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Robertsport is a small city and surfing destination in Northern Liberia, located 50 kilometres north of the capital Monrovia. With some of West Africa's premier surfing spots, Robertsport should be a popular destination. However, as the rest of Liberia, the city if recovering from two brutal civil wars. The town was looted several times and the many plantation-style houses, reminiscent of the Southern United States, are in a state of disrepair.




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The most common access to the internet is by GPRS/HSPA+ or restaurants, pubs, bars & hotels that offer free internet services to customers or for a small charge. With the installation of the undersea fiber-optic cable in November 2012 internet access is much improved. GPRS/HSPA USB adapters are commonly available from the mobile companies for USD50-60, with data plans ranging from USD1/hr or $0.12/MB to USD125/mo for unlimited data and up to 21MBps (1-2MBps is realistic on HSPA+).


See also International Telephone Calls

Liberia's international telephone code is 231.

Liberia has made a giant leap into the technological or digital age with the arrival of many mobile phone companies; like Lonestar/MTN Cell (the nation's largest mobile company), Cellcom, Comium, Libercell formerly AWI (Atlantic Wireless Inc) & the government own Libtelco. Mobile phone usage is the leading medium of contact to the outside with some (Lonestar and Cellcom) offering GPRS/internet modem usage. So when you arrive, visiting or staying, you need a GSM mobile phone. You will need to purchase a GSM SIM card (1USD1) and prepaid recharge cards (most commonly in denominations of USD1 and USD5), called "Scratch Card" locally. The only exception is Libtelco, that is done by paying monthly bills. Landlines are used only at offices. It is managed & owned by the government also, Libtelco.


DHL operates in Liberia. Expedited Mail Service promises 5 day delivery to the US. EMS counter is at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication on MacDonald Street. The regular post office has just started to operate.


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