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Pick a city you've travelled to, lived in, or currently call home. Write a guide for people trying to pick a great place to eat for the night.

Some topics to cover:

  • A listing of great restaurants, prefereably split up according to the neighbourhood they're found in (this is especially important in larger cities)
  • General information about the type of restaurants found there (eg. predominantly local foods, lots of ethnic restaurants, etc.)
  • Any hubs where lots of restaurants can be found near each other. This may be a street or a neighbourhood.
  • Average prices for food. This should be incorporated as part of the introduction.

The title of the article should be as follows: Eating Out in #nameofcity

These articles can be linked to from the corresponding city article, from their Eat section. For example, if you have written Eating Out in Dublin, you can link to it from the main Dublin article. Insert the link at the top of the Eat section like this: [b]Main article: [[Eating Out in Dublin]][/b]

Once you've started an article, list it at the bottom of this article.



Suggested template

This is a template you can copy and paste to give you a start on your article:

Suggestion: Start with general information about the local food scene. Are there lots of restaurants? Mostly cafés? Is there a strict no-alcohol policy? Are there lots of restaurants serving Western food, or some other type of ethnic cuisine? Are there key neighbourhoods or streets where there are lots of good places to eat?

==Browse by area==
Suggestions: For each neighbourhood or street, list the restaurants, bars or cafés. At the very least, include the name and address, but try to also have opening hours and prices. It doesn't matter if you copy and paste from the "Browse by neighbourhood" or "Cheap places to eat" sections.

===Neighbourhood/street #1===

===Neighbourhood/street #2===

===Neighbourhood/street #3===

==Browse by type of cuisine==
Suggestions: Examples of types of cuisine: local food, Western, Thai, Indian, Italian, etc. For each type of cuisine, create a list of local restaurants/cafés specializing in that food. It doesn't matter if you copy and paste from the "Browse by area" or "Cheap places to eat" sections.

===Cuisine #1===

===Cuisine #2===

===Cuisine #3===

==Cheap places to eat==
Suggestions: For people on a seriously limited budget, where are the best places to eat? It doesn't matter if you copy and paste from the "Browse by area" or "Browse by type of cuisine" sections.



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