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Chen style Tai Chi Chuan: movements are well organized and created,combination of softness and hardness, powerful and relaxed force, technique of joint-locking and free fighting together.People are required to practice this routine with low posture and keeping the body straight. Also, there is emphasis on the attack of the enemy and neutralize the attack according the principle of Yin-Yang. This is why this style is very suitable to young people.
Chen style Tai Chi Chuan (First Routine: 83 forms and Second Routine: 71 Forms) was first taught by Chen Zhaokui. Latter on, his student, Ma Hong popularized this style and has been teaching the style in all around China.
Ma Hong teaches this system movement-by-movement in great details, especially for the applications. He explains the applications in accord to the forms. Students will understand and improve the knowledge of the movements according to forms precisely.
If you want to learn tai chi chuan, I can teach you in Beijing or penglai, and you can teach me English.

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