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Wroclaw- old town

Wroclaw- old town

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Wroclaw is the capital city of the region of Lower Silesia in southwestern Poland, situated along the Oder river. With around 700,000 inhabitants in the city and over 1 million in the metropolitan area, it's the 4th largest city in the country. The city has been designated European Capital of Culture for 2016, along with San Sebastian in Spain, and the logos can already be seen throughout the city.




Wroclaw is dived into 5 boroughs:

  • Stare Miasto (Old Town)
  • Śródmieście (City Centre)
  • Fabryczna (Factory Quarter)
  • Krzyki
  • Psie Pole



Sights and Activities

  • Rynek (market square) including the 14th century Town Hall
  • Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall) - a Unesco World Heritage Site
  • Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) with Wrocław Cathedral
  • Panorama Racławicka
  • Plac Grunwaldzki ("Grunwald Square)
  • Kościół Św. Elżbiety ("St. Elisabeth's Church")
  • Royal Palace and City Museum
  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Old University and University Museum
  • Forum Muzyki - the new concert hall
  • Wrocław Zoo
  • Krasnoludki - the gnomes
  • Skytower viewpoint on the 49th floor



Events and Festivals




Wroclaw has a temperate continental climate. Summers last from June to August with average daytime temperatures between 23 and 26º C and nights of 12-15 º C. Winters average around 2-4º C during the day and a few º C below zero at night. Most of the precipitation falls during the warmer summer months, winters are driest (combination of rain and snow), while spring and autumn fall in between those two regarding rainfall.

This has an impact on the way the city functions. In the warmer months, small ogrodki (beer gardens) pop up all over the city, especially on the main square and the streets around it, and also on floating pontoons off the island of Wyspa Slodowa. In the colder months, the beer gardens are taken down, and the cellars fill up with people instead.

Avg Max-1.2 °C0.3 °C8.6 °C13.6 °C19.4 °C22 °C23.8 °C23.9 °C19.1 °C13.8 °C7 °C3.6 °C
Avg Min-7.5 °C-6.6 °C-0.3 °C2.8 °C7.4 °C10.8 °C12.4 °C12 °C8.8 °C4.6 °C0.2 °C-2.4 °C
Rainfall27 mm23 mm30 mm37 mm57 mm79 mm91 mm64 mm51 mm38 mm37 mm34 mm
Rain Days141214111314131212111516



Getting There

By Plane

Copernicus Airport Wroclaw (WRO) offers a growing number of flights.
Ryanair has flights to/from Alicante, Barcelona-Girona, Bristol, Brussels, Dublin, Düsseldorf (Weeze), East Midlands, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Rome, Shannon and Stockholm.
Several other airlines serve a few more cities, including Munich, Oslo, Warsaw, Gdansk and Copenhagen. Two to three flights per day to Frankfurt, where you connect to the entire world.

By Train

Fast trains to Katowice (3 hours) depart every two hours or so. Most continue to Kraków (4.5 hours). There are at least half a dozen fast trains and also three express trains to Warsaw (5-6 hours). Some also stop at Lodz ( around 4 hours) en route. Wroclaw also has regular train links with Poznan (2-2.5 hours, roughly hourly), stopping en route in a few smaller cities like Jelenia Gora and Legnica.
There are also international trains to Hamburg (via Berlin), Prague, Dresden, Kiev (via Lviv) and Budapest.

By Car

Wroclaw is located just north of the main A4 highway corridor, running from the border with German (close to Legnica) in southeastern direction towards Krakow.

By Bus

Trzebnica (40 minutes), Sobótka (one hour), Swidnica (1½ hours), Lubiaz (1½ hours) and Nysa (2 hours) have no train connections, and thus are best reached by bus. Warsaw (5-6 hours), Poznan (2,5 hours) and Bialystok (7 hours) have regular bus services but trains are more comfortable and convenient.
Eurolines has some international connections. Prague is just 4 hours away.


Hitchhiking is common here, as in much of Poland, and this is one of the easier countries to do it. Car-sharing via websites such as Bla Bla Car is becoming increasingly common.



Getting Around

By Car

Beware when driving in Wroclaw as cars and trams share the roads in some places.

By Public Transport

Wroclaw has an extensive bus and tram network with a integrated ticketing system (i.e. tickets are the same for both). You buy tickets from machines at major tram stations (cash or card), or on board (card only). You must then punch them on board for them to be valid. Inspectors occasionally check tickets and issue fines. A standard ticket for half an hour's travel costs 3zl.

By Foot

The centre of Wroclaw is compact and is easily navigable on foot. Some parts of the centre are pedestrianised. Be aware if using pedestrian crossings that you can be fined for crossing when the red man is showing.

By Bike

Wroclaw is quite bike-friendly, and there are a number of bicycle lanes throughout the city. There is a city bike rental scheme run by Nextbike which is free for the first 20 minutes, and costs 2zl for 21-60 minutes. Every hour beyond is 4zl. It costs 1zl to register with the scheme.




  • Pierożek, Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 20 (next to the Casino, close to the Scandic Hotel). According to many Wroclavians, the best pierogi in Wrocław, priced at about 10 zł for a small portion (you may need to order two if you're hungry). Try pierogi ruskie (with potatoes and cottage cheese) with kefir and barszcz (borscht) and "nalesniki" (crêpes) to experience what real Polish food ought to taste like. The place is small and basic, you may need to wait for a seat, but the food is top-notch.
  • Giselle, ul. Szewska 27. A French bakery/cafe with delicious breakfast dishes (served all day) and other food. Around 12-19 zł.




There are many different clubs and pubs in Wroclaw. Most of them are located in the centre of the old town, many good ones however, are situated a few crossings from the Town Square, not within its borders. The Town Square mostly contains some not very specific, quite expensive restaurants, although it is worth mentioning the Spiż Cellar, an interesting mini-brewery with a few tasty kinds of locally made beer and a unique interior design. There are also two discos that are popular among fans of house/techno music - Daytona and Związki. However, pub-wanderers, who want to meet interesting people and/or get involved in some discussions will probably enjoy places situated in some less obvious locations than right in the Town Square.






There are various multinational companies in Wroclaw, and they are often looking to employ foreign nationals. Native speakers of various types are often in demand, with work ranging from technical to customer service positions. IBM, Google, Credit Suisse, Nokia and HP all have offices in the city.

Language Teaching

There are also plenty of opportunities in language teaching for native speakers. English is widely spoken amongst young people in Wroclaw, but lessons are still in demand.


In terms of getting work done as a freelancer, there are a couple of co-working spaces - Ideaplace, in Plac Solny in the centre, and CO12, in the up and coming area of Nadodrze. The libraries are also easily accessible and offer free wifi.




Wroclaw has numerous universities.

There are also plenty of language schools offering tuition, especially in English and Polish.



Keep Connected


In the cities there are more and more Wifi Hot Spots, so if you have your own mobile device, you can connect. Best chances of finding one are at airports, railway stations, in cafés, shopping malls and universities. Places like McDonald's and Starbucks usually have unlimited free wifi. In some hotels you can find free wifi, though you might have to pay as well or maybe just use it for a limited amount of time. Internet cafes become less popular recently as people prefer to use internet at homes.


See also: International Telephone Calls

To call to Poland from abroad, dial the Polish country code,48, then the number without the leading 0, as if calling from a domestic mobile phone.
The general emergency number is 112. Police (997), Ambulance (999) and Fire (998) have phone numbers as well, and municipal police has 986 as a number.

Mobile phones work almost across the whole country. There are four mobile phone operators in Poland: Plus, T-Mobile, Orange and Play. About 98% of the country is covered by the standard European GSM 900/1800 MHz network, the remaining 2% are wildlife reserves or high mountains. 3G is available in almost every town.
Domestic call rates are roughly the same across all services. Prepaid starter kits with SIM card (called starter in Polish) are widely available in reasonable prices (PLN5-20, most of which is available for calls), in most of the shops, supermarkets and news agents.

Just about every shopping centre has at least one independent cellphone shop, the guys who run them are usually knowledgeable and have a range of cheap handsets which you can use as a local / travel phone. This may be a good option since juggling SIM cards is always a pain.


Poczta Polska is the Polish public post service. Post offices are generally open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Some offices are open on Saturday until 2:00pm and the main post offices in major cities are open daily, 24 hours. Services are generally ok, but don't expact it to be fast and it is not always reliable, though most letters, postcards and parcels will arrive at its destinations after a week or two. You can find the red post boxes dotted throughout the country. You can check this postal website to see how much sending a letter, postcard or parcels costs, both domestically as well as internationally. For sending packages internationally, you can also check FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS, as they have fast and reliable services and generally competitive prices as well.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 51.1078852
  • Longitude: 17.0385376

Accommodation in Wroclaw

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Wroclaw searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Wroclaw and areas nearby.


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