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There are currently 33 Travel Helpers for Argentina. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I can give advice on Rosario, the city I live in. I can speak spanish, english and a little italian.


Everething you want to know


I live in Argentina, have travelled extensivley and would love to help other travellers with sound advice. I am really passionate about travelling.


Info about Ushuaia: treking, climbing, skiing, sailing and nightlife. I have travelled all over Argentina so I can give tips on itineries and places that I´ve been off of the main tourist route.


I lived in Argentina for long periods of time in the past 10 years and love this country, it has become my second home.

My favourite region is Salta (plus entering Jujuy and Tucuman), been there several times and also organized round trips there.

Ushuaia and Iguazu info available too.


Travelled there in 2002


crosed the bolivian boarder from tupiza took a bus to salta down to mendoza then to marlague (Las Leñas) then to bariloche and el boson. from el boson took a major bus trip all the way south to Ushuaia then up to Buenos Aires. From their to Rosairo up to Cordoba and then saltaand back to bolivia.


spent 4 months travelling in argentina in 2007/08


On a number of trips in different seasons, I spent a total of almost 12 months travelling in Argentina. I'm knowledgeable on issues of transport, accommodation, hiking, studying, bureaucracy, culture and tango.


I live in Buenos Aires and have travelled around some places of my country. I can help with budgets and general info.


I live in Mendoza, in the west of Argentina.
I'm tourist guide.
I speak spanish (of course), french and some english!
I can help you and give you some information, tips, maps, etc. about Mendoza


I've travel across Argentina many times. I've also travel to the north of Chile, South of Brazil.


I have been living in Buenos Aires for nearly a year. When i arrived, I studied Spanish in the city and now work on an Estancia in the province of Buenos Aires. I also do freelance work for a city boutique hotel. I have a variety of local and expat friends living and working here so can help out on a range of topics about the city. Accommodation, Restauarants, Nightclubs, Language, Schools, Tourist Attractions etc: Just ask!!!


Recommending and offering apartments for temporary rental and tourism services in Buenos Aires, Argentina


I live in Buenos Aires, so go ahead with your queries!


I´m and Spanish teacher, I speak also English and hebrew... I can help you with the language ,trips and acommodation...

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I’m Emily and I just wanted to let you know some useful information for those who are thinking about traveling to Mendoza wine country (Argentina).

I was there 1 month ago with my sister and I must say, it was absolutely terrific!! We took 3 wine tours around Mendoza’s hottest wine regions: Luján de Cuyo, Maipú and the Uco Valley.

The wineries we visited were very unique from each another: from boutique and family wineries to mass-productions bodegas. In the case of the tastings, they were very private and intimate. In each winery, we tasted up to five wines, including the top wine of each winery. Finally, the lunches were outstanding. We absolutely experienced the authentic savor and aroma of Mendoza!

To get useful tips, check the following links:


We stay in touch for further advice about what to do around the globe!


I can answer questions you need to know before coming i.e. distances, hotels, b&b, excursions, etc. Recommend the things I would do myself or I would recommend to my old friends.
I work as a guide in the city trying to make you feel safe and comfortable.
Contact you with the agencies you like and try to get a better price if it is possible.
I am a teacher of English and I have taught Spanish to foreigners. I run a short and intensive course part of it given in a class setting and the rest during the visits around the city.


I was living in Buenos Aires one year. I was travelling in South Argentina as a backpacker and I know some triks useful to save money.


I can help people who come to Buenos Aires with information about the transport system, pubs and clubs, best areas to stay in, and overall info about other regions of my country.


Any trip is better if the travellers know beforehand sth about the place they are going to visit.
The "where to go", the "what to see", the "how to do it" are the typical questions difficult to answer when this is their first trip.

This is our commitment, to help the newcomers to have a hazzle free stay and to make them enjoy the trip since they arrive.


i want to share some of your knowledge, trying to make other people's trips easier and more enjoyable by providing those details that can make the difference and that you still can't find over the internet.


Advice on the Lake District and Patagonia


I´m from La Plata, Buenos Aires , Argentina. 35 milles from Buenos Aires.
Are a University City, all are free.
The poblation are 600.000, is a great place to know.
My email is
Ask me and I repond you.


Im studying in Buenos Aires, but i was born in a small town; so ive been a tourist in Buenos Aires and ive visited and learn a lot from its "arrabales". I love this city and i can tell you about this city, the people, the culture and also if i have the time i can join tourists and take them to where the tourist agencies dont go.


I have lived in BA all my life, so my perspective is that one of a typical inhabitant that works downtown and tries to live on a budget. I speak several languages and teach Spanish to foreigners, with a strong background in Financial & business analysis too.


I lived and studied in Buenos Aires for about half a year and completely fell in love with the city and country. I have a lot of knowledge about visiting or living in BA and about tourism country-wide.


Hello there. This is Sher Khann (male) from Buenos Aires - Argentina. I am a University graduate of the University of Buenos Aires. I speak English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In addition, I like meeting new people and new cultures.
I would like to offer my services as a tour guide and provide you with information about the City of Buenos Aires from historical, social, political, cultural and economic perspectives. I also provide tours throughout off-beat (non-touristic) places and sites. My goal is to make the traveller feel comfortable, entertained and free for the tours I provide are completely flexible. I consider a guided tour a meeting of minds for there has to be an agreement between the traveller and the tour guide to carry out the desired activities.
Should you require more information about myself or about the guided tours I provide, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email:
Yours faithfully,
Sher Khann


I have visited Buenos Aires, Argentina many times for work and for pleasure. I will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.


by living in buenos aires, argentina i can help you by telling you everything i know about my beautiful city and country, from the weather to the best clubs to go dancing at night. though i probably know more about the latter...
i d just like to be helpful, so if you have any questions, just ask me!!
i ll be glad to answer them, it ll be my pleasure...
have fun and be sure to enjoy your stay in argentina!!!


I visit Buenos Aires Quite frequently and have had some amazing experiences, I’m willing assist anyone in finding some good accommodation to suggesting some great places to eat. or just some basic insight to their Culture. Any help I can offer on Buenos Aires or Patagonia let me know,

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