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San Marino is the capital of the small country with the same name, located in the central northern part of Italy and totally surrounded by it. The city has a total population of about 4,500 inhabitants and is located in the west, on the western slopes of San Marino's highest point, Monte Titano. Although it is the administrative hart of the country, it is actually only the third largest town in the country, after Dogana and Borgo Maggiore. Historically though this is the hart of the country, as it fas the only town in the country for a while and has been inhabited since the year 301 AD. Nowadays, millions of people, mostly Italian, visit the town and surrounding sights and villages and facilities are good, with many hotels, restaurants, shops and good infrastructure.



Sights and Activities

Three Towers of San Marino

Built on the three peaks of Monte Titano, which is the tallest mountain in the republic and directly east of the city, the Three Towers of San Marino are stunning hanging off the tops of these peaks. The towers were originally built as look out towers in order to protect the republic. Guaita is the oldest tower on the three peaks and overlooks the city. This tower was originally built in the 11th century and was briefly a prison at one time. Cresta is the highest of the three towers and museum to honour Saint Marinus is located in the tower. This tower was constructed in the 13th century. Montale is the smallest of the three towers and was constructed in the 14th century. Montale is not currently open to the public.

Palazzo Pubblico

The Palazzo Pubblico (Public Palace) is the city hall for the city. This fortress like building is the site of all public ceremonies and seat of the Republic's main institutional and administrative bodies. After hundreds of years of abuse the building under went a massive restoration process recently.

Other Sights and Activities

  • Palazzo dei Capitani
  • Plaza del Titán
  • Plaza de Garibaldi
  • Monastery of Santa Clara



Events and Festivals

Investiture of the New Captains Regent

Held in the months of April and September every year, the interesting Investiture of the new Captains Regent is held outside Government Palace. It celebrates the installation of the Heads of State, and follows a very strict but intriguing protocol. Tourists who are visiting San Marino on the first of September or April should visit Piazza della Liberta for this celebration.

San Marino World Motorcycle Championship

Even though the event is held in the nearby track at Misano in Italy, the San Marino World Motorcycle Championship is still part of the republic’s calendar. The race is held in the month of June, and thousands of visitors flock to the republic to witness it.

Adriatic Music Festival

The Adriatic Music Festival is held in the month of July, welcoming thousands of tourists and musicians from across the globe. Many of the performances throughout the several-day event take place in the public squares and pedestrian streets of San Marino City. Tourists are advised to book accommodation before arriving into San Marino for the event. Some tourists actually stay in the nearby towns of Italy, such as Rimini.

Medieval Days

If tourists are interested in medieval history, then traveling to San Marino during the summer month of July is recommended. During this month, the Medieval Days festival is held. The local citizens, especially shop owners in the historic old town, dress up in medieval costume, and many ancient events take place. The most popular is the crossbow competition held in the main square.

San Marino Ethnological Festival

San Marino’s Mt Titano becomes the center of world ethnological culture through the San Marino Ethnological Festival. Since the year 1988, a long list of people from diverse cultures have traveled to San Marino to take part in this festival, including Amazon Jungle performances and even local Thai performances. The event occurs across a complete week in mid-July.

San Marino Jazz Festival

The beauty of jazz music is on display for tourists and locals at the San Marino Jazz Festival. Held over three days in July, this majestic festival lures in many world-famous jazz artists and jazz bands. The festival is actually held in the city of Borgo Maggiore, but tourists can literally stay anywhere in the republic and reach the festival in no time at all.

San Marino’s Day

On September 3 each year, the republic celebrates the founding of the San Marino Republic hundreds of years ago. There are plenty of activities to experience and witness on this day, including crossbow events, flag waving competitions, and a beautiful concert by the military. Of course, the fireworks display is simply outstanding, luring the attention of locals and visitors alike.

Marvels of Christmas

The Marvels of Christmas is one of the most important events on the local calendar. The market/fair is operated over the course of a few weeks, from December 1 to January 6. Inside the Marvels of Christmas, dozens of tables and stalls are set up to sell local food, and handicrafts.




The climate in San Marino is comparable to the area in the central northern parts of Italy, with warm summers and relatively mild winters, though occasionally frost is possible. Also, summers nights are colder compared to the coastline. Summers are dry, while most of the precipitation falls during the months of November to March. Expect temperatures between 25 °C and 30 °C in summer, around 10º C or slightly less in winter.



Getting There

By Plane

There is no airport in San Marino. The nearest airport is Federico Fellini International Airport (RMI) in Rimini, Italy, located 16 km away. Bus services connect the airport to San Marino. Air Berlin has flights from Amsterdam and Berlin. Ryanair has connections to East Midlands, London and Stockholm.

There is also an international heliport located in Borgo Maggiore.

By Train

A train station, tunnel and train line were built in the 1930s to link the city with Rimini but it was closed after the war and never reopened. There have been some proposals to reopen the line but it never seems to happen.

By Car

Crossing from Italy is fast and straightforward and there are no border controls. Just have your papers in order in case you need to show driving permit or insurance for the car.

By Bus

Buses connect San Marino City with Rimini on the Adriatic coastline of Italy.



Getting Around

Once in the city of San Marino itself, everything can be explored easily on foot although some small roads can be steep in places.




Obviously Italian dishes, like lasagne, spaghetti alla bolognese, gelato (Italian ice-cream) etc are popular here.




The local beer is very tasty. Spirits are also very commonly found, especially Limoncello, a lemon liquor.
Try the locally produced wine. The coffee, like in its Italian neighbour, is superb.





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