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Old Market

Old Market

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Poznań (Poland) is a city where history meets modern times. The oldest part of Poznań is an island called Ostrów Tumski where the history of Poland began one thousand years ago. This is also where the first polish cathedral was located which was the residence of first polish kings. The middle-aged Stary Rynek (old market square) with the most beautiful Renaissance Hall in Central Europe (north of the Alps) forms Poznan’s city center. Every day at 12.00 in the top of Town Hall’s tower tourists can find the two goats fighting, one of city’s older traditions. All around an old market square there is an area for those who perceive the beauty of monuments with the baroque Fara church inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The city center is also the place where all the pubs and restaurants are located and where tourists can join thousands of students spending time every day. It is worth to visit the district that is as old as XIX Century. The highlight of this area is the Imperial Castle. It was one of official residences of Adolf Hitler a time ago. For those who are active, by the Poznan’s Malta Lake, there is one of the most modern regatta race-tracks, the ski hill is open all year long, and other sport facilities. In the end of june whole city becomes a theater’s stage. It is because of Malta Festival, one of the biggest street theaters in Europe. Poznan’s neighbourhoods are a mixture of forests, lakes and old castles located between them.




  • Rogalin Castle - it’s one of the most beautiful castles in Poland. With the French garden and after renewal this place is an obligatory point on the trip to Poznan.
  • Cascader Park in Rogalin - downhill drives on a rope, quads rides, paintball games, if you are a fan of great entertainment visit this place. The park is for adults as well as for kids.
  • SPA_larnia kcal in Puszczykowo - the place was the winner of the best SPA in Poland Contest in 2007 and 2008.
  • Pobiedziska Miniature Open Air Museum - all the important monuments from around Poznan in the scale 1:20. Great place to take picture in.
  • Bee-keeping skansen and museum in Swarzędz - whoever doubt that bees and bee-keeping are interesting has to visit the museum. Great attraction is beehive with one wall made of glass. Like that tourists can watch how little bees are working and it is incredibly interesting.
  • Castle in Kórnik - constructed in XIV century, many times renovated but still keeps the atmosphere of old times, includes museum inside.
  • National Park of Wielkopolska - wild nature of Greater Poland located in one park. Many of the park’s areas keep staying untouched.



Sights and Activities

  • Old Market Square with the Renaissance Hall is the heart of Poznan. Here is the place where thousands of students spend time in numerous pubs & restaurants.
  • Old Brewery and Półwiejska street is the commercial center of the city. Old Brewery was chosen as the best shopping gallery in the world 2005 and 2008 and in innovative way mixes shopping and art.
  • Palm House in one place accumulates plants from many different areas of the world. Forms a jungle inside the city center.
  • Emperor's Castle is the last castle built in Europe. Massive building which makes a great impression includes interactive museum of Poznan Uprising 1956.
  • Lech Brewery - guided tour around the brewery shows all the steps have to be done to produce good beer.
  • Malta Lake forms the center for active people. It is nice place for having a walk, riding a bike or even skiing.
  • Parish Church located next to Old Market Square is one of the most stunning and at the same time mysterious buildings in the city. Every sculpture and picture of the church has it's own secret story.
  • Lech Poznan Game - for those who are fans of football it is an obligation to go for Lech Poznan game. Lech's fans are known as one of the best game-scenery-makers in the Europe. Also the stadium of Lech will be an arena of Euro 2012 tournament.
  • Zoo and Botanical Gardens - for those who are tired of sightseeing there are two gardens which are best for taking rest and getting ready for some more...




Poznan, like much of the country, has a continental climate, though quite mildly here. Average daytime temperatures range from around 2 degrees Celsius in winter (December - February) to around 23-24 degrees Celsius in the summermonths of July and August. Nights average between -2 degrees and 12 degrees respectively.
Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year. Summers might see less days with rain, the total amount is bigger due to the fact that it comes in heavy showers. In winter, there are more days with rain or snow, but the total amount is less.



Getting There

By Plane

Poznań-Ławica Airport (POZ) offers a range of flights.
LOT Polish Airlines flies to/from Warsaw.
Wizzair flies to/from Burgas, Cork, Sheffield, Dortmund, London, Oslo, Stockholm and Rome. Ryanair flies to Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Girona, Liverpool, London and Barcelona-Reus.
A few other airlines mainly serve Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Antalya and a few other Polish cities, like Warsaw.

By Train

It is possible to reach Poznań from many cities in Poland and surrounding countries by train, e.g. Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Torun and Berlin - details are available on the website of the Polish State Railways, with the possibility to by many tickets for many lines online.

By Car

Poznań has many road connections, mainly to Warsaw, Lodz, Katowice, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Kolobrzeg, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Torun and Berlin - the fast national roads and highways.

By Bus

The city is a cross of many bus lines, e.g. PKS Poznań, PKS Szczecin, PKS Wrocław and many more companies.




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Keep Connected


In the cities there are more and more Wifi Hot Spots, so if you have your own mobile device, you can connect. Best chances of finding one are at airports, railway stations, in cafés, shopping malls and universities. Places like McDonald's and Starbucks usually have unlimited free wifi. In some hotels you can find free wifi, though you might have to pay as well or maybe just use it for a limited amount of time. Internet cafes become less popular recently as people prefer to use internet at homes.


See also: International Telephone Calls

To call to Poland from abroad, dial the Polish country code,48, then the number without the leading 0, as if calling from a domestic mobile phone.
The general emergency number is 112. Police (997), Ambulance (999) and Fire (998) have phone numbers as well, and municipal police has 986 as a number.

Mobile phones work almost across the whole country. There are four mobile phone operators in Poland: Plus, T-Mobile, Orange and Play. About 98% of the country is covered by the standard European GSM 900/1800 MHz network, the remaining 2% are wildlife reserves or high mountains. 3G is available in almost every town.
Domestic call rates are roughly the same across all services. Prepaid starter kits with SIM card (called starter in Polish) are widely available in reasonable prices (PLN5-20, most of which is available for calls), in most of the shops, supermarkets and news agents.

Just about every shopping centre has at least one independent cellphone shop, the guys who run them are usually knowledgeable and have a range of cheap handsets which you can use as a local / travel phone. This may be a good option since juggling SIM cards is always a pain.


Poczta Polska is the Polish public post service. Post offices are generally open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Some offices are open on Saturday until 2:00pm and the main post offices in major cities are open daily, 24 hours. Services are generally ok, but don't expact it to be fast and it is not always reliable, though most letters, postcards and parcels will arrive at its destinations after a week or two. You can find the red post boxes dotted throughout the country. You can check this postal website to see how much sending a letter, postcard or parcels costs, both domestically as well as internationally. For sending packages internationally, you can also check FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS, as they have fast and reliable services and generally competitive prices as well.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 52.406374
  • Longitude: 16.9251681

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as well as pic (7%), Sander (4%), Hien (1%)

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