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Vamos Argentina!

Vamos Argentina!

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In 2010, the 19th FIFA World Cup will be held for the first time in Africa. This year, South Africa will be the host for the World Championships Soccer between the 11th of June and the 11th of July.

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Host Cities

The following South African cities will be a host for the matches.




Getting there and around

For more information about how to get to South Africa, have a look at the country's article. From there, you will be directed to the main cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg.



Group Stage

Who knew there were so many Portugese fans?

Who knew there were so many Portugese fans?

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Group A

Friday 11 june, Johannesburg:
South Africa vs Mexico 1 - 1

Friday 11 june, Cape Town:
Uruguay vs France 0 - 0

Wednesday 16 june, Pretoria:
South Africa vs Uruguay 0 - 3

Thursday 17 june, Polokwane:
France vs Mexico 0 - 2

Tuesday 22 june, Rustenburg:
Mexico vs Uruguay

Tuesday 22 june, Bloemfontein:
France vs South Africa

Group B

Saturday 12 june, Johannesburg:
Argentina vs Nigeria 1 - 0

Saturday 12 june, Port Elizabeth:
South Korea vs Greece 2 - 0

Thursday 17 june, Johannesburg:
Argentina vs South Korea 4 - 1

Thursday 17 june, Bloemfontein:
Greece vs Nigeria 2 - 1

Tuesday 22 june, Polokwane:
Greece vs Argentina

Tuesday 22 june, Durban:
Nigeria vs South Korea

Group C

Saturday 12 june, Rustenburg:
England vs USA 1 - 1

Sunday 13 june, Polokwane:
Algeria vs Slovenia 0 - 1

Friday 18 june, Johannesburg:
Slovenia vs USA 2 -2

Friday 18 june, Cape Town:
England vs Algeria 0 - 0

Wednesday 23 june, Port Elizabeth:
Slovenia vs England

Wednesday 23 june, Pretoria:
USA vs Algeria

Group D

Sunday 13 june, Durban:
Germany vs Australia 4 - 0

Sunday 13 june, Pretoria:
Serbia vs Ghana 0 - 1

Friday 18 june, Port Elizabeth:
Germany vs Serbia 0 - 1

Saturday 19 june, Rustenburg:
Ghana vs Australia

Wednesday 23 june, Johannesburg:
Ghana vs Germany

Wednesday 23 june, Nelspruit:
Australia vs Serbia

Group E

Monday 14 june, Johannesburg:
Netherlands vs Denemark 2 - 0

Monday 14 june, Bloemfontein:
Japan vs Cameroon 1 - 0

Saturday 19 june, Durban:
Netherlands vs Japan 1 - 0

Saturday 19 june, Pretoria:
Cameroon vs Denemark

Thursday 24 june, Rustenburg:
Denemark vs Japan

Thursday 24 june, Cape Town:
Cameroon vs Netherlands

Group F

Monday 14 june, Cape Town:
Italy vs Paraguay 1 - 1

Tuesday 15 june, Rustenburg:
New Zealand vs Slowakia 1 - 1

Sunday 20 june, Bloemfontein:
Slowakia vs Paraguay

Sunday 20 june, Nelspruit:
Italy vs New Zealand

Thursday 24 june, Johannesburg:
Slowakia vs Italy

Thursday 24 june, Polokwane:
Paraguay vs New Zealand

Group G

Tuesday 15 june,Port Elizabeth:
Cote d'Ivoire vs Portugal 0 - 0

Tuesday 15 june,Johannesburg:
Brazil vs North Korea 2 - 1

Sunday 20 june,20.30 u,Johannesburg:
Brazil vs. Cote d'Ivoire

Monday 21 june, Cape Town:
Portugal vs North Korea

Friday 25 june, Durban:
Portugal vs Brazil

Friday 25 june, Nelspruit:
North Korea vs Cote d'Ivoire

Group H

Wednesday 16 june, Nelspruit:
Honduras vs Chile 0 - 1

Wednesday 16 june, Durban:
Spain vs Switserland 0 - 1

Monday 21 june, Port Elizabeth:
Chile vs Switserland

Monday 21 june, Johannesburg:
Spain vs Honduras

Friday 25 june, Pretoria:
Chile vs Spain

Friday 25 june, Bloemfontein:
Switserland vs Honduras



Last 16

On the streets

On the streets

© Peter

Saturday 26 june, Port Elizabeth:
A: Winner of group A vs Number 2 in group B

Saturday 26 june, , Rustenburg:
B: Winner of group C vs Number 2 in group D

Sunday 27 june, Bloemfontein:
C: Winner of group D vs Number 2 in group C

Sunday 27 june, Johannesburg:
D: Winner of group B vs Number 2 in group A

Monday 28 june, Durban:
E: Winner of group E vs Number 2 in group F

Monday 28 june, Johannesburg:
F: Winner of group G vs Number 2 in group H

Tuesday 29 june. Pretoria:
G: Winner of group F vs Number 2 in group E

Tuesday 29 june, Cape Town:
H: Winner of group H vs Number 2 in group G




Friday 2 july, Port Elizabeth:
I: Winner of match A vs Winner of match B

Friday 2 jul, Johannesburg:
J: Winner of match C vs Winner of match D

Saturday 3 july 2010, Cape Town:
K: Winner of match E vs Winner of match F

Saturday 3 july 2010, Johannesburg:
L: Winner of match G vs Winner of match H




Tuesday 6 july, Cape Town:
M: Winner of match I vs Winner of match J

Wednesday7 july, Durban:
N: Winner of match K vs Winner of match L



3rd and 4th place

Saturday 10 july, Port Elizabeth:
The loser of match M vs the loser of match N




Sunday July 11, Johannesburg:
winner of match M vs winner of match N

World Cup 2010 Travel Helpers

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