Stoodley Pike

Stoodley Pike

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Todmorden is now part of the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale. It was previously a borough in the very large West Riding of Yorkshire. Many of its inhabitants, Todmordians, feel that it has been taken over by Halifax whereas many in Halifax felt that they were being taken over by the West Riding - in spite of the fact that the West Riding ceased to exist as a local government entity at the time of Calderdale's foundation.

In some ways Todmorden is an anomaly, more so than many border towns. It is in Yorkshire since it is in Calderdale and Calderdale is in Yorkshire. Yet its post code is OL14, linking it to Oldham in Greater Manchester and it plays in the Lancashire League for cricket. Its industrial history leans more towards Lancashire cotton than Yorkshire wool. At this point it might seem to be a Lancashire town that has got into Yorkshire by mistake but it is not so simple. When canals were the latest mode of transport, Todmorden was linked to the Yorkshire side first, the stretch between Todmorden and Littleborough in Lancashire being the last completed. Then the same thing was true of the railways! With both modes of transport these were the first Lancashire/Yorkshire links but in each case they were relegated to secondary status in quite a short time by links via Huddersfield.



Sights and Activities

  • Town Hall - an Italianate building now rather too imposing for the size of the town.
Todmorden Town Hall

Todmorden Town Hall

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  • Unitarian Church
  • St Mary's Church
  • Stoodley Pike - a tower on the Pennine Way above the town commemorating the dead of the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Todmorden Old Hall - now a restaurant, once a post office.



Getting There

By Plane

The nearest airports are at Manchester and Leeds.

By Train

On the secondary line from Leeds, Bradford and Halifax to Rochdale and Manchester.

By Car

Todmorden is roughly in the centre of a triangle formed by Burnley in Lancashire, Rochdale in Greater Manchester and Halifax. The A646 connects it with Burnley and Halifax and the A6033 to Littleborough, part of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale. About a mile from the centre on the latter road the A681 leads to Bacup in Lancashire.

By Bus

There are regular buses to Burnley, Halifax and Rochdale and less frequently to Bolton via Bacup.

By Boat

Todmorden is situated on a beautiful stretch of the Rochdale Canal.



Getting Around

By Car

There are numerous attractive roads in the hamlets above Todmorden.

By Public Transport

Buses from T1 to T8 serve different parts of Todmorden from the central bus station.

By Foot

There is an official Boundary Walk every year and numerous paths in the hills and valleys.

By Bike

Cyclists make considerable use of bridleways and the canal towpath.




Apart from a number of pubs in the centre, the following outling pubs are very popular

  • The Shepherd's Rest at Lumbutts.
  • The Top Brink at Lumbutts.
  • The Sportsmam's Arms at Kebs.




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Accommodation in Todmorden

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Todmorden Travel Helpers

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