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Trnava, Market

Trnava, Market

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Trnava is a city in Slovakia, about 50 kilometres northwest from the capital Bratislava. It has about 66,000 inhabitants. Because of the many churches within its city walls, Trnava is called "Little Rome". Trnava was the first town in Slovakia granted with civic privileges by king Belo IV.



Sights and Activities

  • West Slovakia Museum
  • Galeria Jana Koniarka (The Synagogue Status Quo Ante)
  • Gothic Town 13th century fortification with Bernolak gate (last remaining gate)
  • Holy Trinity Statue
  • Town Tower build in 1574 in Renaissance style
  • Trnava theater of 1831, was built in the Classical style with parts in art nouveau style.

Churches in Travna

  • St. Nicolas Church - Late Gothic started 1380 finished in 17th century
  • St. John the Baptist Cathedral - early Baroque 1629
  • Church Of the ascension of virgin Mary and the convent of the Clarist - baroque style 17th century (now West Slovakia Museum)
  • Church of St. Helen - 7th century Baroque style
  • Church of Holly trinity (Jesuit church) - Late-Baroque 1729
  • Church of St. Jacob - Gothic 1363
  • St. Joseph Church - Baroque 1616
  • St. Anne's Church (Ursulinian Church) - Late-Baroque 1729



Events and Festivals

  • Traditional Trnava fair (varies around 11th of September lasting for 3 days).



Getting There

By Plane

Bratislava Airport is about an hour away.

By Train

Trnava, Hlavna Stanica can be reached with Railways of the Slovak Republic.

By Car

From Bratislava Airport by motorway D1, or regional road 61.

By Bus

sadbb operates buses to Travna.




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Keep Connected


Wifi and broadband can be found more or less everywhere, and there will be an internet cafe available somewhere even in smaller towns. Also, hostels, pubs, cafes, and some public institutions such as libraries or government buildings offer (free) wifi.


See also International Telephone Calls

The international calling code for Slovakia is +421. In case of an emergency, call the universal number 112. You can also call directly on 150 for fire brigade, 155 in a medical emergency or 158 for the police.

Slovak phones operate on the GSM standard, which covers most of the country, and 3G covers most of the area. The coverage is surprisingly good, and you will often have signal even in mountain areas, unless you are in a deep ravine. There are three main operators - Orange, T-mobile and O2, and they all use 900 or 1800Mhz standard, which might not be compatible with some U.S. phones operating on 1900Mhz.

They all (along with some virtual operators, biggest of which are Funfón and Tesco Mobile) offer a variety of prepaid cards with various "pay as you go" schemes (some market research is advised, if you want the best deal) and incentives. If you have an unlocked phone, these are easy to pick up in any phone shop, or you can purchase a cheap phone with a prepaid card included.

There are still some phone boxes available, but with mobile phones now commonplace, they are declining in number. Also note that you might need to purchase a prepaid card to use some of them.


Slovenská pošta is the national postal service of Slovakia. They have affordable, reliable and relatively fast services. You can choose to send letters/postcards first (express) or second class. Prices start at €0.40 for a second class letter (up to 50 gram) domestically, €0.60 for express services. Within Europe prices start at €0.90 (Czech Republic €0.80), outside Europe prices start at €1.00, all for second class letters/postcards up to 50 grams. Post offices are available in all villages and provide banking services like money transfers as well. The post offices are usually open from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and on Saturday until 1:00pm. The main post offices in larger towns or shopping malls are open daily to 8:00pm. It is possible to buy post stamps for post cards and letters directly in the post offices or in some newspaper stands.
You can use parcels services with Slovenská Posta as well, although you might be better off with companies like UPS, TNT, FedEx or DHL, which offer similar prices, but usually faster and more reliable services.


Accommodation in Trnava

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