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A monopoly on internet lines was ended in 2007, and prices have plummeted while speeds and service have improved dramatically. Internet cafes are available all over the country. WiMax is reportedly going to be available soon in much of the country.


See also International Telephone Calls

The country calling code to Armenia is: 374. To make an international call from Armenia, the code is: 00

People can be hard to reach in Armenia, except by mobile phone. Consider renting one if you are going to be there, or getting a local SIM card if your phone works on the Armenian networks. For a short trip, prepaid accounts with Vivacell or Beeline are comparable. A third carrier will be entering the market soon.


Haypost is the national postcal company of Armenia. Despite belief to the contrary, the mail system in Armenia does work. Letters are a breeze to send and receive, if you're not in a great rush. Packages however are trickier, as they sometimes restrict your mailings to odd rules, and sometimes stop incoming packages for customs duties, where they will often try to extract a bribe for products which they have no right to even collect customs for. Avoiding electronics altogether will probably keep your incoming mail below the radar. Sending packages is often better with companies like UPS, TNT, FedEx or DHL.


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