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Patong Beach Sunset

Patong Beach Sunset

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Patong Beach is a popular beach resort on the island of Phuket in South Thailand. Patong is a party capital of Asia, with famous nightlife and a great beach. Mostly made up of hotels, world-class restaurants, nightclubs and various tourist attractions, this is a hedonists' heaven, with numerous entertainment complexes and countless bars clustered together in and around Bangla Rd and Beach Rd. The town has a very obvious female, transgender, and male sex industry to cater to every taste, however to only view it as this is a mistake, it offers so much more, for families and couples too.

Massage parlors of the erotic and therapeutic (nuat Thai) genre provide less alcohol- and drug-infested venues for punters and wellness seekers. One can even find masseuses practicing this medical art atop bamboo mats on the beach sands (100 baht and up).

Prices are higher than in Phuket Town, but there's more budget accommodation here than at the more southerly beaches.

This may not be a good destination for the average backpacker, except in the rainy season when prices are far lower. However backpackers are not Patong's target market. It is fairly and squarely aimed at holidaymakers, and does it rather well.

Rooming houses ("mansions") a few blocks inland provide nice, clean air-con rooms and suites as cheaply as 300 baht/day (less without air-con), or 3,000-10,000 baht/month. However Patong has every type of accommodation imaginable, from home stays to palaces.

Beach Rd and its immediate surroundings were hit hard by the tsunami of 26 December 2004. The entire region is seismically active, with earthquakes and tsunami: see under Thailand#Stay safe. Local memory of the tragedy remains strong but the damage has been repaired, and the only reminders are the evacuation route road-signs and the inevitable catchpenny merchandising.

Patong's three main axes are the aptly named Beach Road (Thanon Thawiwong) and Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Rd (the last bit means "200 years" and is pronounced song roi bee) running parallel a few hundred metres inland, bisected at the midpoint by the world famous Soi Bangla. (For the sake of brevity, in this article it is called "Rat-U-Thit Rd". Running parallel to Beach Rd and Rat-U-Thit Rd about half a kilometre inland is Nanai Rd which is the residential expatriate area and has many cheaper guesthouses and hotels. The restaurants here tend to be cheaper as well, with beers to be found for 60 baht a bottle generally.

Between Nanai Rd and Rat-U-Thit is the bypass road. This road runs behind the huge Jungceylon shopping centre and past the local fresh fish and vegetable market, Baanzan (well worth a visit).



Sights and Activities

There are many sorts of beaches on Phuket. If one wants unspoiled and natural then Patong is not your kind of place, but there are many unspoiled beaches in the north and south of this beautiful island. Patong is for those of you who like a developed resort with a vibrant nightlife.

Freedom Beach. Beautiful beach with just a few people compared to Karon or Patong. On the east side of the mountain separating Karon from Patong. You can either charter a long boat from Karon or Patong for about 1000 to 2000 bath flat (negotiate) to drop you off at the beach and collect you there or pay a taxi (tuktuks can't go up the steep mountain) around 600 bath (haggled down from 1000) to drop you off at the gravel road above the beach. Pay when you are picked up again! The "access fee" to the beach is 200 baht per person, although all beaches in Thailand are said to be open to the public. The trail down from the gravel road is steep. A bar and a toilet can be found on the beach.
Kalim Beach (หาดกะหลิม—Hat Kalim). Just north of Patong Bay, starting from about the Novotel Phuket Resort Patong to Thavorn Beach Village, this area consists of rocky but quiet beaches, and an interesting road leading up into hills with high viewpoints and a few good quality restaurants perched on the edge and top. Some housing compounds are now being built on the hillsides and the whole area is steadily moving upmarket.
Patong Beach (หาดป่าตอง). Patong Beach is Phuket's most developed beach. It is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi)-long. 15 km from Phuket town. Patong is mostly made up of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and various tourist attractions. Daytime activities are primarily centered on the beach with water sports. Patong is known for its nightlife, centered on Soi Bangla. The northern end of Patong Bay is called Kalim and is a popular place for viewing the sunset and for surfing between April and September each year. Patong (Banana Forest) Beach has a host of activities which can be done by people of all ages and all tastes. Swimming, rides on the Banana boat, or more adventurous activities such as para-gliding, para-sailing and jet skiing are all on offer. You can even bungee jump.

The area around the corniche is a place full of energy. It has a night bazaar along the beach, where you can buy everything from Thai crafted tables and wooden souvenirs to shirts, women’s bags, shoes and watches. But don't fool yourself: nearly everything is a fake. In the spring (normally around April) it is not uncommon that whalesharks visit the bay off Patong. The whaleshark is the biggest fish in the world and huge with a maximum length up to 15 metres. However, it is completely harmless since it is 100% vegetarian.




Like much of Thailand, the weather here is of the tropical variety, meaning hot and humid conditions year-round. Temperatures hover around 32 °C during the day and 25 °C at night, with just a few degrees difference between the warmest and coolest months. Humidity is mostly around 80% or more, so be sure to drink enough fluids! November to February in general is the driest time of the year, with just some regular showers (later afternoon) and a mix of clouds and sun. Rain increases from March onwards, reaching a peak in August and September before preparing again for the somewhat drier and cooler season.



Getting There

By Plane

Phuket International Airport (HKT) is located about 30 kilometres from Phuket City and has a wide range of international flights. There are very frequent flights from Bangkok and direct flights to many other airports in the region, including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and direct charters to Europe and Australia in the high season. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and also Jakarta tourists usually step directly to Phuket without step on Bangkok at all, due to distance of Bangkok to Phuket is relatively same with distance of Kuala Lumpur to Phuket. Backpackers can go to Bangkok from Phuket with 12 hours night buses, if necessary.

The airport is notionally divided into Terminals 1 and 2, with some charter and low-cost operators using the second, but these are only a short distance apart and connected by an air-conditioned walkway.

Several domestic airlines fly here, including Nok Air, Air Asia, Orient Thai. Tickets from Bangkok can cost around 1,300 baht one-way if booked well in advance, or around 2,000-2,500 baht (including taxes) if bought on the day.

Thai Airways flies from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport several times every day, and once daily from Chiang Mai (but there are no direct flights in the opposite direction). Additionally, they sell tickets from/to many domestic and international destinations with stopovers in Bangkok, which are usually cheaper (especially international) than if you book separate tickets. Cheapest (non-exchangeable and non-refundable one-way tickets from Bangkok cost 2,320 baht. Worth checking if you book just a few days before flight, as low-cost airlines may cost only 200-300 baht less in this situation, but you get world-famous Thai Airways service, and free on-board meals too.

Air Asia fly from Phuket to Chiang Mai direct, twice a day at 10:35 and 19:20, affording an opportunity to combine a beach holiday with experiencing the wildlife and exotic cultures of northern Thailand. From Chiang Mai to Phuket flights depart at 13:00 and 21:45. They fly from two cities in Isaan as well, daily from Udon Thani (handy for a trip into Laos) and four times per week from Ubon Ratchathani.

Bangkok Airways has a monopoly on direct flights between Phuket and U-Tapao (Pattaya/Sattahip) and Ko Samui. They also have 6 daily flights from Bangkok. Fares are usually the same as Thai Airways, but sometimes they have very inexpensive promotional fares as low as 1,390 baht.

Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways fly to Suvarnabhumi (pronounced: soo-Var-na-phoom), whereas Nok Air and Orient Thai fly from Don Muang Airport. This may be of importance when you have a connecting flight.

Happy Air (Phuket to Ranong, also Bangkok to Ranong) with service from BKK and HKT to Ranong.(Ko Phayam and Ko Chang in the Andaman Sea are 20 min from Ranong Airport by boat).

To get from the airport to your destination, there are several options:

A private bus service runs between the airport and Patong and the reverse. There is not yet an English-language website for this service. Times and fares are unclear. There are reportedly signs directing passengers to the curbside bus, but it is not easy to find (Oct 2013).
Municipal air conditioned airport bus service (daily, 06:30-20:45, every 60-90 min) to Phuket Town bus station costs 100 baht (Apr 2016) and takes one hour. Local buses run from there and Ranong St Market to all the major beaches until around 18:00 for about 25-40 baht. After getting off a bus just cross the street and wait for the continuing bus there. It is a very convenient and comfortable spot, with no touts or hustlers, plenty of shade and a minimart for drinks and snacks. The bus will stop anywhere along its route upon signalling the driver ("bus hiking"). See Airport Bus Phuket.

If you are going to take the municipal airport bus from Phuket to the airport in the afternoon (especially the 16:30 and 17:30 buses) you should allow yourself plenty of time. With dozens of schoolchildren getting on and off during weekdays and/or congested traffic the bus is frequently delayed en route.

Minibus services (basically door-to-door shared taxis) are a good value. They charge 100-180 baht per seat, and will get you to your destination much faster than the municipal/government buses. To Phuket town 100 baht is typical; to Patong 180 baht; to Kata Beach 180 baht. When you get off the plane, don't dally, because when the minibuses fill up, they leave. If you miss the first group of them, you may have to wait until the next plane comes in, because they don't leave until they're full. The minibuses will stop at a travel agent about halfway to Patong. They'll ask everyone to get out (you don't have to) and then they'll ask you where you're staying, and they'll try to sell you a hotel or overpriced tours on the guise that they are a government agency. You're not obligated to use the hotels they push. Just say you already booked a hotel, and tell them the name. (If you don't yet have a hotel, just say "Holiday Inn".) They will inform the driver, and he/she will drop you off at the hotel. This is a little annoying, but it's over in 10 minutes, and you're on your way again. Any travel agent can arrange a minibus ride for the way back to the airport.
Metered (yellow) taxis, aka "Taxi Meter" - Turn right as you exit the airport building (ignore the touts) and you'll see a stand at the end of the walkway. Tell your destination to the staff at the stand and they will give you a paper with the taxi driver number for you to keep in case you need to report a problem. Fares to destinations in Phuket cost around 600 baht and up. The rate is what is displayed by the meter plus 100-baht airport fee. The meter will start with a 50 baht display. You may stumble upon a freelance taxi driver who will take you from the airport to Patong for a flat fee of 450 baht. If the driver is pleasant, you may wish to ask for his mobile number for the return trip later. The same driver can take you from Patong to Phuket Town for 350 to 400 baht.
Limousine (blue) taxis from the airport are expensive, costing 600-700 baht to Patong or 800 baht to Phuket Town. The airport co-op booth tucked away towards the back is a little cheaper than the competition. Despite the name, most "limousines" are Toyota Camrys with leather seats, though you may get a Mercedes. It is also likely that your limousine will stop at a travel agent in order to sell you hotel rooms and/or tours. Before you purchase your fare, insist that you do not want to stop at any travel agency along the way. (They will try to legitimise stopping at the travel agency by insisting that "the driver must sign in" or "the driver needs to stop here for directions").



Getting Around

Patong can (just about) be covered on foot, but there are plenty of taxis and motorbikes to get you around. The cost of these is one of the main down sides to Patong as they are unregulated and charge what they please.

Phuket has two types of taxi - millions (or so it seems) of small songthaew-style minivans (usually bright red, occasionally bright yellow), and very few conventional sedan-style taxis (yellow and red, with a "Taxi-Meter" sign on top).

The minivans have no meter, and their drivers are notoriously mercenary, so always agree a price beforehand and do bargain hard. Short hops typically cost 200 baht since the one-way street system was inaugurated.

For longer distances the metered taxis are generally cheaper.

Motorbike taxi rides within Patong start around 40 baht, though for any unwalkable distance you might find it hard to get a ride for less than 100 baht.




Patong offers an amazingly cosmopolitan array of eating options, including Arabic, French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Scandinavian, and pretty much any country that sends tourists here. Prices are, however, generally inflated (at least by Thai standards). You can expect to pay about 150 baht for basic meals like fried rice unless you really hunt around. Seafood is priced by weight and is not cheap either. If you're looking for a good food court, visit Jungceylon.

99 Seafood Restaurant, Rat-U-Thit Rd (Opposite the Royal Paradise Hotel). An open-air restaurant that has excellent seafood selections. The price is also quite affordable and the place is usually busy at night.
Red Chilli Restaurant (Andatel Grandé Patong Phuket Hotel), 41/9 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd (Three min walk from Patong Beach), ☏ +66 76 290 480, ✉ 11:00-22:00. International and local food. Shows live TV of football matches on a large TV. Has a pool with poolside bar, free Wi-Fi and travel services desk. 150-450 baht.
Ristorante Roma da Mauro, 100/7 Thaweewong Rd, Soi Post Office (Down one of the little streets, but easy to see past McDonalds). Good for imported Italian pasta and pizza, has indoor and outdoor seating.
The Yorkshire Inn, Soi Sansabai. European and British food, and a Sunday lunch which is repeated on Wednesdays.
Ali Baba and Ali Baba 2, 2 Ruamchai Rd and 206/17 Rat-U-Thit Rd. These two restaurants have two separate menus for two separate cuisines, namely Indian and Arabic. Both locations offer air-con inside and smoking water pipes outside. Watch out for the 150 baht portions of rice and tomato-heavy curries which may not be everyone's cup of tea. Appetizers 60-100 baht, mains around 200-350 baht.
Baan Rim Pa, Prabaramee Rd, ☏ +66 76 340789. Impressive carved wood décor, fabulous location on the cliff, excellent Thai food.
Baan Yin Dee Restaurant, 7/5 Muen Ngen Rd, ☏ +66 76 294104(-5). Fusion of European and Thai food in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
Casablanca Restaurant (ร้านอาหาร คาซาบลังกา), 135/23 Rat-U-Thit Rd, ☏ +66 76 340666. Middle Eastern food.
La Diva (in a dead-end alley off Rat-U-Thit Rd). A bit off the beaten path but you can find it right next to an Austrian, a Belgian, and a Mexican restaurant (go figure) at the bend of the alley. You can easily see it by its colourful neon sign. La Diva has a Latin theme and plays Latin pop non-stop. However, the menu is all Thai. Recommended are green curry chicken (geng kiao wan gai) and the king prawns with glass noodles (gung po woon sen).
Green House and Balcony Restaurant (Bangla Rd). Extensive menu of Thai and Western food, plus pastries and snacks from the in-house bakery. Terrace seating outside and air-con restaurant inside. A bit pricey though, with most everything over 100 baht. From 100 baht.
Karlsson's Restaurant & Steak House, Soi Patong Tower, 108/16 Taweewong Rd. Daily, 15:00-00:00. A good choice for imported steaks and Scandinavian specialities.
Lim's Restaurant & Bar, Kalim Beach (Follow Beach Rd out of Patong, turn right at Soi 7 after Kalim Beach, on your right 500 m into the soi). Daily, 18:30-22:30. A nice hide-away from the busy streets of Patong, with modern Thai cuisine served. Has an adjacent art gallery.
Madras Cafe Restaurant, 198/1-4, 80-82 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd., Patong Beach, Kathu, ☏ +66 84 305 5211, ✉ 11:00-00:00. Serves south Indian, north Indian food, Indian vegetarian food, Arab food and Halal food.
The 9th Floor Restaurant & Bar, Sky Inn Condotel, 47 Rat-U-Thit Rd, ☏ +66 76 344311 (after 16:00). An open-air restaurant with a 270 -degree view over Patong. A varied menu of Mediterranean and international dishes, a large selection of wines , a humidor with Cuban cigars, and a range of cocktails.
The Old Fisherman's, Novotel Phuket Resort (At Kalim Beach). 18:30-22:30 daily. This restaurant has Thai and international food. Reasonable prices for a hotel outlet.
Patong Seafood Restaurant, 130 Thaweewong Rd, ☏ +66 76 341244-5. One of the finest seafood restaurants on Phuket serving local delicacies.
Sam's Steak House, Holiday Inn Resort, 52 Thaweewong Rd. 18:00-22:15 daily. Sam's serves the finest steaks only from top quality US or Aussie beef, free salad bar with all steak orders. Moderate to high price depending on the kind of food ordered, excellent price/performance. 600-3,000 baht.
Savoey (เสวย), 136 Thaweewong Rd, ☏ +66 76 341171. One of the better seafood restaurants in Patong.
Spice House, Jungceylon Shopping Centre, Rat-U-Thit Rd. 12:00-22:00 daily. Offers authentic Russian, modern Thai, and traditional Japanese cuisine.




Patong's nightlife spills out in all directions but the centre of the maelstrom is Bangla Rd and its four sois: Crocodile, Eric, Gonzo, and Seadragon, packed with a frenetic mix of pubs, beer bars, and go-go bars. Soi Crocodile is also known as Soi Katoey, a reference to its many transsexuals. There are also a couple of good nightclubs with dance floors, unusual in Thailand otherwise.

Drink prices in Patong can vary, sometimes wildly, between bars, even those right next to each other offering nearly identical atmosphere and patronage. Be on the look-out for drink specials, and do not be afraid to ask for a drink menu if it is not readily available.

Irish Bar. Nice and less expensive place on Beach Rd, though not with a view of the beach. One of the few places in Patong to sell Guinness. Has a Celtic cross made of (empty) Guinness cans.
Little Aussie Town Aussie Bar (OTOP Shopping Paradise, Rat-U-Thit Rd). Daily, 12:00-02:00. An outdoor bar. Frequently serves free food. The bar is equipped with a TV showing cable channels. Suitable for all ages and nationalities.
The Manchester Arms (Opposite Jungceylon Shopping Plaza). It's the best place to watch the sports and they have an occasional live music jam with some of the island's best musicians. They are the only bar in town playing music from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Reasonable prices and they have Aussie beers and Tetleys Bitter from the UK on draught.
Molly Malone's. Nice place to sit down and have a decent pint or two. The prices are a bit high, but if you need some good pub food and want to sit back and watch the human traffic plus the great music band, this is a good enough pub.
Rock City (at the top of Bangla Rd, away from the beach). A palace built to rock music. They promise to "rock your ass off" and they do with excellent rock tribute bands. It's like going to a mini-gig every night. A bit pricey, but well worth it.
Saxophone (On the beach road). The little brother of Bangkok's most famous live music venue. They have top quality jazz, blues, funk, and soul outfits there each night and the place is very well-designed. Can be hit-or-miss with the bands, but usually very good quality.
De Tapas Bar, Nanai Rd 91/1, ☏ +66 84 8522404. 22:00-24:00. Only Spanish restaurant on the island of Phuket, with Spanish chef. Medium prices, high quality. 220 baht.
Cocktails and Dreams (Near the Tiger complex off Bangla Rd). See a ladyboy cabaret for free! Free admission.
Simon Cabaret. See the famous ladyboy show at Simon Cabaret. Adult VIP, 800 baht; Adult regular, 700 baht.
Banana Disco (Thawiwong Rd, 50m S of Bangla Rd). Small, but good DJ. Admission, 300 baht, including 2 drinks.
D Club (Soi Crocodile, Bangla Rd). Nightclub under joint Thai/Swedish ownership.
Tai Pan (Soi Crocodile). The daddy of all Patong's discos, the best music and lights and always very busy, at the top of Bangla Rd at the traffic lights.




Accommodation is rather expensive during the peak season with simple air-con rooms ranging from 500-1,500 baht; fan rooms start around 300 baht but availability is limited. In the low season, air-con rooms are easily found from around 300 baht and up. You can usually get a better deal for the more expensive rooms by using one of the local travel shops. It pays to haggle with them.

Anchalee Inn. Basic clean en suite rooms with no windows at south end of beach. About 15-min walk from Bangla Rd. Helpful staff. No joiner fee. 600-2,250 baht.
Arimana Hotel, 64/1 Nanai Rd (Near Jungceylon and Banzaan Market), ☏ +66 76 342782, fax: +66 76 342707, ✉ Well-isolated from noisy traffic of beach road. Easily accessible by car and public transport, no joiner fee, Wi-Fi, cable, and swimming pool.
Baan Nitra Guesthouse, 47 Nanai Rd (Next to Royal Crown Resort), ☏ +66 81 0812000. 11 rooms and 2 dorm rooms with 2 bunk beds each (4 people/room), one shower and a big fan. Each bed has a locker. Clean simple, and cheap. 700-1,000 baht.
Goldsea Hotel, Patong Beach (One block off Patong Beach Rd). Check-out: noon. Tidy clean, family run, big rooms, noisy at front, ask for back rooms 400 baht.
Golden Buddha Guesthouse, Soi Nanai 157/9 (Near Mae Ubol and Banzaan Market), ☏ +66 84 8431776, ✉ Comfortable rooms, easy bus trip to the beach, no joiner fee, Wi-Fi, cable, food and coffee downstairs. 700-1,100 baht.
The Grand Orchid Inn-Patong Beach, 78/17-18 Soi Dr Wattana, Beach Rd, ☏ +66 76 292350. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. 50 m from Patong Beach and very close to the entertainment of Bangla Rd. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, air-con, minibar, satellite TV, free bottled water, and free beach towel. 600 baht.
Hollywood Beach Hotel, 10/3 Sawatdirak Rd, ☏ +66 76 341718. 28 full air-con units including superior room and deluxe room at economical rates, all have balcony, cable TV, and mini bar. Internet, pool table, and professional massage room.
Hotel Orchid Residence, 171/22 Soi Sansabai, ☏ +66 76 345176. Air-con, TV, DVD, Wi-Fi. 100 m to party district, Bangla Rd. 680-1,880 baht.
Hotel Swiss Garden, 169/20 Soi Sansabai (100m to Bangla Rd), ☏ +66 76 345176, fax: +66 76 345177. Low season 650 baht, high season 1,500 baht.
Patong Palmview Resort, 135/1 Nanai Rd, ☏ +66 76 344837. Twenty spacious rooms on the lower slopes of Patong Beach Bay hillside. Five min drive to the centre of Patong. Hotel swimming pool. 790-1,680 baht.
Sea Blue Phuket Hostel and Guesthouse, 74/11 Soi Banzaan (250m behind Jungceylon Mall, near the corner of Banzaan Market and Nanai Rd), ☏ +66 76 344405, fax: +66 76 344405, ✉ Private rooms and shared hostel dormitory rooms. Clean, quiet and safe. Free Wi-Fi, lockers, cable TV, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. 150 baht for shared hostel dorm beds, private rooms and family rooms from 450 baht, varies by season.
SquareOne, 241/34 Rat-U-Thit Rd, ☏ +66 76 341486, fax: +66 76 340873, ✉ Swimming pool, free Wi-Fi. 650-1,800 baht.
Sunset Mansion, 28-30 Rat-U-Thit Rd, ☏ +66 76 340734. Comfortably furnished rooms and apartments. 700-1,000 baht.
The Tavern, 104/37 Thaweewong Rd (End of Soi Post Office, 100m from beach), ☏ +66 89 8681073, fax: +66 76 344491, ✉ Rooms above a bar run by a Thai/British couple, close to the beach. Air-con, minibar, hot water. From 500 baht (low season).
Add Mansion (แอ๊ด แมนชั่น), 209/25-26 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Rd, ☏ +66 76 294430, +66 76 294431. 15 rooms. 1,300-1,500 baht.
Aloha Villa (อโลฮา วิลล่า), 145/2 Rat-U-Thit Rd, ☏ +66 76 345733, +66 76 345742, fax: +66 76 345743. 121 rooms. 1,100-2,500 baht.
Amici Miei Hotel, Soi Banzaan 74/38, ☏ +66 76 296062. Italian owner. Clean & stylish rooms. Only 1 min from the main shopping mall, but that means also at the far end of things away from beaches, so expect a ~20 min walk. Street-side rooms can be noisy. From 1,300 baht.
Andaman Phuket Hotel, 34/137-144 Prachanukroh Rd (At the S end of Rat-U-Thit and Phangmueang Rd), ☏ +66 76 364808-9, ✉ Australian-owned and -operated, along with its own dive boat, "The Similan Queen", with a dive office in the hotel lobby. From 1200 baht.
Bamboo Beach Hotel and Spa, 2 Soi Prabaramee 7, Prabaramee Rd., ☏ +66 76 344380. 38 rooms in three low-rise buildings surrounded by a tropical garden. Each room has air-con, fully stocked minibar, satellite TV, coffee and tea making facilities, and a safety deposit box.
The Belle Resort, 104/31-33 Soi Prisanee, Thaweewong Rd, ☏ +66 76 292782. Rooms have a modern design, air-con, cable TV and a coffee/tea maker. Internet, swimming pool and massage service. From 1,500 baht.
C&N Hotel, 151 Rat-U-Thit Rd (on its own soi about 50 m from the corner of Bangla Rd), ☏ +66 76 341892, +66 76 341893, fax: +66 76 341895. Three-storey hotel with friendly management is double-glazed throughout and therefore relatively peaceful at night in spite of its location in the heart of the nightlife action. The hotel has its own massage parlour, restaurant and beauty salon in addition to free overnight parking facilities. Free airport transfer by air-con minibus for bookings of 3 days or more. From 1,000 baht.
Citrus Heights Patong Hotel (โรงแรม ซิทรัส ไฮท ป่าตอง บาย คอมพาส ฮอสพิทอลิตี้), 160/36 Phang Muang Sai Kor Rd (Walking distance to Patong Beach), ☏ +66 76 358000, fax: +66 76 358099, ✉ Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. 77-room hotel with large rooms, quite modern facilities and has private balconies overlooking the mountains. Swimming pool and car park. Close to restaurants and pubs. From 1,528 baht.
Club Bamboo Boutique Resort, 247/ 1-8 Nanai Rd, ☏ +66 76 345345, +66 76 345346. 46 air-con rooms, a bathtub or Jacuzzi, satellite TV, 24 hr in-house movie channel, IDD telephone, Internet and a veranda or balcony. Swimming pool and waterfall, spa and fitness centre, and 24 hr reception.
Haven Lagoon Apartments, 6/7 Sirirad Rd, ☏ +66 80 6932833. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Apartment for rent near Simon Cabaret and the Life Spa Massage with two swimming pools, 24 hr security, and a fitness centre. Minimum of 7 days stay. 1,200-1,500 baht depending on season for a minimum of 7 days. Deposit: 5,000 baht.
KN Guesthouse (off Rat-U-Thit Rd on Soi Jintana, near the Paradise complex), ☏ +66 76 294151. Swimming pool and restaurant. Squeaky clean and great hosts. From 1,200 baht.
Komma Bar & Guesthouse (S end of the main Patong strip, across the road from the beach). Food, warm vibes, and quality rooms. 1,400 baht.
Mirage Express Patong Phuket Hotel, 184/25-28 Phangmuang Sai Kor Rd (across from Jungceylon Shopping Mall), ☏ +66 76-510-961, ✉ Across from Sansabai St. The Mirage is a minute walk from Jungceylon Shopping Mall, the Bangla Boxing Stadium and a stroll away from Bangla Walking Street. All rooms are equipped with HD LED TV, free high speed internet service and basic guest amenities. Mirage rooftop features swimming pool, bar and sun lounge. The rooftop offers a glimpse of Patong beach and most of Bangla Boxing Stadium. 999-3,000 baht.
Mussee Patong Hotel, 34/44 Prachanukrao Rd, ☏ +66 90 4799053. Superior and deluxe rooms, all equipped with air-con, 32-inch LCD TV and telephone. The Chali Restaurant & bar, swimming pool with Jacuzzi and free Wi-Fi. From 1,700 baht.
Patong Inn, 128 Taweewong Rd, ☏ +66 76 292545. Across the road from the beach and near Bangla Road. Friendly staff, clean and comfortable. 2,000 baht including breakfast for 2 people.
Patong Lodge Hotel, 284/1 Prabaramee Rd, ☏ +66 76 341020. On a hill between the end of Patong and Kalim beaches, overlooking the Andaman Sea. Walking distance to the beach, 5 min drive to the centre of Patong. Has the Oceanview Restaurant on-site. 1,000-5,000 baht.
Patong Paragon Resort & Spa, 280 Prabaramee Rd, ☏ +66 76 290555. 7 suites and 114 rooms have modern spacious tropical interiors, large bathrooms and balconies most of which overlook the sea and the beach.
Patong Sunbeach Hotel, 207/4 Soi 6 Nanai Rd, ☏ +66 76 292912. 16 rooms and 2 big apartments, all of which have balcony, air-con, cable TV, DVD player, and mini bar. Jacuzzi/bath in the tropical garden, Internet kiosk in the bar. Airport transfers. From 1,755 baht.
Phuket Tropical Inn, 147/1 Nanai Rd. Baankanchana 6, ☏ +66 88 7651826. Small boutique hotel. 12 good size clean rooms on a quiet corner of Nanai Rd.
Sensive Hill Hotel, 79/67 Moo 6, ☏ +66 76 203012. Air-con rooms, bathroom with shower, cable TV, mini-bar, Internet, telephone, radio, hair dryer, safe, and daily breakfast. Restaurant, bar, 2 outdoor swimming pools, fitness room and parking. From 1,900 baht.
Silver Resortel, 3/37 Sawadirak Rd, ☏ +66 76 341200, +66 76 341201, ✉ The rooms are decorated in an Asian and Lanna style. From 1,000 baht.
Hyatt Place Phuket, Patong, 17/1-3 Soi Prabaramee 4, ตำบลป่าตอง Patong, Phuket 83150, ☏ +66 76 626 777, ✉ Modern Hotel, understated 161 rooms come with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and balconies, as well as sitting areas, mini fridges, and tea and coffeemakers. Upgraded rooms add sea views. Suites offer living areas. Parking, a local shuttle and a hot breakfast buffet. An airy 24/7 eatery features terrace dining, and there's a casual bar. 1,000-1,500 baht, see season promo.
Alexander Hotel, 184/34 Phangmuang Soi Kor Road, ☏ +66 076 540 911, ✉ Spacious room, clean and tidy, tea and coffee making, a safe, plenty of storage areas. From USD 55.
Absolute Sea Pearl Beach Resort (แอ็บโซลูท ซีเพิร์ล บีช รีสอร์ท), 42/1 Thawiwong Rd, ☏ +66 76 341901-10, fax: +66 76 341122. 65 rooms. From 4,200 baht. edit
Amari Coral Beach Resort (อมารี คอรัล บีช รีสอร์ท), 2 Mun-Ngoen Rd, ☏ +66 76 340106-10, fax: +66 76 340115. The only resort up on the small hill at the east end of Patong Beach away from the noise of the town. Very peaceful, views, nice staff. From 4,113 baht.
Andaman Beach Suites (อันดามัน บีช สวีท), 60/12 Rat-U-Thit Rd, ☏ +66 76 341879-83, fax: +66 76 340893. 91 rooms. 2,000-4,500 baht. edit
Araya Beach Hotel, 162-162/1-2 Taweewong Rd. Patong Beach, ☏ +66 76-685127, ✉ 90 rooms, a spa, a swimming pool at the roof top, bar and a restaurant. From 8000 baht.
Burasari, 18/110 Ruamjai Rd, ☏ +66 76 292929. Boutique resort in a quiet soi on the south side of Patong. 15m from the beach. Swimming pool, deluxe pool access rooms. Floyd's Brasserie on premises. From 4,600 baht.
Citin Plaza Patong Hotel (โรงแรม ซิติน พลาซ่า ป่าตอง แอนด์ สปา ภูเก็ต บาย คอมพาส ฮอสพิทอลิตี้), 34/50-57 Prachanukhro Rd, ☏ +66 76 358100, fax: +66 76 358199, ✉ Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. 248 room hotel with 5 rooftop swimming pools, many restaurants and bars serving local and international food. Gym, meeting rooms, and a spa. Rates start from 1,144 baht per night.
Deevana Patong Resort & Spa. On 12 acres of tropical gardens. 45 min from airport and a 10 min walk to Patong Beach.
Diamond Cliff Resort (N end of Patong on the hillside above the town). Views of Kalim Beach. 333 rooms and suites on 20 acres of gardens, all with private balconies. From 5,797 baht.
Holiday Inn Resort. 15 min from Phuket on its own grounds near Patong Beach. 265-room main wing or 140 studio and villa rooms in the Busakorn wing with 2 swimming pools. From 3,700 baht..
Horizons Hotel Phuket, , 64/39 Thaweewong Rd, ☏ +66 76 292526. 160 rooms in 1-3 storey buildings. All rooms have bathtub/shower, toiletries, cable TV, and air-con.
Impiana Phuket Cabana. Boutique resort at Patong Beach. Seventy rooms with full services and amenities. From 8,800 baht.
Novotel Phuket (Next to the Diamond Cliff). Six restaurants including the "Old Fisherman" seafood restaurant. 215 rooms. From 3,260 baht.
Patong Beach Lodge, 207/21-25, 207/29-31 Rat-U-Thit Rd, ☏ +66 76 292400. Swimming pool is a short walk from the rooms. You can chill at the bar or sunbathe at the pool. 2,800 baht.
Royal Phawadee Village, 3 Sawatdirak Rd, ☏ +66 76 344622, ✉ Boutique hotel with Thai-style pavilions are placed strategically throughout the resort leaving pleasant open green spaces. From 2,500 baht.
Thavorn Beach Village & Spa (Nakalay Bay). Beach and sea views. 119 villas and 75 bungalows.
Villaguna Residence, 118/7, Phrabaramee Rd, ☏ +66 76 454221. Deluxe pool villa and beach suites, equipped with 37-inch LCD TV, minibar, and safe. Swimming pool and outdoor sun lounger with bathrobes. From 8,000 baht.
Boutique Resort Phuket, 72/11-18, Paklok Thalang Phuket, Thailand, ☏ +66980100928, ✉ There is no better place than Phuket, Thailand to enjoy your holidays on sunny beaches. And Boutique resort private pool villa in Phuket provides you the best facility and spacious resorts to cater to your demands. Best place for Honeymoon couples, Weddings, events, and Family gatherings. The boutique resort is a very cool and quiet villa in Phuket.

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Keep Connected


There are countless internet bars across the country in big and small towns. Internet cafés are widespread and most are inexpensive. Prices as low as 15 baht/hour are commonplace, and speed of connection is generally reasonable, but many cafes close at midnight. Higher prices prevail in major package-tourist destinations (60 baht/hour is typical, 120 baht/hour is not unusual). Keyloggers are all too often installed on the computers in cheap cafes, so be on your guard if using online banking, stock broking or even PayPal. Remember that in the smaller towns and more traditional areas the owners and staff of internet bars prefer if customers take off their shoes at the entrance and leave them outside. This might seem strange although this gesture goes a far way to make friends and give a positive image of foreigners to Thai people.

Outside the most competitive tourist areas, free Wi-Fi is not as common as in neighbouring countries in many budget hotels and guesthouses and they may charge small fee for Internet by LAN or Wi-Fi even if you bring your own laptop. Wi-Fi is commonly available in cafes and restaurants serving Westerners.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The international code for Thailand is 66. 999 connects to all emergency services. Standard GSM emergency number 112 is supported in mobile networks. 911 for Tourist Police Department, English available.

For mobile phone users, Thailand has three GSM mobile service providers - AIS, DTAC and Truemove - which may be useful if you have a mobile phone that will work on either one or both of the GSM 900 or 1800 frequency bands (consult your phone's technical specifications). If you have one, you can buy a prepaid SIM card for any of the Thai carriers in any convenience store for as little as 50-200 baht and charge it up as you go. Using your own mobile phone while on holiday with a Thai pre-paid SIM card can save a lot of money and lets you give your number to family back home, so they can have an emergency contact number.


Thailand Post is the Thai postal service that deals with all local and international mail in Thailand. The business is operated from local post offices. Post offices are easy to recognise with their red white and blue motifs and the words 'Thailand Post' in English and Thai above the entrance. They are open from Monday to Saturday, usually 8:30am to 4:30pm (main ones until around 8:00pm), though keeping shorter hours on Saturdays (usually until 1:00pm). They are generally closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Each post office offers a comprehensive service which includes an Express Mail Service (EMS) and parcel post. They also have a price calculator for letters, postcards and parcels, both domestically as well as internationally. They also have a track and trace system and money transfer services. If you want to send packages, it might be a good idea to check with private courier companies like DHL, TNT or UPS, as they are fast, reliable and generally quite competitively priced.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 7.8960721017341
  • Longitude: 98.2966089248657

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