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I travelled to Canada 4 times, to various parts of the country: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in the east and British Columbia in the west. Been to Toronto and the Niagara Falls and the southern area of Ontario, to Montreal, Quebec City and surroundings, to Halifax and Cape Breton, and to St. John's and much of Newfoundland including Gros Morne NP. Vancouver to Whistler and Vancouver Island I have visited as well.


Lived in Canada for 38 years (before moving overseas). Know a lot about Toronto and Southern Ontario, and little bits about other places in the country like Quebec and BC.


Who knows? Just ask a question. The worst I can say is "I don't know but will try and find out".


Native and ESL Instructor


Toronto and Niagara Falls.


I've lived in Vancouver, BC for about 14 years (most of my life..), and travelled throughout British Columbia, Visited some cities and towns in Alberta, been to Montreal..granted I haven't seen all of Canada, but if I can help, I'd be happy to!!


I'm from Victoria, British Columbia and can help with questions you may have about Vancouver Island

Blue Eagle Cafe

very basic, general info, extremely casual, informal, ' off- beat '. advice, opinions, suggestions....etc....useful info for those who do not mind travelling ' rough '. info on weather, saving money, ' dicey ' areas in the cities, places of interest, cheap budget eateries, etc...


Coming to Alberta, Canada? I can probably answer your questions about most things, and point you in the right direction for the rest.


If ever you are in Montreal; city of festivals, party, art and culture... let me know, I know lots of cool places to hang out or visit. ;)


I've lived in Montreal all my life. It's a great city with so much to do - day and night, summer and winter, you'll never be bored. I love, love, love to talk about where I'm from - so I'm enthusiastically looking forward to any and all of your questions!


I am from Montreal and have always lived here. I can provide information on Montreal and also on some of the other provinces in Canada. I can also act as a host for a day or evening if anyone is visiting. My main language is English but I also speak French. Contact me anytime.


We were born in Maritime Canada, and lived there until we moved to Japan in 2006. We also lived in the Rockies for a while. Any where in Canada, we can probably offer advice on what to do and where to go.


Cape Breton and Newfoundland


I have lived in Vancouver for most of my life and have also lived in and can help with some information about Calgary, Alberta, Dawson City, Yukon and some other areas in Ontario and Quebec.


Spent 12 months living and working on the west coast of Canada. Did the snow season in Banff, AB and then Vancouver.

Happy to try and answer any q's you might have.


I live in Quebec City. Ask me anything: outdoor (sailing, trekking) close to the town and nightlife.

Amie L.

I live in Canada and have travelled in a fair amount. I can help with any questions.


Lived in Canada my entire life!


I have spent a lot of time in Canada (12 months in 1997 plus 4 months last year), largely in the West (Alberta & British Columbia).

If you want to know about snowboarding/skiiing and the various resorts I can help. I taught at Kicking Horse last year.


I know a fair amount about Canada, if you have any questions Im sure i could help you out. I know mostly about Ontario, I also can help with some of the western provinces as well.


Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I can offer lots of help in the Vancouver area and tips/advice on how to travel within Canada


i live in the kootenay region of b.C. and work in the alberta rockies. I'd be happy to recommend some out of the way spots worth checking out.


I live in Ontario, Canada and have travelled extensively throughout the country. I have visited many of the major cities across Canada and have spent time in many of the provinces. I am happy to answer any questions you may have!


Have travelled to many countries around the world. From rugged Canadian rockies to pastoral Provence.


I live in Calgary, Alberta and I spend way too much time outdoors... If your visiting Alberta for a day, or a week, I should be able to keep you busy and show you much more then just "Banff"...


Anyone arriving via cruise ship or travelling throughout Nova Scotia...I am knowledgable about transportation, tours, festivals, etc.


I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and I have lived on the east coast (Nova Scotia), as well as the west coast (British Columbia). I've driven and flown across the country many times.

I have a new love for my city Toronto and have settled back there for now, but would be more than happy to help with questions about any area of this country.



Montreal is my hometown and DEFINITE specialty. There's a lot to Montreal and I must say that I've experienced both the local and visitor attractions.

I can also help anyone interested in Canada as I've seen a lot of it!

I now live in Toronto (for the last 5 years) and did the whole tourist thing before I settled into the local scene.

I also have some knowledge on small town Ontario (if anyone should be interested) as I spent the summer driving around small towns of Northern Ontario from the Manitoba border, along Lakes Superior and Huron up to the Quebec border.


I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario and can help you out with any details regarding where to stay, shop, eat and drink.

I have also lived in Montreal, Quebec and can give any advice regarding there as well.

Two great cities and both have so much to offer.


Know Alberta, and British Columbia well, as well as traveling through the western U.S. or finding the best way here from Europe.


I was born and raised in Ontario, so I hope I can be of help with questions about my home province!


While I may lack a lot of international travel, I have certainly travelled a fair bit around my own country, and am able to offer insight as to how best to get around, and the many things worth seeing.


I've done quite a lot of travelling in Canada. I've lived in Montreal most of my life and am now in Toronto. I love Canada as a whole and I love helping those out there discover Canada - the many secrets it has and the many deals you can get while staying here! :)


I've lived in New Brunswick for the past few years and I am currently living in PEI so if anyone has any questions about the maritimes I might be able to help


I am from Ontario and have travelled from Ontario over to the east coast several times over.


I live in Canada and am happy to answer questions.
I can be a real help answering questions about Vancouver, Calgary or the Rockies


I live in Vancouver, B.C. I think I should know quite a bit about the city after living here for 20+ years. Feel free to ask me any questions on what to see, what to do, and what to eat!


Life in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary & Victoria; Snowboarding, kayaking, hiking and climbing in the Rockies; Montreal; Toronto; surfing in Tofino and near Victoria, BC


Montreal: I stayed there two years ago in a language school - great city!
Quebec - Atlantic states: after my stay in Montreal, I travelled from Montreal to Halifax and back - a wonderful adventure!
Vancouver: at the moment, I live in Vanoucver and work here as a trainee in a travel agency. This city provides everything that a metropole for me should - fantastic!


I live in Vancouver, BC and would be happy to answer any questions or recomend some must-see places!


I'm from Vancouver, B.C. born and raised, and i've travelled across this wonderful country many times. I can especially help with Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and the Okanagan Valley in B.C., but I can also give general tips, info, and good conversation!



Any questions you have about Canada's most eastern province, just ask.. I am from there and will try to help in any way I can :)


I was born in Canada's capital city, and was raised in various provinces and regions of the country. I have friends and relatives all over the country, who I constantly visit. If you need any help with any information, I'd be glad to help you. Especially questions about Ontario or British Columbia!!


Want help with your Canadian itinerary? Have questions about Nova Scotia or British Columbia? Send me your information and I'd be glad to help you out.

Petra M

Vancouver BC Canada is my hometown and I would be more than happy to help with info on what to see downtown, or day trips from the city, weather facts, public transit, pubs and restaurants, etc.


I am from Québec and I now well the city of Montréal.


Born in raised in Greater Toronto Area. Know and have traveled around Southern Ontario extensively. Also quite familiar with other provinces. Feel free to ask me anything about Canada. If I don't know, I will find out!


I live in Quebec City, so I can answer your questions or give you travel tips of you are planning a trip to QC :)


I've been living here for all my life and traveled around the country.


Saskatchewan: Pointing you to what few things our province has to offer :)


I live in Nova Scotia, worked in tourism.
I lived in Alberta for 3 years.
Have spent time in all major Canadian cities


I lived one year in Toronto an d travelled a lot around the Region.

Niagara Falls, Quebec, Montreal and Otawa


I have lived on Vancouver Island all of my life and have taken it on as my business to explore this island as much as possible. I know about Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary. I also know about the province of British Columbia. So if you are travelling west in Canada Ask Me!


anything to do with Quebec/Montreal area as I spent three months there last year, any skiing queries also


I'm from Toronto & I'm currently in a youth volunteer service program travelling Canada, I've been to BC, Eastern Ontario & heading to New Brunswick. I can answer general questions about Canada & I can tell you places to go in Toronto & give directions in TO too. :)


I've lived in several different parts of Canada and have travelled in many more. I now live in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, and have also lived in Hamilton, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Peterborough and Edmonton. From my travels, I can also offer some assistance with Vancouver Island, the Rockies, interior BC, the southern Yukon, the prairies and Quebec.


Please free to ask me travel advice on Vancouver or Edmonton.


I have lived in Canada all my life & I am a Hotel Executive. I would be delighted to assist you with information prior to your journey & would love to give you a warm welcome when you arrive in Canada! Drop me a note for anything you need assistance with!


I live in Southern Ontario and have travelled around East and West Can, I'll help with any Q's pertaining to budget travel and some great Camping in Ontario advice.........


Anything you want to know about the Prairie Provs or anything in general about Canada, i am hear to help!!


I live in Western Canada and can help w/ Alberta especially


I am a retired Canadian (expat) living in the Netherlands.


I live in Vancouver BC and know alot about the city, I have lived here for the past 21 almost 22 years now so feel free to ask me anything.


I lived in St. John's Newfoundland Canada for awhile and can send photos of this unique city.


Unfortunately, in spite of our expertise in budget travelling, I don't know of any way you can find accommodation in Banff for 6 people for under $80 a night if you "don't want to camp or stay at a hostel.", nor am I prepared to find you a job to fund your vacation.

However, if you are still stuck for an answer regarding planning your western Canada holiday after reading these forums and doing a reasonable amount of your own research, by all means contact me and I'll see if I can help.


I can offer travel advice for the province of British Columbia & Manitoba


I can help with info on Alberta and British Columbia, mainly Calgary, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. I currently live in Victoria.


I have visited as far west as B.C. and as far east as Newfoundland and I know how to say it properly. I am born and raised in Toronto Canada and I believe it is one of the best cities on this planet. So diverse and I know alot about my city and others. I also work on a cruise ship and know endless other destinations as well from Bermuda to Alaska!The Caribbean to Hawaii.


I live in Ottawa. If your in need of travel information for this city or anywhere else in ontario feel free to ask.




i've lived in Vancouver my whole life and have travelled extensively all around B.C and most of Alberta. Ask away and i'll help as much as i can.


15 years experience in destination marketing with emphasis on Canadian destinations. Knowledge on major festivals and events, how to get maps, where to stay, transportation information, travel tips for Canada, and other useful information that will help you build a great trip or vacation to Canada and its regions and cities.....


My Homeland. Extensive travel through western provinces and Yukon territory,
Less so for the eastern provinces.


For over 6 months I travelled from coast to coast in Canada and back again. My 20,000km journey took me through every Canadian province, along the Trans Canada Highway, past the Great Lakes, through the Prairies, over the Rocky Mountains, by train, plane, bus and just about anything that moves.


I have run everything from small group adventure tours to Large bus tours in eastern Canada. I can help out with trip prep and in choosing out-of-the-way type activities.


I live in Canada, hold Canadian citizenship, and have traveled a bit around my own backyard...Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec are what I know, but I specialize in the urban areas of the nation...such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton.

No Canada questions; but all the answers on Canada travel?

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