Nis is the second largest city in Serbia proper (excluding Vojvodina and the disputed territory of Kosovo). It is located in the south of the country on the main land routes connecting Belgrade to Bulgaria and Macedonia, and by extension Greece and Turkey.



Sights and Activities

  • Mediana - Mediana is probably the most famous Nis site. It was here that Constantine the Great was born. It is an active archaeological site so please be careful to mind where you walk. There are numerous unearthed mosaics and a few buildings to peer through. Work is still underway to fully excavate the site.
  • Nis Fortress - An old Turkish fortress located just to the north of the Nis main square across the Nisava River. It is the site of numerous festivals, including the Jazz festival in September.
  • Cele Kula - In honor of a battle between Turkish and Serbian forces in the early 19th century a tower was erected featuring the skulls of the deceased. Many skulls are missing due to "theft" from grieving families who lost loved-ones in the battle. It is nonetheless a fascinating place to visit.
  • Niska Banja or "Nis Spa" - A park complex and spa about 10 kilometres outside of the main city. Reachable by bus. It is rumored that Josip Broz "Tito" and former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt walked the park during one of her visits to Yugoslavia following World War 2 and the death of her husband.




Avg Max3.8 °C7.1 °C12.3 °C18 °C22.9 °C25.9 °C28 °C28.5 °C24.8 °C18.9 °C11.7 °C5.4 °C
Avg Min-3.5 °C-1.3 °C1.8 °C6.1 °C10.4 °C13.4 °C14.5 °C14.4 °C11.1 °C6.5 °C2.4 °C-1.4 °C
Rainfall41.3 mm40.3 mm45.3 mm51.3 mm66.7 mm69.7 mm43.6 mm43.3 mm43.6 mm34.1 mm56.8 mm53.6 mm
Rain Days13.712.712.412.813.312.



Getting There

By Plane

Constantine the Great International Airport is located in Nis. Currently it is expected that the only international flights will start in December between Nis and Montenegro (Podgorica) and to Zürich as well. There will also be flights to Tivat, Forli (Italy) and Moscow from December onwards. There are seasonal (summer only) flights to Antalya.

By Train

All trains between Belgrade and Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria or Turkey will make a stop in Nis. There are night-trains between Niš and the coast of Montenegro.

By Car

Niš can be reached southbound from Belgrade on the E75/Serbia Route 1 (Serbia's main north-south thoroughfare). Just take the E80 eastward about 225 kilometres south of Belgrade. It's hard to miss Nis if you are driving in the region. Driving from Thessaloniki to Budapest will take you on the E75/Serbia Route 1.

By Bus

All, or most, buses between Belgrade and Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria or Turkey will make a stop in Nis. There are frequent direct buses between Belgrade and Nis.

For most Serbs the preferred method of transportation is the bus. It is usually less expensive, faster and more dependable than train travel. The trade-off is in the area of comfort. But Serbia, being a fairly small country, can be traversed by bus in a matter of hours.



Getting Around

By Car

It is not advisable to drive around Niš. Parking can be very difficult. You'll notice people parking on the sidewalk routinely. A tourist would likely find this unpalatable.

By Public Transport

Niš is covered by an extensive bus system.

By Foot

Downtown Nis is fairly compact and very walkable. However, most tourist sites are spread out in the suburbs or outside of the city. The exception being the Turkish Fortress which is located just to the north of the main square across the Nišava River.




Nis is a great place for a foodie. Just ask a local and they'll tell you where to find the best Burek, Cevaps, Shopska Salad and much more.





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Keep Connected


Serbia is very well covered with broad band internet. It is widely available in urban areas. Almost every cafe or restaurant has an wi-fi connection which is free for guests. Also there are public hot spots in major cities in some areas which are free of charge as well. There are 3G USB sticks at mobile operators which are easy to use and inexpensive to purchase.


See also: International Telephone Calls

International dial code for Serbia is +381. Emergency phone numbers are 192 (police), 193 (fire department) and 194 (ambulance). There are three mobile operators in Serbia:

1. Telenor - 063, 062
2. Telekom MTS (National telecom) - 064, 065
3. VIP (Vodafone) - 060, 061

Prepaid SIM cards usually cost 200 dinars and there is no need for identification when buying them. In some stores you can buy a simple mobile phone packaged with prepaid SIM card for 2000-3000 dinars.


Serbia has a postal service since 1840 and it was one of 21 countries which founded the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in Bern. Serbia Post is today a public, state owned company with post offices in almost every village. Postal service is pretty good and reliable. In smaller towns work hours of post offices can vary so don't count on long working hours even on non-weekend days. For sending packages you can also use companies like UPS, TNT or DHL.

Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 43.326528
  • Longitude: 21.915582

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