Piran in Slovenia

Piran in Slovenia

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Piran is an extremely picturesque small Italianate city on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia. It is one of Slovenia's four coastal cities, including Izola, Koper, and Portoroz. It's Italian styling is due to its proximity to the Italian border and once belonged to Italy. The boat harbor is full of small colorful fishing boats. The main square is near the sea and full of activity. The streets are typical narrow winding medieval streets that are a joy to explore and find hidden squares inside the various neighborhoods. The Church on the hill is complete with a separate bell tower and baptistry. There is a walkway connecting the churchyard to a beach along the shore. The small peninsula of the city hosts a beautiful pedestrian street of various restaurants with delicious seafood and a gorgeous view of the sunset over the adjacent peninsula (in Croatia). The lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula is unique. Piran offers great views of the small Slovene coastline, including views of nearby Trieste, large shipping vessels, and rolling hills. Hidden treasures include an old aquarium, steep winding streets, and local people fishing from the shore.





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Keep Connected


Slovenia is generally well covered by inexpensive broadband internet due to fierce competition between multiple companies. Internet cafes are thus common in cities and internet access is offered by most hotels and hostels.

A free wireless internet network is also being set up in some cities by volunteers (Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica). You can use it if you have a computer or a WiFi enabled phone.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The international calling code for Slovenia is 386, and the prefix for international calls is 00; the area code prefix is 0. Some number blocks are reserved for special use: 080 are toll-free numbers and 090 are commercial services, which are usually expensive.

Mobile networks use the common European frequencies (900 and 1800 MHz for GSM/LTE and 2100 MHz for 3G; 800 MHz is planned for LTE). Two major Slovenian mobile companies, Mobitel and Simobil, provide an excellent coverage in GSM and 3G, but 3G can be unavailable in mountainous regions. Roaming between European phone companies is becoming cheaper due to the EU regulation setting a maximum of 0.29€ per minute for calls made and 0.09€ for calls received, while calls to or from non-EU providers remain expensive. Slovenian pre-paid SIM cards are also available in supermarkets and gas stations.

Telekom Slovenije operates around 3500 phone booths. They unfortunately do not accept coins but require the use of cards costing 3-15€.


Posta Slovenije is the national postal service of Slovenia. It has relatively fast and reliable services. Post offices are generally open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to noon on Saturdays. Only the larger central post offices keep longer hours and/or are open on Sundays. You can also use them for money transfers and some other simple banking services. Stamps are available here or at newspaper stands/kiosks. Domestic rates for sending postcards/standard letters start at €0.29. International rates start at €0.39 for postcards and €0.44 for standard letters. Parcels start at around €16 for delivery to other Europena Union Members. You can also use companies like UPS, TNT or DHL to send parcels, as they offer comparable prices and fast services.

Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 45.5281536
  • Longitude: 13.5680836

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