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cairo has a lot to offer. i started my cairo trip from tahrir square where i stayed in canadian hostel a good place which was clean for 20 LE. tahrir could be termed as the focal point of the city since it is kinda the middle of the city one can easily go to giza the pyramids r here , old city etc , the egyptian museum, all the hotels close by and finally the subway is here as well so transportation is not a problem. although rush hour traffic can get a bit messy with long lines of traffic so better use the metro for intra city travel in cairo. besides the road traffic is not that civilised so you should be prepared to run on the road to cross it as cars wont stop but once thye see someone comin they usually slow down. i think its a big achievement that no major accidents take place lookin at how they drive. anyways can't say much coz back home we drive the same way. have u heard what goes around comes around. couldnt agree more!!!

the pyramids are stil amazin great pieces of art. aside from that cairo offers good cheap food definitely try the felafel from felfela and the food at gad , restuarant, is also good. those of you who like subway sandwiches you would forget them once you eat momen which is a local chain.

egyptians pasttime is shoppin and eating and that you can always cairo there are loads of places to go.

the park forgot its name . its in the old citystarting from the old city , the citadel ( al ala) as it is called is an amazin piece of architecture. besides one can also go to al azhar university and the recently opened park i failed to recall its name but this park pictures included is beautiful as it breaks the monotony of the city and it has some amazin views of the old city. the khan e khalili souk is also a must see especially if one wants to see bargaining but one can be easily in the labyrinth of alleys. for belly dancin viewin one can go to sharae harm although some of the areas there r a bit off limits i mean creepy.

nasr city is the new city. this is where the big shopping malls are located like city stars etc although branded stuff in egypt is very expensive. but there is this amazin coffee scene here and with guys and grils hangin around like in any country. it seems evy guy wants a girlfrnd to show around anyways that was funny but who am i to pass a judgement??

for people wantin to stay put in cairo i would recommend do their shoppin i mean groceries from saudi super market its near all the embassies for the week where prices are knocked down and they can save a lot of money and it can easily be reached by metro from tahrir.

qasre nil which is the road underneath where the nile flows is also a place to go to and where in the evenings most of the ppl come to take a ride in a boat. had fun dancin to the egyptian tunes. the boat,feluccas here, ride is inexpensive to say the least!!

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