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I passionate of traveling, searching, exploring tourist destinations and attractions. I originally live and work in Siem Reap, Cambodia and I've currently worked in tourism industry, as travel consultant with more than 7 years experience. So I believe myself that I can assist you with most of your questions regarding to traveling to Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Anuj Tikku

I spent ten days here and travelled from Siam Reap and Phenom Phenh


How to get to, how to get around, people, culture, food, prices, accommodation, places to visit, places to avoid


I went throughout the country in '05 so i try and help in anyway i can


I live in Banlung, Ratanakiri, Cambodia currently after 5 months in Phnom Penh. I would call Northeastern Cambodia (Kratie and Banlung) and Phnom Penh my specialties. I am currently conducting my doctoral research here and speak Khmer reasonably.


I travelled to Thailand and Cambodia in 2011 and seeing as i was arriving there from South Korea, could not find a travel guide to buy, so i created my own.


Went to Siem Reap/Angkor via the overland route from Thailand on my honeymoon in May/June 2005. Loved every minute of it, and glad to give advice on getting there from Koh Chang!


I used to live and work in Siem Reap in Cambodia and can help with all aspects of the town as well as travelling in and around Cambodia


Cambodia is able to offer the traveller a completely different experience depending on which area of the country you are exploring, from Temples, Beaches, the Jungle or the Capital.

I run a Cambodian travel company called 'See Cambodia Differently'. We offer tailor made and packaged Cambodian holidays, allowing visitors to experience the true Cambodia.

Cambodia is an extraordinary captivating country and offers its visitors a wealth of experiences and diversity that no other South East Asian country can offer. It has something for everyone, from the adventurer, the beach lover or the 'tomb raider' and is also a fabulous family holiday destination.

I will be able to help plan out your holiday, by giving suggestions of what to see and to do and what part of the country to visit when, all depending on your interests, making sure you get the most out of your time.
0208 1505 150


We have lived in many parts of the world and travelled extensively as a family i.e. we cycled in Europe with 2 young boys, did African safaris and travel, went around Oz and have done other crazy car and similar trips... we are now living in Cambodia and as volunteers we have first hand experiences and advice to share with anyone who wishes to visit this amazing country!


I used to live and work in Cambodia. My last trip to the country was in August 2009. I'd be happy to answer questions on transportation, accomodation and the like.


Can help with Phnom Penh and Siemreap only. Had great experiences here.


I worked in Cambodia for 3 months in 2006 (in Phnom Penh) and also travelled around the country.


I founded a 'not for profit' tour organisation in Siem Reap to provide help, itinerary advice, guiding, transportation and discounted accommodation to travellers to Angkor Wat and throughout Cambodia. All benefits pass to local children's educational projects - our first school opened for 500 plus children in October 2006

happy to help or advise travellers - no obligation to take any services



I recently went to Cambodia. Can help in providing detailed and useful information about Phnom Penh and Siem Reap


General travel and info


Lot of local travel knowledge.


I travelled Cambodia in Jan./Feb. 2005


Up to date Information about travelling and tourism in Cambodia and Thailand


I travelled from Vietnam to Thailand through Cambodia. Now the help bit!! If anyone is wishing to use the railway as a mode of travel....... it aint fast but its an adventure in itself!! roof top riding etc, let me know if you are interested!


I lived in Cambodia for 2 years, working and travelling in the country. I travel to Cambodia basically every year to reconnect with the orphans that we helped whilst there. Im happy to provide anyone with some info on accom, travel (on the tourist track and especially off the tourist track - safely!) and great eat outs.

No Cambodia questions; but all the answers on Cambodia travel?

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