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Sydney has some of the most colourful sponge life you will ever see. Whether it is in the shallow estuary waters of Shiprock in Port Hacking, the shore dive of Shark Point in the Eastern Suburbs or the deep ocean site called The Wanderers off Cronulla, the sponges are prolific and colourful and harbour a wealth of life.

You can find copious amounts of fishlife at some dive sites. These include Marley Point and The Balcony off Cronulla,The Apartments (The Wall) at Long Reef, Pistol Crack off Botany Bay and Shiprock as well as the southern wrecks of the SS Tuggerah and SS Undola. Even dive sites in Sydney Harbour can have huge amounts of fishlife. Some sites have incredible macro life, especially Camp Cove, Parsley Bay and Clifton Gardens in Sydney Harbour and Shiprock in Port Hacking. These sites have such amazing life they can keep you fully occupied for more than 60 minutes every dive.

The terrain of the dive sites can be fascinating. While Sydney does not have vertical walls of 20 metres, it has some great drops of up to five metres. Barrens Hut off Cronulla has a great wall as well as a tunnel and cave. Nearby, The Split has a crack that runs for 40 metres or so and has some other cracks running off it. The Container Wharf Wall in Botany Bay, although not natural, has an amazing series of caves and the overhangs of The Balcony, the small walls of North Head and the caves of The Apartments make remarkable places to explore.


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