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You've just found a skill you can make money off while travelling. Great! Now for the logistics of working remotely.

Don't think it'll be all PJs, playing games on the couch or wandering around sightseeing though. If you're serious about maintaining work on the road, you'll have to create some structure around your day.




If you've ever left the 9-5 before, or worked from home – you might have realised how difficult it is to maintain a sense of workflow. Working remotely takes discipline and you need to find your own source of motivation to keep going. The best way is to establish some sort of routine to your day. If you want to get out and explore what's around you, try blocking off work time for the morning. Break for lunch, enjoy some free afternoon time and get another hour or two done before and after dinner. And unless you work in social media for a living, cruising friends on Facebook or skimming Twitter for cool links isn't really getting stuff done. The same goes for email – only check it a handful of times per day. Try and batch tasks in general. Sleep and exercise are also important for maintaining a healthy mind, so make sure you're looking after yourself.





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The traveller's best friend... libraries are a guaranteed and free choice for finding a desk and for getting connected to the internet. Do a quick search for libraries around you and try to go to the larger city or State libraries to increase your chances of getting a seat. If you need to make a voice call or collaborate face-to-face with others, research possible meeting rooms available in advance. Forget a decent day's work on a Sunday though, the downsides are you're limited by opening hours and some libraries actually restrict or block access to certain sites.


Not sure what coworking is? You might already know of it as hotdesking. Coworking is an emerging area that's taking off around the globe. Self-employed people are getting together to form spaces and communities to break up working-from-home. You can book a desk in most cities, for any duration in time ranging from a casual drop-in for a few hours to yearly leases. Fast WiFi and a comfortable chair are pretty much standard. For travellers moving around a bit and not wanting to commit, it's still worth checking out as many spaces offer complimentary visits and a week's pass is on average $100.

For more information about coworking, check out the magazine Deskmag. Deskwanted and Desknearme are also useful for searching desks.


Cafes can also be a great choice for working remotely while travelling. It's not uncommon to hear of books being written or startups being founded out of them too. Outside of busy serving times, many cafes are deserted and are happy with the patronage as long as you buy a tea or coffee every so often. While free and unhindered access to the net is not always on offer, cafes can be a good start for getting out the house and refreshing your mind. Plus, they're a dime a dozen in most populated places.


Another thing worth noting is some bookstores also offer seating and complimentary WiFi, especially in North America.



Getting Connected


If you've got a smartphone, try downloading some of the WiFi-finders apps before you leave. They can show where there's unlocked internet hotspots and networks near you.

Phone Data

Also see if you can unlock your phone prior to departure and get a local SIM card beforehand. International data roaming is ridiculously expensive and you don't want a surprise bill waiting for you when you return. Check out the Travellerspoint SIM Card Guide here. Some of the newer phones are now using micro-SIMs but don't sweat if you can't find a smaller card in your country – many can be manually cut down to suit for a small fee.


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