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I traveled to Brazil during two totally different trips. But out of the main cities and far away from the beaches. If you are going to the Iguacu Falls, Pantanal and Amazon Basin on the other hand, I might be of some use to you! This also applies to the extreme south: Rio Grande do Sul.


Travelled in 2002. Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Iguaçu and Rio de Janeiro.


I am brazilian, so any doubts concerning routes, seasons, festivals, what to do or not or maybe a companion for journeys, just get in touch!

Leti Levy

I am a Brazilian and know quite well my Country. There are a lot of concerns of the travellers when coming to South America specially to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I would be very helpful on dismistifing all bad things people here abroad about us, besides revealing the beauties of our region.


I am professional travel consultant, Brazil specialist, and I know almost all Brazilian states


Telling where to go, where to stay, what to do...

But also: Salvador & Porto Alegre


Northeast, States: Pernambuco, Paraiba, Hotel, Security, etc :)
Vale do Catimbau, Chapada Diamantina, Pedra do Cachorro.


I traveled to Brazil 4 times, work and pleasure, and I'm an expert on cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahía


I can help because I am Brazilian, carioca, living in RIo de Janeiro


I'm brazilian and live in Salvador, Bahia, a very touristic city on the northeast of the country. I don't know the whole country, but I sure can give some tips, about the trips.


Because I live here ans maybe I can help with some advices! ;)


I'm currently residing in the region of Ceara in Brazil. I can help with any questions regarding travel to the coastal towns...Jericoacoara, Prea, etc.


I'm a Brazilian and can help specially with Belo Horizonte and Salvador information.


I lived in Brazil for 4 months doing research. I am specifically knowledgeable about the amazon region - Pará, Amazonas, etc.


I am from Brazil and lived here almost my entire, life . So if you have any questions about best places to go, ask me anytime!


I've recently been answering lots of Questions in the Forums about Brasil and realised I could probably make a good travel helper!

I spent 3 and a half months travelling in Brasil this year on my own and went pretty much right the way round it!


I'm from Brazil and I've lived in Rio de Janeiro for most of my life.


I´m from Rio de Janeiro, lived in São paulo for a while. Visited Fortaleza, Salvador, Fernando de Noronha, Angra dos Reis. In South America: Argentina and Uruguay.In Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Greece...any questions? It´s gonna be a pleasure to help!


Well, I am a vegetarian and I know how it can be dificult going around a new country and not being able to know where it's "safe" to eat. Besides that I can help with doubts about places, hostels and such. :)


Hi my name is Alexandre, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana beach and know the entire contry because my job ( I' m a pilot ). If you need help ask me. Enjoy your time in Brasil.


I was a tour director in Brazil for 6 years and have traveled extensively all over the country including the Amazon and Pantanal regions. I would be happy to give advice on all aspects of traveling to Brazil.


I've been travelling around Brazil for 3 months and I visited Parana, Santa Caterina, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio, Minas Gerais, Salvador, Maceio, Natal, FERNANDO DE NORONHA!


I can help in different ways, especially if you want to visit the southern part of Brazil.


Hello! I live in Sao Paulo and worked in a hostel here and as a guide for a while. I've been to some great places in Brazil and would love to help you visiting my country! Any info or help you need, let me know!!


Brasil/São Paulo city born and bred, but also have been living, studying and working in Brisbane-AUS for 1 year. Usually I like the offbeat that you can find in unexpected places mainly when traveling by motorbike.
I look forward to helping fellow travelers out with an eventually accommodation in my own house and lots of tips about traveling by bike or even backpacking. Just get in touch.



help to get arround in Brasil, finding nice sightseeings, cheap accomodation and cheap portuguese classes.!


I'm a brazilian designer, and I born and live at Sao Paulo.
I know well my city, and I can help , if you sorry my english not very good.


I love travelling and love helping people with travel tips.


I can help you with information on Rio de Janeiro (hometown) and São Paulo!


All about Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city


Bahia State and its Carnival. Food, where to stay safe & cheap, what to visit, Itaparica Island...


I have spent 2 months Volunteer working in Rio, working in a favela in Santa teresa. I can provide help for anybody wanting to do similar. I also know all about transportation to go to the city and other areas around Rio


Hello! My name is Emerson. I live in Brasilia, the brazilian capital city.

I've travelled to many places in the country and I'm allways going to somewhere new. I can provide help on routes, accomodations and other hints about Brazil.


I live in Brazil and I am a kind of volonteer touristic guide.


I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but now I live in the US, more specifically in Harwood, MD (which is half an hour from Washington DC). So if you have any questions either about this wonderful city that is Rio or the State of Maryland in general and the Northeast Virginia area, let me know! Kisses!


I am Brazilian and I had travelled in almost all Brazilian States and many other countries around the world in all continents and by doing that I got to know what are the real needs we all have when going to a different place. So I want to help you when staying in Brazil with tips that can make your trip there as best as possible even if you don’t speak any Portuguese.


Giving some good information about Brazil, specifically about Rio de Janeiro.


I live in São Paulo and have been travelling a lot thru Brazil since I was a kid. So, don´t hesitate to ask me about tips on travelling around here


If you are planning to come to são paulo and need help (accomodation, airport service, etc), e-mail me!
I'll try to help you!

[email protected]


I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for almost two years and know the city like the back of my hand. I have stayed at about every hostel in the city, in all the different regions... and can help people find a good fit. I worked as a tour guide for a bit along with about a million other things I have done here, so I can throw out some suggestions and have alot of contacts. I go out throughout the week so I can pretty much help with what to do if you need some suggestions for the nightlife in Rio. I can assist with safety issues, how to get around, what to see, what is not worth seeing... as well as I am fluent in Portuguese - so if that is a barrier, I can assist. But I have learned Rio pretty well, and most often just pop in and help in the travel forums every once in a while.


I've travelled to Brasil 3 times, I love it and may be I can help you with your trip. Just ask!


I live in the biggest city in the Brazil and I know some parts of my beatiful country, like SouthEast Coast, Chapada Diamantina, Florianopolis, Ilhabela


Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Need tips? I can probably help you...


I am from Brazil and i have travelled many states of the country. I am not a professional traveller yet, but i am trying to change this.
I didn´t live at many cities , but i lived in Campinas ( 1 hour from Sao paulo ), a big city with 1 million people . And now i am starting a career in a Travel Agency in Brasilia. I will be happy to try and help everybody that needs help or info to travel Brazil.


My mother has two one bedroom apartaments fully equipted, that she rents by the day.
I have photos of both


Hello People!

I am a native brasilian and live in Rio de Janeiro. I can help you with any information about Rio. If so, just write me. Don't hesitate!


language dificulties, driving tips,and road conditions


How so and how to and howdy


By offering general information, troubleshooting mainly in the Iguassu Falls area. Hotel information, camping and if a friendship is born even stay with me and family of five, by now.


I live in Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil. I can give some suggestions about the region.


sending information about the country


I have travelled a lot on my country. I will try to answer any questions about Brazil!


I have a great trip this year in Brazil beatiful country. If you need help ... i'm here!


Arrange apartment rental in Rio de Janeiro


anything to do with Rio de Janeiro.

Nina Lopes


I live in São Paulo, Brazil, but I know most of the big cities like Rio, Maceió, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador and Natal.

If you need to know what to do in those places, just let me know.


I live and work in Rio de Janeiro.Need some touristic informations or informations about finding a cheap place to stay in Rio?Please let me know!Please only write for help about Rio de Janeiro,no different areas.Write only in english or portuguese!Don't make me questions about where and how to find girls!


Can give you advice about touristic places, where to stay, etc


Hello, my name is Evelyn, I am german but lost my heart in Brazil. Have been travelling to Brazil 14 times yet and know lot's of the most famous cities in this beautiful country.
If someone need advice I will be glad to help you!


I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and love traveling around. I'd love to help anyone who wanted to meet my country or others I've been before, like Bolívia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguai, as well as others in Europe. Hope meeting someone, somewhere, sometime!!!!


I´m Brazilian and I´ll be glad to help! Specially with the South (Parana and Santa Catarina States), Amazon, Pantanal and the Northeast.


I'm Brazilian!!!! Do you need better help than that???


I live in Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil and work as tourist guide. Ask me any questions you might have. I will be glad to help you.


I live and work at Salvador - Bahia. Sometimes I do some trekking at Chapada Diamantina (Lençois, Vale do Capão, Iraquara, Águas Claras and more). If you need some informations or recommendations about Salvador, Chapada Diamantina ou Bahia, please let me know!

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