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Van is the largest city in the Eastern Anatolia Region and has a population of 1,100,000. It is the best city in the region for sightseeing. As you can spend your days full, you can go and come to many places in the day because it is close to the surrounding cities. Kurdish people have been living in the region for more than 5,000 years. You will find the affection, helpfulness and hospitality of the Kurds. You'll think it's worth coming to town, you won't regret it.



Sights and Activities

  • Akdamar Island - You can take minibuses to akdamar Island or gevaş district at Beşyol Square. There are bus companies operating in Van. (Vangölü, bestvan etc.). Minibuses from the city center to the island go to 10 liras. 10 TL to get off the car and cross the boat, and 3 TL to get off the boat and enter the island.
  • Muradiye Waterfall - There are minibuses of Muradiye district that Go directly to the waterfall from beşyol square. You can take minibuses from beşyol square. You have to pay about 10 liras.
  • Van Castle - There are yellow minibuses leading to van castle in Beşyol Square or blue municipal public buses. You can go for 1.5 Lira.
  • Van Museum - The Van Museum is located right next to the castle of Van. You can go by minibuses from beşyol square.



Events and Festivals

Usually during the summer, singers give concerts. However, there is no date.




Avg Max1.6 °C2.3 °C6.1 °C12.6 °C18.4 °C23.7 °C28.1 °C28.3 °C24.2 °C17.2 °C10.1 °C4.1 °C
Avg Min-7.9 °C-7.6 °C-3.3 °C2.4 °C6.8 °C10.5 °C14.4 °C14.4 °C10.5 °C5.5 °C0.2 °C-4.8 °C
Rainfall34.8 mm32.6 mm46 mm55.4 mm46 mm18.2 mm5.4 mm3.5 mm13 mm44.6 mm47.9 mm37.8 mm
Rain Days10.610.412.312.711.25.321.



Getting There

By Plane

Pegasus Airlines flies to and from Van, among other airlines. You can come to Van city with thy, Pegasus and Anadolu jet aircraft companies. In Van, there are direct flights to Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya and Adana.

By Train

The Trans-Asia Express travels on a weekly schedule between the gateway to Asia, Istanbul, and the capital of Iran, Tehran. Trains leave Istanbul on Wednesday at around 11pm and arrives in Tehran about 70 hours later. In the opposite direction, trains leave Tehran on Thursday at around 6.30pm and take about the same time. The train ride is divided into two parts, one from Istanbul to Lake Van and one from Lake Van to Tehran and only one carriage actually is moved over the lake to make the entire journey.

By Car

You can come to van from all over Turkey with your own private car. There are beautiful and double roads on the way to van.

By Bus

VanGolu bus Company has buses to other Turkish cities. Vangölü, Bestvan, Kamil Koç, Erciş travel, Diyarbakir sur bus companies can come to van from all over Turkey.

By Boat

There are ships from Van. You must pay £ 15 to get a ticket.



Getting Around

By Bike

There is no place to rent a bicycle in the city of Van. However, if you have a bicycle of your own, there are very nice cycling routes around Van.




In Van, meat dishes are great. As in other cities of Turkey. The entire restaurant in the city centre serves kebab and other meat dishes. Local dishes belonging to Van city are: Eşkili, Keledoş, Kürt Köftesi, Çılbır, Ayran Aşı, Tandır Balığı, Kurut Aşı, Sengeser, Helise, Grut Aşı, Kurut. If you like breakfast, you should definitely experience the world-famous van breakfast and otlu cheese.




Hotels are usually located in the city centre. There are many hotels, especially on Cumhuriyet Caddesi and maraş Caddesi. Hotel prices generally start from 50 liras per person. You can also stay in two teachers' houses in the city. Teacher's house prices are 40 liras per person. If you come to Van city in the summer, you must make a reservation before arriving. Because, many tourists come to van in the summer months.
The middle class hotel prices in Van city centre usually range from 50-100 Lira. Luxury hotel rates vary from 100-300 per night in Van city centre

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Keep Connected


Internet cafes can be found everywhere except small rural villages. The cost of an hour use of internet ranges from 1 YTL to 1.5 YTL. Wireless internet is becoming popular in some cafes in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, and at airpots. But in many other places it's still not available, or sometimes at a very high cost.


See also: International Telephone Calls

Turkey's international country code is 90. Dial 112 for an ambulance anywhere, from any telephone, without a charge. In case of a fire, dial 110; for police, call 155. However, in rural areas there is not a police coverage, so dial 156 for gendarme, a military unit for rural security. All these numbers are free of charge and can be called from a telephone booth without inserting a calling card, or any phone including cell phones.

There are telephone booths owned by Turk Telekom in major parts of cities. public phones now operate with chip telekom cards which are available in 30, 60 or 120 units and can be obtained at post offices, newspaper and tobacco kiosks.
It is estimated that approximately 98% of the population of Turkey lives within the coverage areas of Turkey’s three cell phone line providers. Line providers from most countries have roaming agreements with one or more of these companies. Pre-paid mobile phone SIM cards can be purchased for approximately TRY20-50. These can be purchased at the airport on arrival or from the many outlets in Istanbul and other large cities. Providers include Vodaphone.


PTT is the national post service in Turkey. Services are generally moderately fast but quite reliable. There is an extended price list on the PTT website, where you can see the costs of sending items within Turkey, countries in Europe and further afield. For sending packages one might also use international companies such as DHL and UPS and local companies such as Yurtici Kargo. Post offices bear the distinctive yellow PTT sign and are generally open between 9:00am to 12:00 noon and 1:30pm to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday. Some might keep longer hours or be open during the weekend as well, but this mainly applies to the larger ones or those in central places and tourist areas.


Quick Facts


Turkish and K=urdish
Turkish Lira
Area code(s)
58/km2 (150/sq mi)
Neighbouring Cities
Hakkari, Ağrı, Bitlis and Siirt
  • Latitude: 38.494167
  • Longitude: 43.380000

Accommodation in Van

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