which you can pass if you travel by car. Don't expect the border police to treat you respectfully, or speak any language other than Ukrainian, Polish or Russian. In fact, expect the very opposite regarding both.

It is also illegal to drive in the city centre (including Prospekt Svobody) on Sundays and holidays. This is signposted in Cyrillic only, and there are always some police present to catch some unsuspecting foreigner.

By Bus

Check Eurolines for international bus connections.



Getting Around

By Public Transport

The Lviv tramway now runs about 220 cars on 75 kilometres of track. Previously in bad shape many tracks were reconstructed in 2006 and even more are due to be reconstructed. The price of a tram/trolleybus ticket is 1.25 UAH (reduced fare ticket is 0.60 UAH, e.g. for students). The ticket may be purchased form the driver.




Life in Lviv is very cheap. It's not difficult to find a place where you can have a full meal for €2. The challenge is rather ordering if you don't speak Ukrainian.

Arsen #2 Supermarket (Супермаркет Арсен N2), Viacheslava Chornovola Ave. (пр-т Черновола), 93 (Northwestern quarter - 'Lvov 700 years old' Park), ☏ +380 32 2976070. M-F 08:00-23:00, Su 09:00-22:00. More units: west 2.5 km ul. Paton, 37, Phone +38 032 2441925, M-F 08:00-23:00, Su 09:00-22:00; southeast 1.5 km ul. Zelenaya, 147, Phone +38 032 2405258, M-F 08:00-23:00, Su 09:00-22:00; south 3 km ul. Kn. Olga, 120, Phone +38 032 2457654 M-F 08:00-23:00, Su 09:00-22:00.
Potato House Fast Food Restaurant (Ресторан Картопляна хата), Chornovola V. ave., 65 (Northwestern quarter - Eldorado Shopping Center), ☏ +380 32 2521975. Restaurant chain.
McDonald's Restaurant (Ресторан Макдональдз), Chornovola V. Ave., 12 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 297-0414. Restaurant chain. Wi-Fi.
Bistro (Бістро), Panteleymona Kulisha, 13 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 272-2165.
Bistro (Бістро), Horodotska str., 11 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 240-3598. Fast Food Chain.
Puzata Hata (Ресторан Пузата хата), Sichovykh Striltsiv Str., 12 (Northwestern quarter - in same building Mini Hostel/Hostel2 Lviv). This fast food chain offers hearty Ukrainian smörgåsbord. Cafeteria style eatery has a selection of traditional Ukrainian food mixed with some other food found around the area.
Acropolis Tavern (off Rynok Square?), ?. A Greek casual diner. The staff speak English and may well start dancing, in traditional style, given any amount of encouragement. Gyros and souvlaki for US$3.
Idalnia #1 Gurman (Gourmet), Petra Doroshenka 7 (Tram 2,9, 10 to 'Petra Doroshenka'). They are cooking only from Ukrainian products.
Bäckerei Videnski bulochky (бекерай-кав'ярня Віденські Булочки), Katedralna Sqr. 3 (Old Town), ☏ +380 32 2358822. M-F 08:00-22:00, Sa 08:00-23:00. Traditional Austrian cafe-bakery. Freshly baked French croissants, real German pretzel, Italian focaccia and ciabatta. Full menu featuring a selection of hot sandwich-baguettes, salads and soups.
Cafe 1, sq. Katedralna 5 (Center- off Rynok Square). A very cosy cafe/casual dining restaurant that offers a varied range of modern cuisine. It has a warm atmosphere with non-smoking and smoking areas plus friendly and thoughtful staff.
Gutsulsky Dvir (Етно-ресторан "Гуцульський Двір"), 36 Schyretska str. (At Sknylivs'kyi park - SW 5km), ☏ +380 322 952564. One of the most picturesque ethnic restaurants in the city. Ukrainian ethnic cuisine, great atmosphere of wooden restaurant with lots of trees around is a must to visit while staying in L'viv.
Kavkaz Georgian Restaurant (Ресторан «Кавказ», ПП "КАРРО"), Zelena street (вул. Шота Руставеллі), 2 (Tram 3, 4, 5, 9, 11 to 'Zelena street'). Try harcho soup and fig salad.
Kupol, Chaikovskogo 37 (Tram 2, 9, 10 to 'Holovna Poshta' - next to L'viv Art Gallery), ☏ +380 32 261-4454. Has a touch of understated Habsburg grandeur. Homestyle quality.
Museum of Ideas (Музей Ідей), Valova 18A (located in Bernardine monastery cellars). A kind of cultural centre, with hand-made glass souvenirs gallery, exhibition space, sculptures and movie screenings. There's a good small restaurant there and in summer also a beer garden.
New York Street Pizza, 5, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street (Січових Стрільців) (W 0.5km). More units: 51, Volodymyra Velykogo Str, 37, Patona Str, 4, Stefanyka Str, 36, Generala Chuprynky Str, 5, Tershakovtciv Str, 59, Grushevskogo Str, 1, Valova Str, 51, Chervonoi Kalyny pr, 2, Sv. Teodora pl. Tasty pizza, soups, salads, cakes and beverages.
Pid Kelpsydroyu café/restaurant (Under Clepsydra), Vir’menska 35 (opp. Dzyga Cultural Centre, you'll see about 15 large tables with patio umbrellas crowding the street.). You'll also see the city's sophisticated set sipping Under Clepsydra's famous forest tea. Under Clepsydra has three sections. The indoor café/restaurant inspired by the Parisian brasseries of the left bank has two sections, smoking and non-smoking, that share a soundtrack of classic French jazz and folk music. Upstairs you’ll find the more popular late-night section of the establishment. But what really sets it apart from other Lviv hangouts is the menu. Vegetarian restaurants in Lviv are, well, non-existent, but Under Clepsydra you’ll find a collection of fresh, meat-free dishes made with local ingredients. Potato and mushroom crepes are less than €2, and fresh soups and salads are anywhere between €1-2. Menus are in English. The carnivorous set has plenty of options as well. Few dishes run more than €5, and entrees include duck, pork, grilled chicken, smoked salmon.
Tsukerna Confectionary, pr. Staroevraiski (Old Town). Viennese-style cake and coffee.
Amadeus. A broad European and Ukrainian menu in a 5 star environment with 4-star food and 2.5-star prices.
Viden’ska Kavyarnia (Viennese Café), Svobody Prospect (Next to Opera House). This place has menus in English and English-speaking staff.- The Wiener Schnitzel is great, so are all the soups, the breakfasts, the potato pancakes and the Apfelstrudel. A main course €3-4, a three-course meal €6-7.
Veronica, on the Shevchenko Prospect is both a French style cafe (upstairs) and stylish restaurant downstairs.




Hasova Lyampa Bar (Kerosene Lamp), Virmenska 20. You’ll most likely see a man dressed in Olde Tyme regalia pacing in front of the entrance, beckoning people inside. If he’s not there another greeter awaits in the form of a metal statue sitting at a desk with a... you guessed it, lit gas lamp. Once inside you’ll find a spiral staircase ascending up three flights of dining space. Each floor is cozy, candle lit, and decorated with classic gas lamps. Gas Lamp also has one of Lviv’s best patios, in the form of their rooftop dining section. While the entrees are standard, the snacks that go with beer are real standouts. Try the seasoned croutons, chips and a variety of dipping sauces they’re the perfect accompaniment for their wide selection of cold local brews.
House of Legends Bar, Staroevreyska 48. A bar with small staircase connecting few floors and a roof terrace (great views!), where each room is differently designed around a theme of a Lvivian 'legend'.
Kriyivka Bar (Hiding Place in Ukrainian). “Slava Ukrayini” - the phrase means ‘Glory to Ukraine,’ and it’s your ticket to this underground, unmarked bar called Kryivka. When you do finally find it, state the password to a man toting a prop vintage machine gun, receive your shot of medovukha, and descend into the cozy wooden dining room you’ll be glad you took the time to find. This Ukrainian Independence themed bar is decorated with artifacts from Ukraine’s valiant struggle to stay autonomous - with guns, maps and posters lining the walls. You’ll also notice the names of dishes on the English menu harken back to a military tradition stretching back to the Austrian Empire. Culinary highlights include a half-metre long sausage, pickles soaked in honey and savory vereniky. There is also a bit of theatre during a dinner at Kryivka. If you’re lucky, a “Russian spy” may have snuck in to the restaurant and the brave staff will turn off the lights, grab a flashlight, root out this spy and serve him a healthy portion of justice. Once the intruder has been detached, celebratory live music erupts in the basement venue and locals burst into traditional songs of freedom.
Masoch Café/Bar, Serbska 7. A place where you get whipped by the bar staff. Yes, seriously.
Robert Doms Beer House, Kleparivs'ka 18. Follow the tree lined street of Kleparivska as it winds up and down hills until you reach the easy to spot entrance of this beer hall and concert venue. It’s attached to the Lvivske Brewery. Depending on the nights festivities you may have to pay a small cover charge, but it’s well worth it, as early evening acts often include international Jazz bands, and late evening events often fall into the feverish dance music category. Descend a flight of stairs past a little merchandise stand to the cavernous first room. Sit down at a long beer garten style table and order a giant stein of the Lvivske beer. The name, Robert Doms comes from the man who founded the brewery in 1715 (also the name of their signature brew). The underground location and stone walls give Robert Doms Beer House great acoustics and an intimate feel. Or, if you’re not in the mood for music, head to the adjoining Austrian style pub room. Plush, wooden and well lit, this is a great place to watch a game of football with friends as the giant TV at the end of the room has a habit of sucking in people's attention.
Kumpel beer restaurant, Vynnychenka 6 (on Mytna square). Mini-brewery.
Kult Underground Bar & Pub Filharmonia. Cool underground bar.
Franz Josef The twilight zone. 24 hour outdoor freak show. See the local intelligentsia acting rather unintelligent.
Dublin Irish Pub, Kryva Lypa 5. In the busy courtyard just off Doroshenka St. The name is written in Cyrillic as well as Latin, so have no fears there. Dublin does a good job of not packing the tables in too tightly, you after you’ve grabbed a seat, don’t be shy to get up and wander around a little bit with a pint of any of their host of international beers in hand. If you happen to be hungry, you’ll be glad to know that the menu is in English (though the staff don’t speak English), and features many of the pub favourites you would expect at home. However, you’ll find that many of these dishes have been modified slightly as local ingredients are substituted for traditional ones. If football is your thing, Dublin Pub spares no expense. If there is a game on, anywhere in the world, chances are Dublin Pub will be showing it live. However, if your side happens to be playing at the same time as any of Ukraine’s club, or national teams you might want swallow your pride and join in, as you’re not likely to find anyone here who will permit you to change the channel.
Korzo Irish Pub, Brativ Rohatinskiv street (off the main Rynok). Though it may sometimes seem like it, not every bar or restaurant in Lviv has some kind of theme or hook, and Korzo Pub is one of these places. - Nothing too fancy here, just an oak bar, brass taps and well worn tables that have eavesdropped on hundreds of conversations, arguments and romantic encounters. Korzo also has a great selection of international spirits, so if you’re the kind of person who needs a shot of tequila to get the night going, this is your place. As the beer flows, you might want to try the fish soup, hearty and robust, locals say it is the perfect ballast to prevent a hangover the next morning. If quenching your thirst on a sunny afternoon of exploring is your goal, Korzo has one of Lviv’s largest patios.




L'viv has a variety of hotels, hostels and apartments to suit all budgets and needs. The best deals for budget travellers (2-3 people) are found with the lovely apartments for rent all over town - These can be found online (preferably in Russian) or on arrival at the train station. Expect to pay around US$150-200/month for a nice studio apartment with a kitchen, TV and a nice warm-water bathroom. The hostel scene is quite new in L'viv so be sure to check reviews of hostels using well known booking agents and forums.

Cats' house hostel, 20 ulitsa Saksaganskogo, apt. 4 (Second Floor) - вул. Саксаганського, 20, кв. 4 (South. - Tram 3, 4, 5, 9, 11 to 'Zelena St'), ☏ +380 93 483-7665, ✉ [email protected]. 24/7. Check-in: 12:00. 20 beds, 24 hour reception, English, Ukrainian, Russian speaking staff, free Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, breakfast, bed linen, towels, slippers included, washing machine, library, tourist assistance – information, maps, luggage storage. Hostel is in the old Austrian house in the middle of the city near tram and bus stop. From €6 (80 грн) four, five beds room (2).
Central Square Hostel, 5 Rynok Square (Old Town), ☏ +380 95 225 66-54, ✉ [email protected]. Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 11:30. Cozy hostel in the heart of the city - 18 beds, English, Polish, Russian speaking staff, free Wi-Fi, tourist information, free maps, coffee & tea, linens & towels included, washing machine. Also will show you the city. Bed in dorm 95 грн, double room 350 грн.
Coffee Home Hostel, Ulitsa Teatral'naya, 10 (Old Town), ☏ +380 63 3419594, ✉ [email protected]. Check-out: 11:00. Next to main square. Chamber hostel — 20 beds, English, Spanish, Russian speaking staff, free Wi-Fi, touristic information, free maps, breakfast, coffee & tea, linens & towels included, laundry. Coffee interior style. From €8.
The Georgehouse Hostel, Ustyjanovycha (улица Устияновича), 8 (West - Tram 1, 10 to 'Lvivska politekhnika'), ☏ +380 50 4306454, ✉ [email protected]. Check-out: 11:00. 4-bed and 8-bed mixed dormitories, free Wi-Fi, maps, breakfast, linens & towels included, modern colourful design. Free bed on your birthday (with minimum stay two nights). From 95 грн.
The Kosmonaut Hostel, 4 Tomashivskoho St., apt. 5 (Second Floor) - вулиця Томашівського, 4, кв. 5 (South - Tram 1, 2, 10 to 'Petra Doroshenka St'), ☏ +38 0936554219, ✉ [email protected]. 20 beds, 24-hour reception, English-speaking staff. Free Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, washing machine, rated the Best Hostel in Ukraine by 2008. For good reason too. With a central location, hot powerful showers and a friendly common room perfect for meeting other travellers, this hostel has it all. Some additional attractions like bania, and AK-47 shooting trips. Staff are very helpful. From €7.
Mini Hostel Lviv, Sichovykh Streltsov St.,(улица Сечевых Стрельцов) 12, Ap. 16 (West - Tram 1, 2, 10 to 'Petra Doroshenka St'), ☏ +380 97 9315628, ✉ [email protected]. Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 11:00. Close to the Opera House and the main square. Free wi-fi, maps, coffee, tea, and free pub crawls. Guests of the Mini Hostel Lviv get discounts for to stay in the Mini Hostel Kiev and the Mini Hostel Odessa. From €5.
Old Ukrainian Home Hostel, Bogdana Lepkogo (Лепкого) street, 12 (West -), ☏ +380 32 2727611, ✉ [email protected]. Check-out: 11:00. Located in the centre of the city near the Lviv National University. Chamber hostel — 20 beds, English, Spanish, Russian speaking staff, free wi-fi, touristic information, free maps, breakfast, coffee & tea, linens & towels included, laundry. Old Ukrainian interior style. One bathroom with three showers, one kitchen with some dishes. A very neat and clean place, with a cosy backpacking atmosphere to it, kept by a very friendly young staff! From €8.
Retro Hostel Shevchenko, Shevchenka prosp. 16, ☏ +380 32 240 37 61. One of the biggest and most centrally located hostels. Every room has a bathroom. Privates and dorms on few floors, with outdoor common area (table tennis, billiards, barbecue available free of charge). Residents get a discount at Metro Club. From €5.50.
Roxelana Hostel (Lviv Backpackers Roxelana), Generala Chuprenke 50/4, ☏ +38 0974449789, ✉ [email protected]. Check-out: 12:00. Accommodation within a majestic historical castle. This castle was once inhabited by a famous Count. We are very near to the train station. Offers discounts to nightclubs in town. Offers deals on city tours, pub crawls, gun shooting experiences and famous Russian saunas. Helpful and friendly English staff. From €7.
Soviet Home Hostel, Drukarska 3, top floor, door code 250, ☏ +380 32 2530386, ✉ [email protected]. Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 11:00. - US$2 discount for US Peace Corps volunteers! Comfortable beds, hot shower, breakfast and Soviet interior. From €10.
Hostel TSisar Bankir (Хостел Цісар Банкір), Khmel'nyts'koho B. str., 23 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2255627, +380 67 6725076.
Hostel Kosmonavt (Хостел Космонавт), Sichovykh Striltsiv str., 8 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2740274.
Arho Hotel (Готель Арго), Shevchenka T. str., 186 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2333248, +380 32 2986451.
Trial Hotel (Готель Тріал), Zamarstynivska Str., 122 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2520388.
Herold Hotel, Restaurant (Готель Герольд), Pancha P. str., 7 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2455431, +380 32 2455432.
Vlasta Hotel (Готель Власта), Kleparivska str., 30 (Northwestern quarter opposite Stadium SKA), ☏ +380 32 2455432, +380 32 233-34-27.
Kupava deluxe Hotel (Готель Купава), Komarova Str., 17 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2450345, +380 32 2450567.
Electron Hotel (Готель Електрон), Kvitky-Osnovyanenka H., 4 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2335044.
Prestyzh Hotel (Готель Престиж), Yaroslava Mudroho Str.,33 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2444179, +380 32 2444178, +380 97 8488978.
Irena Hotel (Готель Iрена), Storozhenka O. Str.,21 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2395894.
Hotel Lviv (Готель Львів), Chornovola V. Ave., 7 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2423270.
TSisar Hotel (Готель Цісар), Kotliarska Str.,3 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2358228, +380 96 3723232.
Staryi Krakiv Hotel (Готель Старий Краків), Shpytalna str.,21 (In the historic center), ☏ +380 32 2971630. A new comfortable mini-hotel in a renovated three-storey mansion. Single, double and triple rooms. Cosy cafe on the ground floor.
Kyiv Hotel (Готель Київ), Horodots'ka Str.,15 (Northwestern quarter), ☏ +380 32 2728571.
Hotel George (Жорж), Pl. Mickiewicz 1, ☏ +380 32 2725952. Only some rooms have private bathrooms (from US$73). US$38–121.
Hotel NTON (Готель НТОН), Shevchenka St., 154b (вул.Шевченка 154б) (North-West 3 km from the downtown), ☏ +380 32 233 31 23, ✉ [email protected]. Hotel NTON has been in operation since January 2001. Offers more than 70 modern comfortable rooms equipped with phones, TV-sat, showers and bathrooms, air conditioning, hairdryers, refrigerators with mini-bars. Hot & cold water is around a clock, heating is autonomous. Services include restaurant, guarded parking place, 4 conference halls, business center and free wireless Internet. The hotel transfer service brings you to the hotel and any destination point in the downtown or behind the city at any time. Moreover the hotel also has fitness complex 'Pharaoh' (offering pharaonic massage, fitness gym, solarium, sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, IR-sweating). €28-€55 (breakfast included).
Hotel Volter (Готель Волтер), Lypynskoho 60a (3 km from the downtown), ☏ +380 32 294 88 88, ✉ [email protected]. Offers 56 comfortable rooms of different categories, namely, standard, superior, semi-suite, Deluxe suite, equipped according to modern norms and standards. Includes round-the-clock hot and cold water supply, installed independent heating system, satellite television, telephone, hair-drier and mini-safe in each room. The restaurant's staff is available round-the-clock. €33-70 (breakfast included).
Reikartz Dworzec Lviv, Gorodotskaya Street, 107, ☏ +380 32 2350888. It offers rooms with modern ambience, all of which have a private toilet and shower with bathtub, cable TV, Internet access, and mini-bar. Some of its amenities are fitness room/gym, a swimming pool, and a sauna. While staying here you can visit some tourist spots like Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth, Pharmacy Museum, and the High Castle Park. From €55.
Wien Hotel (Відень Готел), Pl. Svobody 12, ☏ +380 32 244-4314, ✉ [email protected]. Standard double room 830 грн (breakfast included).
Lion's Castle Hotel (Готель Замок Лева), Glinka str. 7, ☏ +380 32 2971563, ✉ [email protected]. US$80–160 (breakfast included).
Premier Hotel Dnister (Дністер), Mateyka st. 6, 79007, Lviv, ☏ +38 032 297 43 17. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. US$80–260.
Park-hotel “Drevny Grad” (Древній Град), 81123, Pustomyty region, camping, 7th km of Kyiv Highway, ☏ +380 32 2351005, fax: +380 32 2351011, ✉ [email protected]. US$50-90 (breakfast included).
Opera Leopolis (Готель Леополіс), Teatralna Str. 17. Prestigious Leopolis Hotel is a luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of the city center.
Hotel Eney (Еней), Shimzeriv st. 2, ☏ +380 32 2768799, ✉ [email protected]. €69-187.
Grand Hotel (Гранд Готель), pl. Svobody 13 (NW), ☏ +380 32 2724042, +380 32 2724042, ✉ [email protected]. Absolutely central - right in front of the Teras Shevchenko statue. US$126–360 (breakfast included).
Opera Hotel (Готель Опера), Pl. Svobody 45 (NW), ☏ +380 32 2259000, +380 32 2259001, ✉ [email protected]. US$96–336 (breakfast included).
Citadel Inn (Citadel Inn), Hrabovskoho street 11, ☏ +380 32 2357630, ✉ [email protected]. The hotel is in an ancient building of an old citadel. In the very building where the guests sleep, Germans murdered tens of thousands of Soviet prisoners of war and others during WWII. US$150–430 (breakfast included).
Guest house Andriivskyi (Гостинний дім), . Levyts'koho street 112., ☏ +380 32 2357630, ✉ [email protected]. US$150–300 (breakfast included).
Shveitsarskyi (Swiss) Hotel (Готель Швейцарський), Kniazia Romana str., 20, ☏ +380 32 2403777.
Chopin Hotel (Готель Шопен), Malaniuka YE. sq., 7, ☏ +380 32 2611020. Four-star hotel. Knightly and romantic style architectural elements and decorations of the facade structure inherent to an eclectic style that prevailed at the XIX-XX centuries in building cities of Austria-Hungary. From US$100/110.

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Keep Connected


Internet develops quickly in Ukraine, and therefore, today it is no problem to get access to the world wide web - both wired and wireless. There are more access points in big cities, nevertheless there are also some in small settlements. The majority of Ukrainian hostels and hotels of different level have Wi-Fi points, which allow visitors to use high-speed Internet. Most Ukrainian restaurants and many cafes are equipped with internet access points, there are also Wi-Fi zones in terminals of the international airports. You may also access Internet from your cell phone, if your device supports GPRS or one of the 3G standards. All cellular carriers in Ukraine offer access to the mobile internet.
Moreover, it's usually no problem to find Internet-cafe in Ukrainian cities. "Ukrtelecom" company offers Internet access as well. Its offices are easy to find in any town of Ukraine. The cost of one hour of Internet access usually doesn't exceed €1-2.


See also: International Telephone Calls

Local phones work well in Kiev, but not in Odessa - most people use phonecards. If you are here for any length of time it is worth investing in a local sim-card for your mobile. No major international mobile operators exist in Ukraine (yet) so if you have Vodaphone or T-mobile (etc) your phone may not work here.


Ukraine Poshta is the national postal service of Ukraine (website is rather slow and not always working). Unfortunately, the postal service in Ukraine is unreliable or at least inefficient and slow. Most packages get stolen or searched for things that can be sold. Post offices exist in all cities and towns and postcards can be sent quite safely, but the service may be slow. Like many other businesses, post offices are open from around 9:00am to 6:00pm with a lunchbreak between 1:00pm and 2:00pm, though opening times may vary. Smaller ones in rural towns keep shorter hours, while the largest ones in Kiev are usually open very late, during weekends or even 24 hours! If you want to send a letter or postcard and buy stamps, just queue up at the line where you see envelops and cards. Be prepared to wait a while, also regarding the time it takes to send a postcard to Europe (a week) or the USA (two weeks), let alone places further afield. Always send letters by airmail (avia in Ukrainian). For faster (but more expensive) sendings of parcels, try companies like TNT, DHL, UPS or FedEx.


Accommodation in Lviv

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as well as savarese.g (<1%), SZ (<1%)

Lviv Travel Helpers

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