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Mombasa station

Mombasa station

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Mombasa is Kenya's second largest city after Nairobi and is located along the coastline of the Indian Ocean. It is a major port and has a large international airport where many flights arrive with tourists wanting to experience the nice nearby beaches and tropical weather conditions. The city itself has around 800,000 inhabitants and is not a particularly beautiful one, though there are some things to enjoy if you want to get away from the beaches.

Mombasa is Kenya's main tourist destination. It is on the eastern coastline of Kenya, bordering the Indian Ocean which has made it a popular destination for its beaches. Mombasa offers a diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly atmosphere. There is a tropical climate all year and it is a great destination filled with activities for all ages.

Mombasa is one of the oldest cities in sub-Saharan Africa, and its precise date of founding remains unknown. The first accounts of Mombasa date back to the 12th century, when the Arab geographer Al Idrisi mentioned it as a a prosperous trading post in his writings. Pre-colonial Mombasa was a prosperous city state in a region of East Africa known as the Swahili Coast, which also included other city states such as Zanzibar and Kilwa Kisiwani, and a main centre for trade between Africa and the Arab World, with trade routes even going as far as India and China. At different points in history, Mombasa would be ruled by the Portuguese, Arabs and British. The city's culture today still exhibits that of its pasts. Historical ruins like Fort Jesus and the Old Town are attractions that display the history in Mombasa.

The central part of the city, Mvita, is an island in a river delta, accessed by bridges and from the south by ferries operating around the clock. It is a very cosmopolitan city, and you can see a group of Muslims wearing niqab (here known as "bui bui") and Giryama people wearing almost nothing at the same time and place.

Together with Nairobi, it is the only place in the country that has a status as both city and county.




The first urban area was founded near what today is known as Old Town around 900 AD by a man named Sheheh Mvita. Its strategic position along the maritime route to India caused the city to be coveted by many powers, and it was a notable port for the ivory and spice trades.

Several travellers and explorers passed through the region starting no later than the 1st century, but the first written record of the city was by the Moroccan Ibn Battuta in 1330. It said Mombasa was "a very rural island without territorial dependency on the continent with mosques and forests and the inhabitants nourishing themselves on bananas and fish". On 7 April 1498, the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrived and stayed for six days, and this was the end of peace in this small town. Under orders of Francisco de Almeida, the Portuguese returned to pillage the village in 1505 and 1528 before capturing it in 1529. They constructed Fort Jesus in 1593, together with five smaller forts, and made Mombasa a Portuguese stronghold on the route to India. The years between 1600 and 1832 were marked by successive battles between the Portuguese and the Sultanate of Oman, who conquered it.

In 1856 the sultanate of Muscat and Oman split into two and Mombasa fell into the sphere of the sultanate of Zanzibar, of which it was part until it was conquered by Britain in 1895. Mombasa served as capital of the East Africa Protectorate from 1898-1905. During this time the city's new port and the railway to Uganda were constructed. The East Africa Protectorate was dissolved in 1920 and the area was thereafter known as the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya. Mombasa remained the capital of Kenya until the country attained independence in 1963, and has served as a provincial capital ever since.




The city of Mombasa is divided into four administrative divisions. These are clearly geographically defined and are therefore useful for orientation.

As in many other metropolises, it is difficult to distinguish the newer areas from the original city (Mvita). By 2009, 90% of the urban area was built up. And as in all major Sub-Saharan African cities, there are several shantytowns in the suburbs. The largest is Kisauni-Kongowea in Kisauni, and others include Chaani-Magongo and Miritini in Changamwe as well as Mtongwe in Likoni.

Most hotels and activities are concentrated on the island of Mvita and along the northern coast in the Kisauni division.

Mvita - The island where the city was founded. The old town is calmer than the rest of Mvita and ranges from the old port to Fort Jesus which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011. South of the fort there are administrative quarters and three of the city's four hospitals. To the west there is the port area. Central Mvita, including part of the Haile Selassie road is a permanent market with colorful shops, stalls, street food and public places.
Changamwe - The gateway to the city if you're coming from Nairobi. Here are the international airport, part of the port and oil and chemical industry plants. Changamwe is connected to Mvita by Makupa Bridge.
Kisauni - Kisauni is often called the "north coast". This is where the largest slums of Mombasa are located, but also the sand beaches of Nyali, Bamburi and Shanzu, all bordered by luxury hotels and vacation houses. It is connected to Mombasa Island by Nyali Bridge and to the neighboring village of Mtwapa by Mtwapa Bridge.
Likoni - Often called the "south coast". Like Kisauni it has a large sand beach, Shelly Beach, but the accommodation here is mostly made up of apartments. It is connected to Mvita by ferry.



Sights and Activities

Fort Jesus - Built between 1593 and 1596 by the Portuguese to protect the port against the Ottomans, this fort was in military use for over three centuries. It got its name from the Portuguese fleet sailing under the flag of the Order of Christ (Ordem de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo). The fort is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. Fort Jesus holds artifacts from when Mombasa was a transit port for the slave trade. There are torture rooms, cells, and many other displays from the 16th century. During the British period the fort functioned as a prison and today part of the cells are used as a museum. Many exhibits come from the Portuguese frigate Santo António de Tanna that sank in 1697, including African and Indian pottery, Chinese china, different objects used by the crew and two bronze cannons. Another part of the collection is dedicated to archeological finds from the Kenyan coast. Moreover there are Arabic military equipment, musical instruments and a series of cannons from the 18th and 19th centuries. In the small park next to the entrance there is a 105mm cannon that belonged to the Imperial German Navy.
The Butterfly House is right next to Fort Jesus, so very easy to incorporate into a trip round the Fort and Old Town, but also well worth a visit on its own. Although small, is packed with both beautiful and interesting creatures. You can view butterflies from their larval stage to grown ups. See also evidences of slave trade and an amphitheatre that's being restored. Have a nice view of the LA marina. There is also a small shop.
Fort St Joseph. Close to the golf course near Mama Ngina Drive, this ruin is probably the oldest fortress on the island built by Arabs. It stood when Vasco Da Gama first came to Mombasa. It is not really impressive but it's a nice viewpoint too and worth a visit.
Old town, Districts of Makadara and Mzizima. Along Tudor Creek north of Fort Jesus, these districts make up the original city. It is an example of typical Swahili architecture with a much more peaceful ambience than the rest of the city. Much of it has been converted into souvenir shops and restaurants and here you can find artisanal stores selling silver jewellery and small furniture. If you are afraid of getting lost among the small streets or don't want to miss anything, there are guides at the esplanade of Fort Jesus that can show you around the old town for Ksh 1000. A nice place to explore on a Sunday when much of the city is closed down.
The tusks of Moi Avenue, Moi Ave (near Uhuru Garden). The tusks were built in 1956 to welcome Princess Margaret, who was visiting Mombasa town. Today they are some of the most characteristic landmarks of Mombasa. They are located at the entrance to the city and not made of ivory as is sometimes thought, but of steel. The tusks form an M (which stands for Mombasa).
Leven House. In the 19th century this building was the headquarters of the British Navy's anti-slavery campaigns in the region. It is named after a British warship. Later the building has been used by missionaries, a shipping company and as a consulate. The is a restaurant in the building.
Haller Park, Malindi Road, Bamburi, ☏ +254 41 5485901. 8:30AM-5:30PM. A zoological garden of about 75 hectares created in 1985 on the site of a formal coral reef. Animals include giraffes, hippos, monkeys, and reptiles. The park has two famous animals: Owen and Mzee. The former is a hippopotamus that was orphanized by the tsunami of 2004 and the second a tortoise that "adopted" the young hippo to the astonishment of the scientists. The best time to visit is between 14:00 and 15:00 when the animals are fed. Guides speak English, Spanish, French and other languages. Watch out for the monkeys, they are numerous and appear friendly but do occasionally bite. Ksh 1600 as of 2013.
Nguuni Sanctury, ☏ +254 700 337 068. The Nguuni Nature sanctuary is 4 km from Lafarge Bamburi Cement on the Nguu Tatu Hills and is the home to many animal, like giraffes, elands, oryx, waterbucks, ostriches and many different birds. It is a very good place to experience nature and safari feeling on foot. The wetlands with small lakes are an interesting place for bird watchers, who have the opportunity to observe many different species of birds. Large Doum Palm crowned by Leopard Orchids are scattered in the grassland. It is also a wonderful place for a nice afternoon with friends or family or just for a long walk followed by a sundowner. You can book the barbecue place for Ksh 2,000 for private parties. For Ksh 1200 you can hire a safari vehicle for 1-1.5 hours for animal watching. Transport entrance to the picnic area: Ksh 250. Entrance fee Ksh 500.



Events and Festivals

Mombasa Carnival

November is when the city of Mombasa celebrates Kenyan culture with a carnival by the Indian Ocean. Artists, dancers, musicians and tribal people flock to take part in the concerts that make up one of Kenya’s largest annual events. One of the major features is the main street parade with floats that showcase the different tribal identities across the nation. There are street stalls and opportunities for eating, drinking and dancing.




Mombasa has a tropical climate, meaning warm and humid conditions throughout the year. The coolest month is July when average daytime temperatures are around 26 °C , the warmest months are February and March, when it's around 31 °C during the day. Nights average between 20 °C during the coolest months to 25 °C in the hottest months. Rain is possible in all months, but April and May are by far the wettest months, with 200 to 250mm a month. February is the driest month with just 5 rainy days.



Getting There

By Plane

Moi International Airport (MBA) offers a range of flights. Destinations include Munich, Düsseldorf (both with Air Berlin, Aden, Dubai, Nairobi, Frankfurt, Zürich, Bologna, Milan, Rome, Zanzibar, Brussels, Dar es Salaam, London and Manchester.

By Train

The train ride on board the Jambo Kenya Deluxe from Nairobi takes about 15h and trains are operated by Rift Valley Railways. The advantages of traveling by railway is the ability to see wildlife up close. There are two weekly departures in each direction; Monday and Friday night from Nairobi and Wednesday Sunday night from Mombasa. You will travel along the mythical railway leading from Mombasa to Uganda, which was built between 1896 and 1903. First class compartments have two beds, second class has four beds and in third class there are benches. Toilets on board the train are very basic. In the train's restaurant the food is simple but prepared on demand from fresh ingredients. The first class ticket includes dinner and breakfast. For safety, there are police officers on board the train.

Mombasa railway station is located on Lumumba Rd, check in opens at 9:30AM on days the trains is operating.

In June 2017 a new higher-speed railway will open between Mombasa and Nairobi, reducing journey time to under five hours. Trains will run to a new station, Mombasa Terminus, located near the airport.

By Car

Roads lead towards Nairobi in the west, Dar es Salaam in the south and Malindi and Lamu in the north.

By Bus

Buses go regularly to Nairobi (6 hours during the day, 8-10 hours at night) and minibuses go to Malindi (2.5 hours). Buses to Lamu take around 7 hours and connect with the ferry the Lamu.

By Boat

On Mombasa Island there are two sailing clubs open to non-members and two hotels with marinas open to non-guests.
Certain companies offer cruises that call at Mombasa.
If you are arriving overland from the south, you need to cross the river by the Likoni Ferry.



Getting Around

By Car

Official and unofficial taxis are also available. Taxis don't have taxi signs on the roof, but license papers stuck to the windshields. The ride is in general paid beforehand after some negotiation and you can expect the driver to stop at a service station to fill up just the necessary amount to get you to your destination. A ride from the airport to central Mombasa costs Ksh 1000-3000 (2018). A much cheaper alternative to regular taxis are the shuttle services Uber, Taxify, Little , Mondo Ride, MaraMoja. You can get fares online and thereby avoid getting overcharged, as many taxi drivers like to do to tourists. A cheaper alternative is a shared taxi: Hakuna Mutatu Bus operates on the Kenya Coast and a ride from Mombasa costs roughly Ksh 1000 and takes 1hr 30min. The shared taxi is a door-to-door service, meaning you will be collected from your current accommodation in Mombasa, Kilifi or Watamu and dropped directly at your next accommodation in Diani.

By Public Transport

There is no regular public transportation network in the city. The closest equivalent are the aforementioned matatus (minivans) of which there are about 3,500 (licensed ones have stickers on the windshields) in the city. They're cheap - ask someone at the hotel what the going rate is and don't let them scam you. Don't expect to be comfortable; as the drivers want to take as many passengers as possible, you will often be crammed in like a sardine.

A matatu ride starts from Ksh 20 just to go 500m (2018) but count on paying double if you want a vehicle which conforms to the traffic legislation. Certain lines connect Mombasa and Malandi, the ride taking about two hours at a price of Ksh 350. Alternatively, book a shuttle bus to collect you from your accommodation and drop you directly at your accommodation in Mombasa - this is more expensive costing around Ksh 1000, but is much quicker and far less hassle. The shuttles can be booked online and are run by Hakuna Mutatu Bus.

For the more adventurous there are tuk-tuks (motorized trikes with a cabin for the passengers), pikipikis (motorcycle taxis), and boda-bodas (bicycle taxis). The latter two are rather dangerous and scary modes of getting around. The price for a tuk-tuk ride is around KES70-100, pikipiki around KES50 and boda-boda around KES20.




Mombasa is a cosmopolitan city with Arabic, Chinese, European and Indian influences and this can be seen in the local cuisine. Many local dishes include coconut, for instance waly ya tui (basmati rice with coconut milk), kuku wa kupaka (chicken with coconut milk) and mahamri (coconut donuts with cardamom).

Pizzerias and snack bars serving Kenyan cuisine are found in Mvita and places that are frequented by tourists such as the beaches. Many hotels also offer this kind of affordable eating. If you want to try out the Kenyan cuisine in such places, check that the place is overall clean, that it does not smell of old frying oil. Moreover, ask for drinks in unopened bottles, avoid ice and peel any fruits. If you follow these tips you can have a great and affordable meal - KES250 will buy you a large serving and a beer.

Forodhani Restaurant. Very nice, on the edge of the old town directly overlooking the creek.
Island Dishes, Kibokoni Rd (in the old town), toll-free: +254 710 712221. Kenyan and North African cuisine. This restaurant has got good reviews for their food.
Mubins Cafe, Kisauni Rd. East African cuisine, specializing in barbecue and other meat dishes. Outdoor seating as well.
Safari Inn Bar and Restaurant, Serena Road, Shanzu, ☏ +254 722 671475. Daily 9AM-2PM. Kenyan and Swiss cuisine, sandwiches and similar snacks. If you want rösti or fondue while in Mombasa, here they serve it.
Sheba, Malindi Road, Nyali (in the City mall). Ethiopian cuisine and fast food. Becomes a lounge in the nighttime with DJs and live music.
Blue Room (corner of Haile Selassie Avenue and Digo Road), ☏ +254 721 786868. Daily 7AM-10PM. Indian and Asian cuisine, hamburgers and special ice cream. Self service.
Shehnai, Fatemi House, Mungano St, ☏ +254 41 2224801, ✉ [email protected]. Tu-Su. Indian cuisine with a long menu of both meat and vegetarian dishes.
Bollywood Bites, Tamarind Road, Kongowea (in the Nyali Cinemax), ☏ +254 41 4470000, +254 733 470000, ✉ [email protected]. 5PM-10:30PM. Vegetarian restaurant with dishes from various Indian cuisines, non-smoking section, catering service.
Maharajah, Malindi Road, Bamburi (in the Indiana Beach Hotel), ☏ +254 734 126699, ✉ [email protected]. Indian cuisine.
Il Covo Bamburi, Malindi Road, Bamburi (on the beach), ☏ +254 41 5487460, ✉ [email protected]. Italian and Japanese cuisine, disco. They have a lounge and a sushi bar and specialize in seafood.
Misono, Links Road, Nyali, ☏ +254 41 471454. Daily noon-3PM, 6PM-11PM. Japanese cuisine. Table reservation is mandatory.
Galaxy Chinese Restaurant Mombasa, Mama Ngina Dr (in the Florida Night Club), ☏ +254 11 311256. Open every day. The most visited Chinese restaurant with a large menu including house specialties.
Smugglers Cove Seafood, Mount Kenya Road, Nyali (in the Voyager Beach Resort), ☏ +254 702 868430, ✉ [email protected]. Seafood and fish.
Sea Haven, Off Malindi Road, Shanzu (next to Sheba Resorts & Lodges). Seafood and fish. Terrace overlooking the ocean.
Hunters Steack House, Off Cement Silo Road, Kongowea (opposite Tamarind Mombasa), ☏ +254 41 957474, ✉ moc.liamg@esuohkaetssretnuh. Tuesday closed. International cuisine, barbecue, homemade pastries.
Yul's, Malindi Road, Bamburi (on the beach), ☏ +254 41 5485950, ✉ [email protected]. Daily 10AM-midnight. International cuisine, barbecue, homemade ice cream.
POA Restaurant & Grill, Malindi Road, Bamburi (in the Tembo Entertainment Plaza), toll-free: +254 722 411873. Nightly 6PM-6AM. Tembo Entertainment Plaza on the North Coast, near the Nyali shopping centre. Large menu ranging from snacks and burgers to specialties from Germany, Italy, India, China, Thailand, as well as seafood. Open throughout the night.
Moorings, Mtwapa (on Mtwapa Creek, first road to the left after Mtwapa bridge), ✉ [email protected]. Seafood and fish. Also organizes trips to Zanzibar on board a dhow.
Tamarind Mombasa, Cement Silo Road, Kongowea, ☏ +254 41 4471747, +254 733 623583, fax: +254 41 4474630, ✉ [email protected]. Daily noon-2:30PM and 7:30PM-10:30PM. It's the most popular amongst tourists on the island. It over looks Old Harbour and offers freshly caught seafood, exotic menus and nightlife entertainment. Table reservation obligatory.
Tamarind Dhow, Jetty Tamarind Mombasa, Kongowea, ☏ +254 41 4471747, +254 722 205160, fax: +254 41 4471257, ✉ [email protected]. Dine while cruising along Tudor Creek, embarkment at the Tamarind Mombasa Jetty. Seafood and fish, wide choice of cocktails. Table reservation obligatory.




There are quite a number of good bars, pubs and entertainment spots in Mombasa Town and the North Coast. Nightlife is very vibrant in Mombasa and in the village Mtwapa (15km north of Mombasa, called "the village that never sleeps").

Jahazi Coffee House, Ndia Kuu Rd, ☏ +254 726 409436, ✉ [email protected]. Daily 8AM-7:30PM. Arabic teas and coffees served hot or cold, fresh fruit juices, snacks.
Casablanca Club, Mnazi Moja Rd, ☏ +254 722 867774. Daily, 24 hr. One of the largest clubs in Mombasa, open around the clock. It features two dance floors, four bars and a restaurant. Reservation obligatory.
Cheers, Malindi Road, Bamburi beach, ☏ +254 733 628986, ✉ [email protected]. Daily 24 hr. Open air bar and disco with cheap beer. Fairly popular for watching sports events on their wide-screen TV.
Pirates Beach Club, Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, Bamburi, ☏ +254 41 5487119. Bar and dancing on the beach.
The Clifftop Terrace, Cement Silo Road, Kongowea (same address as Tamarind Mombasa), ☏ +254 41 4474600, ✉ [email protected]. Cocktail and sushi specialties, terrace with view of old Mombasa.
Florida Night Club, Mama Ngina Dr (bordering the ocean), ☏ +254 41 4471071, fax: +254 41 2313127, ✉ [email protected]. Daily 24 hr. Night club, bar and casino. Famous for their chicken wings, they advertise 50 years of experience in the entertainment business.
Bob's Bar, Malindi Road, Nyali. Lively and popular bar near Tembo. This bar and grill is where a lot of great nights out get started. One of the few bars that is open until sunrise! 3 bars, one of them has a terrace. Disco. Serves food.
Sheba Lounge, City Mall (Nyali mall) Rooftop, ☏ +254 707 717770. Best up to date music, upscale ambiance, price level higher than average.
Big Tree, Next to Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach Bamburi, Mombasa-Malindi Road, ☏ +254-721-437448. Dance club directly at the sea front with a very good atmosphere and super sexy dance contests.




There is a wide range of accommodation on offer in Mombasa from camping to backpacker hostels to hotels and villas with all comforts. Hardly a tourist will stay in Mombasa city, but mostly along the beaches of the north or south coast.There is a wide range of accommodation on offer in Mombasa from camping to Backpacker hostels to hotels and villas with all comforts.

C D H Backpackers, Moi avenue off Chembe road (300 yards from tusks monument), ☏ +254 722 364148. Check-in: 1pm, check-out: 10am. Free wifi. A dorm in mombasa city centre. dorm bed Ksh 1000 pp double room KSh 2000.
Mombasa Backpackers, Mwamba Drive, Nyali (behind the Kenol Petrol Station on Mwtapa Rd in Nyali), ☏ +254 701 561233, ✉ [email protected]. Singles, doubles triples, and 3 dorms with 6, 8 and 10 beds, also a campsite. Amenities include kitchen facilities and swimming pool. They arrange kite surfing, scuba diving safaris, and bike rental. Hostel is in a poor location. The side street leading to hostel is not guarded and several backpackers have been robbed at knife point. Always take a tuk tuk after sunset. dorm bed Ksh 1000.
Tulia House Backpackers, Off Links Road, Nyali (near city mall.), ☏ +254 711 955999, ✉ [email protected]. double rooms and dorms for 4 to 10 persons. Free Wi-Fi. Campsite, swimming pool. Dorm bed from Ksh 1300.
The Beach Africa Backpackers, Maweni Beach Mtwapa, ☏ +254-720-852327. Dorm bed. Dorm bed Ksh 600.
New Peoples Hotel, Abdel Nasser Rd (near the Lamu bus stop. down town), ☏ +254 721 368807. Single or double rooms. rooms from Ksh 1000.
Diani Backpackers, Diani beach, ☏ +254-0-700-713666. Camping with own tent. Dorm bed. Free Wi-Fi. Swimming pool. camping or dorm bed Ksh 600/1150.
Akogo House Backpackers. Beach Road next to Oswal academy Nyali. +254 718 909559. Double Rooms from Ksh 1300. Free Wi-Fi. Garden. On site coffee shop. Shared kitchen.
Diani Hostel, Diani Beach road (900 m from the beach and 1.6 km from colobbus conservation), ☏ +254-720-707777. Check-in: 1pm, check-out: 11am. Free wifi. Swimming pool. Free bicycle rental. On-site restaurant. dorm bed Ksh800 double room Ksh1500.
Evening Guest House, Mnazi Moja Road, ☏ +254 41 221380. Check-in: noon, check-out: 10am. clean fan Single room with outside bathroom. Free breakfast. WiFi in reception. Free soap. Can put your own padlock on room door. from Ksh 1100.
Marigold Guest House, 00254 Jomo Kenyatta Avenue. (Arrow Plaza First Floor. next to Guishan Restaurant.), ☏ +254-706-590090. Check-in: 1PM, check-out: noon. Fan single/double room with own bathroom, free Wi-Fi. Ksh 1500/2000.
Marathon Hotel, Koinage Road & Keino Street. Check-in: 1PM, check-out: noon. Fan double room with own bathroom, TV, free breakfast. Ksh 1500.
Hotel Sapphire, Mwembe Tayari Rd. 110 rooms and suites, catering providing food from various traditions and cultures, health club and gym. rates from Ksh 5,600.
Lotus Hotel, Cathedral Ln (550 fom from Fort Jesus), ☏ +254 41 2313207. Singles, doubles and triples, all with bathroom and A/C. Simple but high quality restaurant. Calm hotel with colonial ambiance.
New Palm Tree Hotel, Nkrumah Rd (650m from Fort Jesus), ☏ +254 715 442017. Singles, doubles and triples, all with bathroom, tv and A/C and a terrace towards the inner courtyard. Wi-Fi. The coffee shop and reception are open 24 hr. Double USD45.
PrideInn, Haile Selassie Rd (downtown Mvita), ✉ [email protected]. Singles, doubles and triples equipped with kitchen. Conference room.
Hotel Radiance, Jomo Kenyatta Ave (downtown Mvita), ☏ +254 41 2490553, +254 734 786001, ✉ [email protected]. Singles, doubles and triples, all with bathroom, cable TV and A/C. Half board and full board. Conference room and a la carte restaurant. Standard double Ksh 4200.
Tudor Water Sports Hotel, Tom Mboya Rd, ☏ +254 722 641977, +254 704 631593, ✉ [email protected]. 18 rooms, rates including breakfast and Wi-Fi. Secure parking, marina for private boats. Standard double Ksh 4000.
Jambo Village Hotel, Off Barrack Obama Road, Chaani (3km from the airport), ☏ +254 717 357327. Singles, doubles, triples. Rates include breakfast. Conference room, bar and restaurant.
Coastgate Hotel, Off Mombasa Road, Miritini (behind the car inspection centre, 9 km from the airport), ☏ +254 729 170500, ✉ [email protected]. 34 singles or doubles, all with balcony. Wi-Fi. Restaurant on the roof. Conference room. Room rates include breakfast but they also offer half board and full board. Double USD60.
Travellers Beach Hotel, ☏ +254 41 5485121.
Neptune Beach Resort, ☏ +254 41 5485701.
Best Western Plus Creekside, Nyali Bridge Road, Kongowea, ☏ +254 738 666600, ✉ [email protected]. 100 rooms with balcony (view towards Tudor Creek or the garden). Wi-Fi in the bar. Conference room. Pool.
Leinmach Guest House, Barracks Street, Nyali, ☏ +254 705 185849, ✉ [email protected]. Markets itself as a quieter alternative to a hotel. Rooms have Wi-Fi and tv, and rates include breakfast. They have a pool and are located next to a golf club. Restaurant with Swahili and Chinese specialties. double room Ksh 4000.
Royal Reserve Safari and Beach Club. Offers accommodations for all, including RCI timeshare members. The resort is right off the coast with enjoyable nightlife, multiple restaurant selection with diverse cuisines, gym, pools, and friendly staff.
Sun N Sand Beach Club, ☏ +254 41 32621. All inclusive resort providing accommodations for 298 guest rooms, health club, pool, nightlife, and various activities. Rooms are equipped with A/C, bath, safe, fridge, satellite TV, and some have a private balcony with sea view. This resort is also children friendly.
Nyali International Beach Hotel & Spa, Moyne Drive, Nyali, ☏ +254 41 4471551, +254 727 228344, ✉ [email protected]. Vacation village with 173 rooms with a small safe, rooms are equipped with coffee or tea maker, satellite TV, safe, mini-bar, "Internet connectivity" and hairdryer. 5 restaurants and 4 bars. Several pools, tennis.
Voyager Beach Resort, Mount Kenya Road, Nyali, ☏ +254 722 205894, fax: +254 20 4446600, ✉ [email protected]. All-inclusive vacation village with three pools, tennis court, beach volley field, four bars and three restaurants. Rooms have A/C and satellite TV. They also arrange water activities such as windsurfing, diving and sailing.
Bahari Beach hotel, Mount Kenya Road, Nyali, ☏ +254 41 4472822, fax: +254 41 4472021, ✉ [email protected]. Pool, tennis, beach volleyball, free Internet cafe, restaurant.
Reef Hotel, Mount Kenya Road, Nyali, ☏ +254 41 471771, ✉ [email protected]. 150 singles and doubles, all with balcony, A/C, safe, TV and bathroom. 3 restaurants, 4 bars, tennis, gym and 3 pools. Located in a tropical garden. Wi-Fi is not included in the price.
Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort, Malindi Road, Bamburi, ☏ +254 41 2128000, fax: +254 719 022000, ✉ [email protected]. 335 rooms of which 8 suites and 3 rooms for physically handicapped persons. This resort advertising itself as "East Africa's finest" has three restaurants, three bars, four pools, a wellness and fitness club and arranges different water activities such as diving, snorkelling and water skiing. Rooms have Wi-Fi, A/C, bath, satellite TV, a tea and coffee maker and a hair dryer, some rooms also have a balcony with sea view.
Severin Sea Lodge, Malindi Rd (on the right hand side of Malindi Road), ☏ +254 41 2111000, fax: +254 41 2111624, ✉ Pool, sauna, tennis, gym, wellness center.
ACK Guest House, Shelly Beach Road, 80110 Likoni (400 m from the ferry), ☏ +254 722 598 983, ✉ [email protected]. Single and double rooms with satellite TV, A/C, safe and kitchen. Pool. Double Ksh 7200.
Sentrim Castle Royal Hotel, Moi Ave (downtown Mvita), ☏ +254 722 207361, ✉ [email protected]. 68 singles, doubles, triples. Conference room, casino and restaurant in the hotel. Standard double USD135.
English Point, Cement Road, Mkomani, ☏ +254 41 020870331, +254 786 456777, ✉ [email protected]. 23 rooms and 3 suites with view to the old town. Rooms are comparable to apartments with complete kitchens, design furniture and media outlets in all rooms. They have a spa, gym, several pools and a marina. Pangoni Beach Resort & Spa, Off Serena Road, Shanzu (at Cannon Point, 16 km north of Mombasa Island), ☏ +254 732 361050, ✉ [email protected]. 50 single, double or triple suites with their own equipped kitchen. The rooms are equipped like apartments with everything from entertainment systems to kitchen equipment and cutlery, some also have a private jacuzzi. Two bars, a restaurant, a pool and a private beach.
Milele Beach Hotel, Malindi Road, Bamburi, ☏ +254 729 403649, ✉ [email protected]. Singles, doubles and triples. Alcohol prohibited. Pool and beach volley. Standard double Ksh 8250.
Tamarind Village, Link Road, Kongowea, ☏ +254 41 4474600, +254 733 623583, fax: +254 41 4473073, ✉ [email protected]. Apartments of one, two or three rooms with satellite tyv and open veranda with view of the old town. Two pools and a whirlpool.
Mei Place, 1st Avenue, Nyali, ☏ +254 41 2008482, +254 713 984660, ✉ [email protected]. A studio for two persons and four apartments for two to six persons. Wi-Fi and pool. Moreover there are two houses available for short term rental: a larger one for a maximum of 8 adults and 3 children and a smaller for 4 adults and 2 children.
Cowrie Shell, Bamburi Beach, ☏ +254 780 061 001, +254 729 061 000, ✉ [email protected]. Studios and apartments of 1-3 rooms, pool and fitness center. On the beach.
The Shaza, Off Serena Rd, ☏ +254 20 2129560, ✉ [email protected]. Apartments with two or three beds and a duplex with three or four beds. Two pools. On the beach.
Tijara Beach, Tijara Road, Likoni (10 km south of Mombasa Island), ☏ +254 722 701701, ✉ [email protected]. Four fully equipped cottages at a 24-ha property with pool and private beach.

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As far as communication technology is concerned, Kenya has gone through a tremendous modernization. Nowadays visitors to Kenya can carry their portable digital devices, ease of use is guaranteed with the advent of wireless (hot spots) environments within upmarket tourisms resorts. In some restaurants, a cup of coffee can allow you the use of the free hot spot for your laptop. However in most places the bandwidth is severely limited. Internet cafés are common throughout Kenya and usually offer decent link quality. Expect prices around 1KSh per minute. Most cyber cafes now charge 0.5KES per minute.


See also International Telephone Calls

Kenya boosts a number of good mobile phone operators like Zain, Safaricom, Orange, Yu and Telekom. Roaming is easy with most European contract mobile phone tariff plans. Prices can be high though, so try and get a local SIM card or avoid data roaming.


The National Postal Company offers services throughout the country and abroad. Prices are reasonably but services, although better than in the past, are still not very good. It is pretty slow and not always reliable. If you want to send a package, you'd better use international companies like DHL, TNT, UPS or FedEx, as they are not much more expensive yet reliable and fast.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: -4.053054
  • Longitude: 39.672859

Accommodation in Mombasa

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as well as hasbeen (<1%)

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