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Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima

Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima

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Nampula is the third largest city in Mozambique (after Maputo and Beira), with a population of around half a million. It is a transit point for travellers entering from (or leaving to) southeastern Tanzania and eastern Malawi. It is also the gateway to Island of Mozambique (aka Ilha de Moçambique). Carlos Queiroz, current coach of the Iran national football team and once the assistant manager to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, was born here.



Sights and Activities

The Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima is a huge, impressive building, and the Museu Nacional de Etnologia has an interesting collection of exhibits.




Nampula enjoys a tropical climate with generally warm to hot and humid weather. There are two seasons, a dry and cool season from April to October and a warm and wet season from November to March. Temperatures usually vary from around 25 °C during the day from June to September and around 30 °C from December to March, at night dropping to around 23 °C and 17 °C respectively. Highest rainfalls are recorded from January to March and these are probably the months to avoid if you can, because hurricanes can strike.



Getting There

By Plane

The city has a domestic airport where you can get flights to Maputo. LAM Mozambique Airlines flies to Maputo, Dar es Salaam, Lichinga and Pemba. Transairways flies to Pemba and Cuamba.

By Train

Nampula has the country's only passenger railway service, connecting with Cuamba near the border to Malawi. It runs in each direction on alternate days except Monday: Nampula to Cuamba on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and Cuamba to Nampula on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It takes about 11 hours. 3rd class costs M175, second class M331, and there's no first class. Contrary to other reports on the web, the dining car doesn't look sufficiently appealing to want to spend the journey in it.

By Bus

There are Grupo Mecula buses from Mocuba to Nampula at 5:00am and 7:00am each day. After leaving Mocuba bus station, it makes another stop at Cruzeiro (a crossing opposite Pensao Cruzeiro) before leaving Mocuba. It's a 2-aisle-3 configuration with little leg room. It costs M280 for the roughly 8 hour and 15 minute journey, terminating in Nampula just off Ave. 25 de Setembro and a couple of blocks south of Ave. Eduardo Mondlane.
Heading south, the most comfortable option is TCO (Transportes Carlos Oliveira) - their office is in the Galp gas station in Casa Fabiao on the corner of Ave. 3 de Fevreiro and Ave. de Independencia. The service runs at least twice a week to Beira, leaving at 4:00am from the gas station a block behind the cathedral. The journey takes 16 hours and costs M1,610. The bus has A/C and a toilet, and breakfast is included in the price. Lunch is picked up from a gas station along the way - all the passengers' orders are phoned ahead. Though this is much more expensive than the normal buses, it's significantly more comfortable and makes the journey to Beira in 1 day rather than 2, thus saving on a night of accommodation.
Chapas (minibuses) to Island of Mozambique leave regularly from the minibus park east of the railway station on Ave. do Trabalho. It takes about 3 hours and costs about M150.




Keep Connected


Internet is widely available in Maputo, with many internet cafes and all major hotels having internet access. Outside Maputo internet coverage is sporadic and mostly available in places frequented by tourists. Local Telecommunication de Mozambique (TDM) offices almost always have internet although speed and availability can be problematic.


See also International Telephone Calls

Mozambique's international telephone code is 258.

mCel is the state-owned provider, and as of yet the government has only licensed one other company, the South-African owned Vodacom Mozambique. Apparently a third is arriving shortly. GPRS (data and internet) are available on mCel, with 3G in Maputo and other main cities. Vodacom have 3G in many towns and GPRS Edge elsewhere. The APN is internet. Check your phone manual for setting instructions. The mCel service is not entirely reliable, especially outside Maputo. Vodacom is generally very good. While it is OK to buy credit from the hundreds of vendors roaming the streets wearing mCel or Vodacom shirts you should never buy SIM cards / starter packs, in many cases they sell them at hugely inflated prices and often they will be from one of the many recalled batches that no longer work. Any mobile phone store can sell you a working starter pack for around 50Mts.


Correios de Moçambique offers postal services in the country, but they are slow and unreliable at times. For parcels you should definately contact companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT, as they offer far better services.

Accommodation in Nampula

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Nampula Travel Helpers

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