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There are currently 64 Travel Helpers for Asia. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I spend 8 month backpacking in Asia, Nepal - India - Sri lanka - Malaysia - Thailand - Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam - Indonesia - China - South Korea - Japan - Phillipines - Mongolia - Russia Kazakhsthan.

I can advise lets say pretty much about anything usefull you need to know, local transportaion, connection between countries, safety, general questions, etc


Having just returned from a short visit to Indonesia I may be able to help with West Papua (Fak Fak, Kokas), North Sulawesi (Tongkoko) and Maluku (Kei Kecil, Banda, Seram and Ambon).
Just ask and I will see what I can do


I live in Indonesia and traveled to countries in South East Asia, Europe, New Zealand and India - if you need any information, I will try to guide you!


Hi...I have travelled extensively in India and would love to share my experiences , give any suggestions....whatever you want to know of this beautiful country.....


i'm Malaysia and living here almost 26 years. if you planning trips ahead to Malaysia, i can help and give some good advice on culture, food, things to do, nice attraction around Malaysia and etc. i'll try my best to help


Have backpacked to India, Nepal,Philippines, Indonesia. But I am a frequent backpacker to Thailand, Laos & Cambodia...been to these countries several times.The most recent ones are listed below. will be more than glad to offer some ideas if you have plans to visit the lesser known areas in these countries. Does Luang Namtha Biodiversity Conservation Area(Laos),Yeak Loam Commune (Ban Lung Cambodia),Sipien Valley (Laos) & Kong Chiam (Thailand) strike as adrenalin-pumping places to you ? Then we are on the same wave length!


My interest tends to lie in India, where I spent half a year travelling in 2004. I love to talk about it, so if you got some question, send me a message.
I have also travelled to alot of Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and China)on a few different trips. Though I'm sure my info on accomidation and stuff is out of date, I can give lots of advice on the highlights and what to see and do.


I have extensively travelled India and other popular destinations in Asia. I am always available to help travelers.


I spent 8 months travelling all on my ownsome in South East Asia in 2006/2007. I can help (or try at least!) with any questions about Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, north Laos, the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Bali & the Gili Islands.


I'm coming from Sumatra. I lived in Bali since 1997. I was a bus driver around Indonesia. Today I speak English and French. I can help you to explore Indonesia. Do not be hesitate to ask me about Indonesia perhaps you may have. I'm trying the best I can do for you. Best Regards


All travel information and travel consultant.


I live in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I am a tour guide in my area, legal and experienced. I know many things about North Sulawesi. Land tours such as trekking, city sightseeing, group, and diving as well as snorkeling. I also love to travel to discover new interesting and attractive place. I like to go to private beach in my place. There I can experience so many things. I have traveled to almost all part of Sulawesi. I love being here.


I was travelling more than 20 cities in China


As a travel agent I have travelled widely and can help with Europe, Australasia and the Pacific and Asia. I have good knowledge on hotels, ways to get around and things to see and do.


I am deen from Sri Lanka and i am a trekking nature guide for last fifteen years
We are in the central hills the trekking country of Sri Lanka; we are many years experience in the field of trekking, as a trekking guide and trekking organizer we have worked for many tour companies for their clients in Sri Lanka. you see real srilanka.with me Not experienced by everyday tourists .i try as much as possible to keep away from the more popular places visited by every day tourists. We want you to visit a place whir you see sri lankans and Sri Lanka.hope you will have a wonderful holiday in Sri Lanka
and if you like to know any thing about sri lanka you can aske me and the trekking & Hiking many travel guide books say thire are no organized trekking in sri lanka it is not true we have very well organized trekking and hiking in sri lanka also you can see me trekking photos sri lanka the garden of eden


Hi everyone, I'm a local in Vietnam. I've lived here since I was a kid so I guess I know it quite well.
Have any question about Vietnam? orr especially Hanoi, my hometown? Please feel free to contact me. I'm always ready to help you during your stay.


Now living and running a business in Cambodia, after spending lots of time in south east Asia.


Hey, eveyone. My name is Huong. I live in Hanoi, the capital of VietNam. I am 20 years old, friendly and helpful. If you wanna travel to Hanoi, please contact me, I will be your free tour guide. Eventhough my English is not good, I try my best to help u have interesting trip with traditional foods, drinks as well as customs in VietNam. I’m sure that we will have fantastic time! My cell phone number: (+84)965 558 510
My email:
You can phone me, give message to me or send email to me for details


i can help you with the following countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, and Cambodia. i know some really cool "off the track" places to go


I have lived in China for five years - one year in Dalian, and the last four years in Shanghai. During this time I've traveled within China to Harbin's Ice Festival, to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.

I've also traveled to Thailand several times, Malaysia and I'm about to go to the Philippines.

Happy to help.


Travel and accomodation questions having done it independantly - without joining any tours.


Lived in Nepal for 2 months, traveled India Thailand Laos and Cambodia, and Australia for the last 6 months. At 22 have been to 15 countries including Central America, Caribbean, parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and have lived in America my entire life.

Lynne Woolley

Just returned from a four month trip around Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia Borneo, Nusa Tengarra (Flores, Komodo, Lombok etc) and Bali. Back / Flash packing, meeting lots of charity organisations and having a great time seeing as much as possible...whilst avoiding motorbikes! Happy to answer questions about travel, tourist sites, what to take, making plan etc etc as I appreciated all the help I had along the way.


I have travelled through and have a lot of travel tips for the following countries China,Vietnam,Cambodia,Thailand,Canada,America,Lofoten. I have also been to a lot of cities throughout Europe.


Have travelled in Asia just a bit and have many friends who are seasoned travellers around the region and the world. Will be able to help to source answers to your queries.

Am currently living in Singapore, so throw me any question you have about making Singapore your next travel destination! I'll try my best to answer.




Independent Transiberian Planning - We spent the full month on and off the train. We can give some advice on what to see and possibly what not to see (Stolby Nature Reserve) along the way in Siberia.

Planning it yourself is possible and worth doing if you have the time.


Travelled thru Thailand, Laos, Vietnam,Cambodia,Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Macau,Hong Kong, Taiwan


I've lived and worked in both Thailand and Cambodia and have travelled around Malaysia, Laos, southern Vietnam and Singapore. I can answer most questions on these countries and provide some travel help. I've also travelling to north-eastern China so may be able to provide some travel tips there.


Cambodia is able to offer the traveller a completely different experience depending on which area of the country you are exploring, from Temples, Beaches, the Jungle or the Capital. I run a Cambodian travel company called 'See Cambodia Differently'. We offer tailor made and packaged Cambodian holidays, allowing visitors to experience the true Cambodia. Cambodia is an extraordinary captivating country and offers its visitors a wealth of experiences and diversity that no other South East Asian country can offer. It has something for everyone, from the adventurer, the beach lover or the 'tomb raider' and is also a fabulous family holiday destination. I will be able to help plan out your holiday, by giving suggestions of what to see and to do and what part of the country to visit when, all depending on your interests, making sure you get the most out of your time. 0208 1505 150


I have travelled extensively throughout East Asia and the himalayas


Hi there, Im living in Sydney, Australia originally from New Zealand. I have travelled throughout Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Southern China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.
Happy to give advice on travelling in Asia, or Australia or NZ- of course know Australasia inside out!!

Happy travelling, Angus


I can help with planning itineraries, especially those who have limited time... Specialize in Mainland Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia + Singapore)...


overland travel and other travel tips


Hi, I'm Mike. I study Vietnam culture and festivities and live in Ha Noi. In Vietnam there are people, who, after one thousand years of Chinese rule, a century of French colonialism, and a few decades of American influence, have remained indomitably Vietnamese in spirit and character. I have a collection of videos and pictures for understanding Vietnam. Thank you !


Travelling tips in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Push KC

To assist and provided necessary arrangements for the vacation, adventurous holidays, Tours to Mountain resorts and the Himalayas of above country. Beside that we can arrange airlines ticketing, pilgrimage/religious/volunteers tours


I've travelled from Bangkok, up to North Thailand, slow boat to Laos, travelled in Laos for 4 weeks then onto Vietnam and Cambodia, then back to Thailand - heading down south this time. Been on lots of buses, trains, hikes etc and can help with the best way to go.


If you are interested in climbing,trekking,cycling and hiking tour in China,please feel free to contact me.


I know places that the locals love in Northeast China and Central Japan. These are places that you will never see in Lonely Planet.


I have been riding a motorcycle for traveling as a loca guide in Vietnam, Laos for more than 11 years. I Can speak English, French, Vietnamese, Thai and H'Mong languages. With my knowledge about those countries I can help you to plan for a trip in Indochina, or you can ask me about accommodation, special home stay in those countries,
political information and for remote areas you need to know befor going there


best airline to take, the cheapest airline, places to go, event to watch out

chan Li

Help travellers to get good accommodation, placeses to eat and have fun.


Indonesia - S'pore - Malaysia - Thailand - Hong Kong - Japan - S.Korea - China - Aussie and NZ


Whereever there are friends of mine, they could be contacted for emergency assistance. They all speak English.


I am Australian and lived and/or travelled across all States and Territories in Australia. I like the offbeat and the gems that you can find in unexpected places, such as the best crocodile burgers are in the northern most town in WA called Wyndham.
Plus I now live and work in Jakarta (as a hotel General Manager) and my passion here is to travel to all of Asia and see different cultures, taste different foods and generally have a good time exploring.


I travel throughout Asia


An avid traveler myself, I have found Asia to be most fascinating and wish to inform visitors with my knowledge on a wide range of travel information including online guides, hotel accommodation and give tips to those who are planning a holiday, word of advice during their stay.


Love to go around to meet up with the local and work for them as well as staying with them.. Been going around Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand... Would love to share my experience around..


traveled extensivley......more than extensivley...whatcha' wanna know???


I stayed in the culture core of bali as well as the touristy places, i travelled a little outside of bali to lombok and 3 islands...any questions let me know.


If you've got any questions regarding Princess Cruises to Russia and Alaska or Super Star Virgo, ask me. Any info on SFO, LAX, Kuala, Singapore, or the Philippines, as well.


provide useful tourist information as well as arrange tour to there. beacuse i am a saleswomen of one of famous tourist companies in Viet Nam


Answering any questions related to travel activities in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.


I live in Singapore and have been to Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, HK/Shenzhen, Australia, NZ, Sri Lanka. I'll help with any questions, if possible. I backpack, sometimes travel solo, and ladies who need to know if places are safe etc. drop me a message too!


Travel this part of the 4 times a year.


Hey, I spent 3 months in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, will try to help with any questions...budget, budget, budget....


I have spent alot of time Backpacking in South East Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, north India. I am a travel photographer and would be pleased to share advice on this region and any general travel photography questions.


Sightseeing, accommodation


was born in HK, living in sydney and L.A.. . can recommend you to some good restaurants since i luv to eat... basically, ask me anything abt HK, Sydney or LA and i'll try my best to help! ;p


Anything about East Timor - it's a great place to go and they're crying for tourists. I spent a month there last fall and did everything: climbed, dove, walked, stayed at funny little guest houses.
PS. You should add it to your list of countries on this site !

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