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Located in west of Poland, at Warta river, with over 540,000 inhabitants, Poznan is fifth Polish city in terms of population number. Due to its location It is an important communication junction. The city is especially famous for Poznan International Fair - the biggest and the oldest fair center in Poland. It is also well known academic aggregation, where over 120 thousand of students may choose from 28 academies. The characteristic symbol of the city are two goats that are displayed mechanically every day at noon at the top of Poznan Town Hall.




  • Stare Miasto (The Old Town) - houses most of tourist attractions. including Town Hall
  • Nowe Miasto (The New Town)
  • Grunwald
  • Jeżyce
  • Wilda

The above mentioned division is customary, formally the city is splitted into 42 subdivisions.



Sights and Activities

The Town Hall

The Town Hall (Ratusz) is a historic building located in the Old Town, in the centre of Old Market Square (Stary Rynek). Currently it functions as a museum, however it was used as a seat of local government until 1939. The building was originally erected in 1253 in a form of one-storey Gothic building with cellars. It was then extended at the turn of 15th and 16th century, during this time also a tower was built at the north-western corner. Seriously damaged in 1536 as a result of major fire it was partly repaired during next few years. The most significant rebuilding however took place between 1550-1560 when a famous architect Giovanni Battista di Quadro was commissioned by the city council to carry out works. It was then when an upper storey was added, as well as attic walls and a three-storey loggia. Di Quadro is also originator of two mechanical goats that were installed together with new clock on the top of the tower. It is worth knowing that the Town Hall was significantly damaged few times during its long time history, including a lightning in 1675, a hurricane in 1725 and a World War II. The display of two mechanical goats' butting is one of the most chracteristic attractions of the city. The show takes place daily at noon and is preluded by the clock striking and playing of traditional bugle call (hejnał).

stary Rynek Poznan

stary Rynek Poznan

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The Imperial Castle

The Imperial Castle (Zamek) was constructed in 1910 by Franz Schwechten for a German Emperor - William II. It housed German government offices until 1918 and during World War II. The building was erected in Neo -Romanesque style and divided into apartments area (the western wing of the castle) and representative rooms (the eastern wing). The castle is 75 meters high and its floor area is 25 127 square metres. There was also separate building dedicated for garage, stable, service rooms and coach house. It is worth knowing that a yard with a fountain that was surrounded by castle edifices was based on the Fountain of the Lions in Alhambra, Granada (Spain).

Other Sights and Activities

The City Church of St. Stanislaus and Our Lady - opened in 2007 after total refurbishment, one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Poland.
The Gorka Palace - the Gorkas were a famous late-medieval noble family in Poznań and erected their palace in mid 15th century, later rebuilt in 16th in Renaissance style (a marvelous portal from the eastern side). Presently the Palace Houses houses the Archeological Museum (see below).
Citadel Park, Wzgórze Cytadela - Formerly a fortress built by the Prussians in 1828, it was destroyed during fighting in 1945. It contains a cemetery for the Russian, Polish and British soldiers who lost their lives here.
Stary Rynek (Old Market Square). The old town square, one of the finest in Europe. This is the centre of old, medieval Poznań, and has been superbly rebuilt after severe destruction in World War II. Cafés and bars line the square and it is a superb spot for ordering a drink and watching the world go by.
King's Castle. The King's Castle (Zamek Królewski) - rebuilt by King Przemysł II in 1290s, but erected by his father, Duke Przemysł I as a duke's residence for Poznań county. The only remnants of the original building are the foundations, and - what tourists mostly look is the newer part of the building dated from the second half of 18th century. Now it houses the Museum of Applied Art and from the walls you can watch the panorama of the Old Town. Poznań King's Castle was the place of the Fist Prussian Homage in 1492 (however more famous is the second one presented on famous picture painted by Jan Matejko). The hill was also the place, where the arms of Polish first dynasty (Piasts) - the White Eagle - became the official national symbol.
The Franciscan Church. It is a rather typical church from the turn of 17th and 18th centuries​, but is really worth coming here at least for a few minutes for its beautiful paintings on the vaulting and wood carvings created by two ingenious monk - brothers Adam and Antony Swach from the Czech territories. More religious visitors come here for the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Incessant Help - the Lady of Poznań (the picture in left side-aisle). The undergrounds of the church house two Models of Old Poznan.




The climate of Poznan is within the transition zone between a humid continental and oceanic climate and with relatively cold winters and warm summers. Snow is common in winter, when night-time temperatures are typically below zero. In summer temperatures may often reach 30 °C. Annual rainfall is less than 500 mm, among the lowest in Poland. The rainiest month is July, mainly due to short but intense cloudbursts and thunderstorms. The number of hours of sunshine are among the highest in the country. Climate in this area has mild differences between highs and lows, and there is adequate rainfall year round.



Getting There

By Plane

The city airport - Ławica - is located only 7 kilometres from the city centre which makes it easily accessible. It is possible to rent a car directly in the airport or go to the taxi rank which is located next to the airport hall exit. Drive to the city centre by car takes approximately 20-30 minutes at the most, depending on traffic jam. There is also public transport available that links airport with the centre; it may be reached with line 59 or express line L that is going directly to Railway Station located in the central area of the city. The L line ticket price is more expensive and there is only one piece of luggage free of charge allowed for every passenger.

By Train

There is one station in Poznan that serves all national and international connections - Poznań Main Railway Station (Poznań Główny). It is located in the city centre, neighbouring Poznań International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie). In 2014 the station was fully refurbished and now is located in new building, combined with shopping centre. It offers wide range of service points, restaurants, fast foods, shops as well as taxi rank located next to the station exit. There are plenty of bus and tram connections available, including night buses.

Trains to Berlin or Warsaw take approximately 3 hours in either direction and cost around €20 one-way. Trains to Krakow (approximately 8 daily) take around 6 hours and cost €15 one-way, Wroclaw (more than 15 daily) take around 2 hours and cost around €8 similarly as travel to Szczecin (about 10 daily) which lasts about 2.5 hours and costs also around €8. The journey to Gdansk (6 trains daily) will take 5.5 hours and cost €12 and to Torun (6 trains per day) : 2.5 hours and €7.

By Car

Main road directions are: Pila with Koszalin, Kolobrzeg and Slupsk, Gorzow Wielkopolski and Szczecin, Berlin, Zielona Gora, Wroclaw, Katowice, Kalisz, Lodz, Warsaw, and Gniezno with Bydgoszcz and Torun.

By Bus

The Poznan coach station is situated nearby the train station (5-min walk) and as well few-minutes-walk from the main entrance to the Fair Ground. Other places in the centre are also accessible on foot. Poznan is served by the Eurolines coach network. Count on fares of around €90 one-way to London or Amsterdam. Every day more than 200 local buses leave for town and even small villages everywhere in Wielkopolska region and some cities around the region (e.g. Lodz, Szczecin).



Getting Around

By Public Transport

Poznan has good public transport, consisting of trams, fast trams (similar to metro), and buses.

One-day, two-days and three-days tickets are valid for any public transport line (including the express ones) without additional fare. Besides that a 24-hr ticket validated between 20:00 on Friday and 24:00 on Saturday is valid till 24:00 on Sunday, becoming a weekend-long ticket.

The Poznań Card is a combination of ticket and discount card. Prices: 30 zł one-day, 40 zł two-day and 45 zł three-day.

Ten minutes on a tram is usually enough to ride a few stops in the city out of the peak hours. For more than 5-6 stops, use a 40-minute ticket.

You may transfer as many times as you wish, but ride as long as the ticket is valid. Night buses have the same tickets and fares. Express buses cost twice as much, but are far from being twice faster, so the advice is to avoid them (besides fast line "L" joining the airport with the main railway station).

The PEKA card is the electronic fare card for the city, with much lower fares than paper tickets based on the number of stops taken (1 stop 0.6 zł, 2 stops 1.1 zł, etc.) You must tap the card on entry and exit for buses and trams, after selecting the number of normal/reduced fares you need. Bearer PEKA cards can be purchased from City Information Centres (CIM) (see the webpage for other locations) for 27 zł, of which 12 zł is a deposit. You may have to ask about buying a bearer card.

Nobody checks the tickets as you enter, so remember to "click" (validate) your ticket as soon as the vehicle starts, or you might be fined 100-200 zł if controlled. The fine might not seem large, but will cause you trouble. Remember, the ticket is not checked upon entering the bus. In Europe, if your ticket expires, you have to use another one or leave.

If you study in Poland and are under 26, or you bear an ISIC, you are eligible for a 50% discount on every public transport ticket. Public transport is free for people from the age of 70.

Luggage smaller than "65 x 45 x 25 cm" can be carried without a fee, so click (validate) another ticket for your backpack. Smaller luggage, small dogs, wheelchairs and prams can be taken for free. Bicycles can be refused during peak hours and can be carried only in vehicles bearing a pictogram of a bike by the entrance. One piece of luggage (bigger than 65x45x25) is free of charge in "L" airport-fast line.

By Foot

The centre is navigable on foot.

By Bike

Poznański Rower Miejski, operated by Nextbike, provides public bikes for rent throughout the city. You first need to register and pay an initial fee of 20 zł. Bikes are free for the first 20 min, cost 2 zł in the first hour, and 4 zł every hour after that. Bikes can be rented at any time from stations between April to end of November. You have to return a bike to a station, or you'll have to pay an additional fee. Nextbike can be contacted +48 61 6668080 or +48 61 6740390.




The cheapest places are so-called milk bars – established in the communist era, but still very popular, especially among younger people, for whom they're the cheapest (approx. €3 for a full dinner) option to have a normal meal (not fast-food).

Al dente (сorner of ul. 3 Maja and Plac Wolności), ☏ +48 61 851 9084. Inexpensive fast-serve place to go for good spaghetti or some pizzas. (Tip: Parmesan is separate in the menu).
Alabama, Ul. Jaskółcza 15a, ☏ +48 61 852 75 27. Something between a good bistro and a poor restaurant, but well located in the Old Town; international cooking with an accent on American meals.
Ali Baba, pl. Ratajskiego 10, ☏ +48 61 853 32 71. A good option, if the neighboring ‘Pod Kuchcikiem’ is overcrowded – many meals like steaks, kebab&chips etc.
Cocorico Café, ul. Świętosławska 9/1 (Near Parish church), ☏ +48 61 8529 529. 10:00 - 24:00. Little place, with nice jazzy and old French music.
Cymes, ul. Woźna 2, ☏ +48 61 851 66 38. So far – the only Jewish restaurant in the city.
Dramat, Stary Rynek 41, ☏ +48 61 852 9917. 11:00-22:00. A cheap place on the Rynek serving Polish food. Perennially popular. €2-5.
Czerwone Sombrero, ul. Piekary 17, Krzywoustego 72 and Półwiejska 42(The Old Brewery Shopping Mall), ☏ +48 61 852 61 01. Original Mexican cuisine with live Latino music.
Karczma Polska (The Polish Inn), ul. Wielka 24/25 (entrance from ul. Klasztorna), ☏ +48 61 851 60 41. Typical Polish cooking, home-made dinners.
Kebab, ul. Wrocławska 20, ☏ +48 607 033 131. The name explains everything – the restaurant is a 2-min walk from the Old Market Square
Da Luigi, ul. Woźna 1, ☏ +48 61 851 73 11. Pizzeria in the Old Town + nice atmosphere = crowds.
Oberza Pod Dzwonkiem (The bell inn), Ul. Garbary 64, ☏ +48 61 851 77 90. A non-conventional inn with traditional Polish cuisine.
Pierogarnia Stary Młyn, ul. Wrocławska 18, ☏ +48 61 855 13 56. Traditional Polish restaurant with great atmosphere and service. Dough of traditional pierogi is even vegan.
Roti (the corner of ul. Jaskółcza and Szkolna), ☏ +48 61 851 68 87. A typical kebab-fast-food menu and (watch out!) kebab-dogs.
Sakana, ul. Wodna 7/1. Nice sushi bar near the main square. Not the least expensive one in town, but the food and service is good.
Sioux Burger, Stary Rynek 68, ☏ +48 61 852 93 38. One thousand impressions about burgers, kebabs, steaks.
Bistro Pieprz i Sól, Grunwaldzka 616, ☏ +48 61 65 17 384. 11:00-20:00. The name means "Salt & Pepper" A cozy place serving Polish food. Nice garden in summer. Tip: try the marinated Pork Loin in Honey-Mustard-Sauce. Main dishes 9-18 zł.
Sphinx (2 restaurants in the city: Stary Rynek 76, corner of ul. Gwarna and św. Marcin.). Menu typical for this net restaurant: steaks, burgers, salads.
Sorella, ul. Ślusarska 4 (near Stary Rynek), ☏ +48 61 852 38 22. 12:00-23:00. Good relaxing atmosphere. Often quite busy in the evening, but rarely to the point of no free table.
Tivoli, Ul. Wroniecka 13, ☏ +48 61 852 3916. 12:00-23:00. Bewildering range of pizza toppings.
Bażanciarnia, Stary Rynek 94, ☏ +48 61 855 3359. 11:00-24:00. One of the most famous restaurants in town, their specialty is game. The service is excellent and their locale on the Rynek superb. Main courses range from €5 for vegetarian to €15 for foie gras.
Dark Restaurant, ul. Garbary 48, ☏ +48 61 852 20 57. A part of the Golden Apple-Tree restaurant, where all the meals are eaten in total darkness. As well several bans are essential for the guests: it's forbidden to walk without waiter's assistance, to use cell phones or any other devices, which can be a source of any light.
Delicja, Plac Wolności 5, ☏ +48 61 852 11 28. Centrally located, open from 12:00, serving mostly Polish, French and Italian meals, with a vast range of wines. Prices from €20 for a full meal, open-air tables from spring till autumn.
Nalewka, ☏ +48 61 853 21 24, +48 607 875 622. In the middle of Old Market Square in the building of former Weigh House, Stary Rynek 2.
Pieprz i Wanilia, ul. Murna 3a, ☏ +48 61 851 86 64. Classic English and Polish cooking, traditional peasant's party-table, professional grill, 2 rooms (60 seats) among the Old Town tenement houses.
Pod Pretekstem, ☏ +48 61 868 46 61. Św. Marcin 80/82 (the Emperor’s Castle), restaurant and cafe with many cultural and art events. If crowded, you can move to the cellars, entrance from ul. Fredry.
Pod Złotą Jabłonią (Under The Golden Apple-tree), ul. Garbary 48, ☏ +48 61 852 91 70. Artistic restaurant, popular among foreign guests, ideal for business or family meetings.
Ratuszova, Stary Rynek 55 (on the old market), ☏ +48 61 8510 513, ✉ [email protected]. Traditional and modern Polish food arranged very elegantly. Beautiful location on the Market. Has outside serving, the inside is several unique smaller rooms in old charming building. 40 zł for mains.
Valpolicella, Ul. Wrocławska 7, ☏ +48 61 855 71 91. Italian trattoria in the Old Town, excellent service, good food, a big choice of Italian wines. Before 17:00 lunch menu in good price (from €5).
Villa Magnolia, Ul. Głogowska 40, ☏ +48 61 865 34 48. Exclusive lunch and dinner in a splurge interior, 300 m from the International Fair Grounds. edit
Wiejskie Jadło, Stary Rynek 77 (entrance from ul. Franciszkańska), ☏ +48 61 853 66 60. A restaurant network stylized for a traditional old-polish peasant's house, located at the main square.
Wielkopolska Zagroda, ul. Fredry 12, ☏ +48 61 665 88 01. Famous for its traditional Polish, plentiful cooking in stylized interiors.
Wieniawski restaurant, Ul. Bukowska 285 (airport), ☏ +48 61 849 21 44. Your last chance to try Polish cooking before airport check-in.




Alcatraz, ul. Nowowiejskiego 13/15, ☏ +48 608 044 201.
Głośna, św. Marcin 30 (Left outbuilding, first floor). Cafe and bookshop.
SQ, ul. Półwiejska 42 (Stary Browar shopping mall).
Cafe Mięsna, ul. Garbary 62, entrance from ul. Mostowa.
Cuba Libre, Wrocławska 21, ☏ +48 61 855 23 44. 20-5. Latin music, most nights the owner gives a basic salsa-lesson early at night, before that Latin Parties with different DJs and music. Cuba Libre €4.
Dervish Café, Nowowiejskiego 8, pl. Wolności. Arabic, Balkan, Indian, Oldies, Reggae, Rnb Music. Bollywood and Bellydance shows.
Proletaryat, Wrocławska 9, ☏ +48 61 8524858.
Pruderia Exclusive Striptease Club, Półwiejska 24, ☏ +48 505298762. 21:00-04:00. A striptease club with two locations, in Poznań and Wroclaw. This is a location for your stag event, but it is also a hit with local businessmen looking to relax and enjoy themselves at the end of a hard day's work.




Poznań is well known for its trade fairs, when thousands of business types descend en masse to the city. Accommodation can be quite difficult to find in this period, and prices tend to go up. If you are stuck, the Glob-Tour office in the main train station hall (Tel: +48 61 866 0667) will generally find a private room for you for around €8 per person.

APG Guest Rooms - Pensjon Polska, 56/58 Polska str., ☏ +48 61 843 00 03, +48 502 25 29 39 (mobile).
Blooms Boutique Hostel and Apartments, Kwiatowa str. 2. (close to the Old Brewery shopping centre), ☏ +48 61 221 44 48, ✉ [email protected]. Wi-Fi, linen and a full breakfast included. 56 beds. From 50 zł.
By The Way Hostel, Półwiejska str. 19/10, ☏ +48 698 380 473, ✉ [email protected].
Cinnamon Hostel, Gwarna str. 10/2, ☏ +48 61 851 57 57.
Dizzy Daisy Hostel, Al. Niepodległości 26, ☏ +48 61 829 3902. Open July – mid September. Triples €8 per person, doubles €10 per person.
Druktur youth hostel, Wołowska str. 64, ☏ +48 61 868 55 52, ✉ [email protected]. Far southwest from the centre, by trams 5, 8, 14 do final stop "Górczyn", and from there by bus #80.
Dom Asystenta (Assistant's House), 18, Palacza str. (quite far from the centre, but well linked by public transport (trams : #5, #8, #14) with the city centre and railway station), ☏ +48 61 866 20 21, ✉ [email protected]. Run by the Poznań University of Technology.
Frolic Goats Hostel, Wrocławska 16/6 street (entry from Jaskolcza street), ☏ +48 61 8524411. Open 365 days a year. Great prices for solo travelers, or for packs of people. English speaking staff, very clean accommodation. Includes breakfast. The first real hostel in Poznań open all year round to all types of travelers, not just students. edit
Fusion Hostel, ☏ +48 61 852 12 30, ✉ [email protected]. 85 beds in the city centre, in one of the office-skyscrapers, which means, that you'll have magnificent views from your room!
Hostel8, Dluga str. 8/5, ☏ +48 601304921, ✉ [email protected].
Hanka hostel, Biskupińska 27.
Hill Hostel, Zamkowa str. 1/2, ☏ +48 618530910, +48 531536601 (mob), +48 531536602 (mob), ✉ [email protected]. 49 beds in 15 rooms, Wi-Fi internet for free, breakfast and linen included.
Hostel Jeżyce Poznań (Poznań), Kraszewskiego 9, Poznań, ☏ +48 535552660, ✉ [email protected].
Hostel Poznan, ☏ +48 61 833 42 55. Two hostels. The former: in Jeżyce district (10 min westwards of the very centre): 40, Słowackiego str, phone : +48 61 843 31 02; the latter in Wilda district, 81, Gorna Wilda str.
The Hotel of Transport Works Company, 24 Wołczyńska str., ☏ +48 61 651 74 57.
Marvit guestroom, 12a Śniadeckich str. (Only 300 m from the mainj station and International Fair-Gorund), ☏ +48 61 661 10 44, ✉ [email protected].
Melange Hostel, 6a, Rybaki str, ☏ +48 507 07 01 07.
Melody Hostel, Stary Rynek 67, ☏ +48 61 851 60 60. The place inspired with music and close to the Old Market Square in Poznan.
Neighbors on Matches 2012. Residents renting out their apartments or spare bedrooms.
P.E. Strzelecki youth hostel, Ul. Głuszyna 127, ☏ +48 61 878 89 07, ✉ [email protected]. Far from the centre, accessible by trams 4, 12, 13, 17, 18 to the final stop and then by bus 58 (~15 minutes).
Workers' Hotel Łozowa, 78 Łozowa str., ☏ +48 61 832 18 61, ✉ [email protected].
Workers' Hotel Wilda, 8-10 Konarowa str., ☏ +48 61 830 30 33, ✉ [email protected].
Youth hostel, Berwińskiego str. 2/3, ☏ +48 61 866 40 40.
Youth hostel of 'Kids' Friends Society', Drzymały str. 3 (by tram, lines 9 i 11 or bus 78), ☏ +48 61 848 58 36. Good for organized school groups, meals-ordering possible.
Verry Berry Hostel, Al. Marcinkowskiego 11/17 (near Old Market Square), ☏ +48 61 8551763, ✉ [email protected]. 24/7 reception desk, multilingual stuff. Free WiFi and linen included. Tel: +48 61 8551763.
Blues Hotel, 7 Prusimska str., ☏ +48 61 849 86 00, ✉ [email protected].
Domina Poznań Residence, 2 St. Martin Str., between the Old Town and the main pedestrian shopping area and only few minutes on foot to the main tourist attractions., ☏ +48 61 8 590 590, ✉ [email protected].
Guest-room of the Institut of Bioorganic Chemistry, 17/19 Wieniawskiego str., ☏ +48 61 851 68 41, ✉ [email protected]. The rooms are located in the very centre, in walking distance from both stations and from the Fairs, maybe only the Cathedral Island and Malta Lake requires some kind of transport. Conference halls are accessible, too.
Hotel 222, Ul. Grunwaldzka 222, ☏ +48 61 869 9140. A clean, centrally-located modern hotel on top of a shopping mall in the commercial district. Singles €32 per person, doubles €18 per person.
Hotel Astra, 31 Lutycka str., ☏ +48 61 848 94 72, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel Batory, 7 Leszczyńska Str, ☏ +48 61 832 44 81, ✉ [email protected]. Far from the centre, but has a very good standard, cooking and service. edit
Hotel Brovaria, 73/74 Stary Rynek Sq., ☏ +48 61 858 68 68. Located in the heart of Poznań - on one side, all sights are accessible on foot, on the other - life in that part of city finishes late ot night.
Hotel Campanile', 96, St.Wawrzyńca Str., ☏ +48 61 845 66 00, ✉ [email protected]. A modern hotel, but located close to a city-motorway, mostly for people with an own car.
Hotel/Camping Malta, 98 Krańcowa Str. (between the racing track on the Malta Lake and the Zoo), ☏ +48 61 876 62 03, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel Gold, 127a Bukowska str., ☏ +48 61 842 07 74, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel Gromada, 7 Babimojska str., ☏ +48 61 866 92 07, ✉ [email protected]. Situated exactly on the opposite side of the street with IOP Hotel, known for its room quality.
Hotel Henlex (Hotel i restauracja Henlex), 43 Spławie, ☏ +48 61 879 87 71, fax: +48 61 870 59 02, ✉ [email protected]. This hotel is very inexpensive (cost around £160 including evening meals on 2 nights). The staff are friendly and helpful, reception, restaurant and corridors have been redecorated and quite modern. The area is very quiet and residential. The food is quite nice.
Hotel Ibis, 23 Kazimierza Wielkiego str., ☏ +48 61 858 44 00, ✉ [email protected]. Very good place, close to the Old Town, close to the Cathedral Island and to Malta Lake area. Just next to the hotel is a nice Warta-river boulevard.
Hotel Ikar, 118 Kościuszki Str., ✉ [email protected]. A little bit besides the main roads, but still almost in the centre. Phone : +48 61 658 71 05
Hotel IOR - Congress Centre, 20a Miczurina str., ☏ +48 61 864 92 00, ✉ [email protected]. Espectively far (but with very good transport), close to the airport and to the stadium.
Hotel Kortowo, 62, Kotowo Str., ☏ +48 61 899 10 20. Far away from the city centre in south-west suburbs, rather for guest with their own car. edit
Hotel Lech, 74 St. Marcin Str., ☏ +48 61 853 01 51, ✉ [email protected]. Located in a pretty busy place, but all city attractions and shopping areas accessible on foot, as well the Old Town is not far.
Hotel Mat's, 115 Bułgarska Str, ☏ +48 61 868 78 31, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel Meridiam, 22 Litewska Str. A small (20 beds) hotel in one of the parks: the Solacz Park. A place good for resting, ponds, walking areas., ☏ +48 61 656 53 53, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel Naramowice, 150 Naramowicka str., ☏ +48 61 822 75 43, ✉ [email protected]. Situated pretty far from the centre, a quite old building, but refurbished.
Hotel Park, 77 Baraniaka Str. Next to the Malta Lake with all its sport and outdoor attractions (year-round ski slope, tobbogan run, ski and bike rental etc.)., ☏ +48 61 874 11 00, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel Pomorski, 36 Sierakowska str, ☏ +48 61 867 28 31, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel Royal, 69 St. Marcin Str, ☏ +48 61 858 23 00, ✉ [email protected]. Located in a busy place, but in a beautiful tenement-house. The very city centre, a short walk to the Old Town, Emepror’s District and train and coach stations.
Hotel Rzymski, 22 Marcinkowskiego Av, ☏ +48 61 852 81 21, ✉ [email protected]. A very good location, on the border of the Old Town and the city centre, many good restaurants, shops, service points just next to the hotel.
Hotel Sport, 34 Chwiałkowskiego str., ☏ +48 61 833 05 91, ✉ [email protected]. A hotel situated next to Poznań sport and swimming centre, as well tennis courts and football ground nearby, 10-minutes walk from the centre.
Hotel Stare Miasto, 36, Rybaki Str., ☏ +48 61 663 62 42. Perfectly located in the centre, few-minutes-walk from the Old Town, in renewed old tenement house, but unfortunately the surrounding still requires refurbishment.
Hotel System Premium, 101 Lechicka Str. (Pretty far from the centre, but well coordinated by Poznań Fast Tram (look above), near the Poznań both circular road, next to gardens and a former fort. These inconveniences are done by a computer with web connection in each room and a swimming pool.), ☏ +48 61 821 07 00, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel T&T, 4 Metalowa str., ☏ +48 61 864 12 81, ✉ [email protected]. Situated far from the centre, fair ground, stations etc., rather for those, who expect less.
Hotel Tango, 82-84 Złotowska str., ☏ +48 61 868 44 33, ✉ [email protected]. Very convenient for those landing in Poznań in late evening or taking off early in the morning - the distance to the city-centre is much longer than to the airport check-in.
Hotel Topaz, 34a Przemysłowa str., ☏ +48 61 833 76 00, ✉ [email protected]. A modest hotel in not very pleasant surrounding, but cheap and close to the centre.
Comm Hotel (formerly Hotel Witom), 350 Bukowska str., ☏ +48 61 868 24 00, ✉ [email protected]. One is not able to sleep closer to the airport - exactly opposite to the terminal. Single from 209 zł, double from 219 zł, breakfast 36 zł.
Hotel Włoski, 8, Dolna Wilda str., ☏ +48 61 833 52 62. A new hotel, located just out of the city centre, most tourist attractions are accessible on foot. In the vicinity : swimming pools and tennis courts in Chwiałkowskiego str. And walking green areas at the Warta river side.
Hotel Zieliniec, 15 Sarnia str., ☏ +48 61 870 91 66, ✉ [email protected].
Hotel-Restaurant Bamberg-Inn, 43 Koscielna Str., ☏ +48 61 848 43 16, ✉ [email protected]. Close to the centre, in original Bamberg house from 18th century. A small (20 beds) hotel.
Hotel-Restaurant Brovaria, 73/74 Old Market Square., ☏ +48 61 858 68 68, ✉ [email protected]. A cameral hotel on the main square, joined with a restaurant offering locally-brewed beer the Poznań version of 'U Fleku').
Ilonn Hotel Poznan, 16 Szarych Szeregów Str., 60-462 Poznań, ☏ +48 61 668 75 75, ✉ [email protected]. Renovated hotel located within walking distance to Strzeszyn Lake (one of a few natural lakes in the city). High standard and top customer care makes this location worth considering when going to Poznan. It has a directly connected with the Rail Station via 68 bus line as well as with the city centre. The hotel complex includes parking, restaurant and (soon) separate conference rooms building.
Novotel Poznań Centrum, 1 Andersa Sq. (before : hotel 'Poznań'), ☏ +48 61 858 70 00, ✉ [email protected]. The biggest hotel in west Poland (over 800 beds), nest to the Old Brewery Shopping Centre, not far the central train and bus station and to the fair grounds. However the building is over 35 years old, all rooms and hall have been totally refurbished.
Novotel Poznań Malta, 64/66 Warszawska Str., ☏ +48 61 654 31 00, ✉ [email protected]. The hotel is located to the north from the Malta Lake, is a very quiet place, but quite far from the centre.
System Hotel, 101 Lechicka str, ☏ +48 61 821 07 00, ✉ [email protected]. Modern, air-conditioned hotel and conference complex situated in the vicinity of the strict city centre.
Solei Rezydencja, 2 Szewska Str., ☏ +48 61 855 73 51, ✉ [email protected]. One of few hotels located within the Old Town, a very short walking distance from the Old Market Square, but on the other hand – parking problems – good for those coming without their own car.
Zacisze Pension, 471, Grunwaldzka str., ☏ +48 61 867 56 66. Far away from the centre, with a dozen simple rooms.
Andersia Hotel, 3 Andersa Sq., ☏ +48 61 667 80 00, ✉ [email protected]. just next to the Old Brewery, 10-minutes walk from the fair areas, the central station and the Old Town.
Blow Up Hall, 42, Kościuszki Str, ☏ +48 500 161 671, ✉ [email protected]. Located in the Old Brewery Blow Up Hall 50 50 is an interactive work of art with 22 luxurious rooms, a bar and a restaurant, all offering a combination of luxury, high tech, the finest design and personal artistic experimentation edit
Hotel Mercure, 20, Roosevelta Str., ☏ +48 61 855 80 00, ✉ [email protected]. A few minutes walk to the central station, fair grounds and to the centre. The airport is easily accessible, too.
Hotel Sheraton, 3/9, Bukowska Str., ☏ +48 61 655 20 00, ✉ [email protected]. One of the newest hotels in the city. Perfectly located opposite to the Fair Grounds, few minutes walk from the central station and just next to the bus stop to/from the airport.
Hotel Vivaldi, Winogrady 9, ☏ +48 61 858 81 00, ✉ [email protected]. A modern (90 beds) hotel, situated 3 km from the centre, just opposite to the biggest park in Poznań – the Citadel.
NH Hotel, ul. św. Marcina 67, ☏ +48 61 624 88 00, ✉ [email protected]. One of the latest hotels, situated in the very centre, not far from the central station ad fair grounds.
Trawiński Hotel, Ul. Żniwna 2, ☏ +48 61 827 5800. A luxury complex near Citadel Park. Singles €83 p.p., doubles €55 p.p., discount at weekends, supplement during trade fairs.



Keep Connected


In the cities there are more and more Wifi Hot Spots, so if you have your own mobile device, you can connect. Best chances of finding one are at airports, railway stations, in cafés, shopping malls and universities. Places like McDonald's and Starbucks usually have unlimited free wifi. In some hotels you can find free wifi, though you might have to pay as well or maybe just use it for a limited amount of time. Internet cafes become less popular recently as people prefer to use internet at homes.


See also: International Telephone Calls

To call to Poland from abroad, dial the Polish country code,48, then the number without the leading 0, as if calling from a domestic mobile phone.
The general emergency number is 112. Police (997), Ambulance (999) and Fire (998) have phone numbers as well, and municipal police has 986 as a number.

Mobile phones work almost across the whole country. There are four mobile phone operators in Poland: Plus, T-Mobile, Orange and Play. About 98% of the country is covered by the standard European GSM 900/1800 MHz network, the remaining 2% are wildlife reserves or high mountains. 3G is available in almost every town.
Domestic call rates are roughly the same across all services. Prepaid starter kits with SIM card (called starter in Polish) are widely available in reasonable prices (PLN5-20, most of which is available for calls), in most of the shops, supermarkets and news agents.

Just about every shopping centre has at least one independent cellphone shop, the guys who run them are usually knowledgeable and have a range of cheap handsets which you can use as a local / travel phone. This may be a good option since juggling SIM cards is always a pain.


Poczta Polska is the Polish public post service. Post offices are generally open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Some offices are open on Saturday until 2:00pm and the main post offices in major cities are open daily, 24 hours. Services are generally ok, but don't expact it to be fast and it is not always reliable, though most letters, postcards and parcels will arrive at its destinations after a week or two. You can find the red post boxes dotted throughout the country. You can check this postal website to see how much sending a letter, postcard or parcels costs, both domestically as well as internationally. For sending packages internationally, you can also check FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS, as they have fast and reliable services and generally competitive prices as well.



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