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I have spent the last few months in Central America, I started in Cancun :( and have made my way with a friend through Belize and south. Central America is a stunning area and would recommend a visit to anyone and everyone. We have been travelling with no plans, only with a vague idea on where to go, and booking only a few days in advance, sometimes the night before. We have found that sometimes a little prep would have been better. Any questions, I will do my best to help you out.


I live in El salvador, in its capital San Salvador. I am 48. I want to help anyone that be visiting or crossing this little country. Whatever you want to know or wonder, just ask me. I will give you the best advice .




I have family in Guatemala, I have lived in Guatemala the last 23 years and I work for a Tour Operator where I organice and plan trips to Guatemlaa for holidays, business and health.
The Agency is Travel & Health Guatemala. I love Guatemala and I like to travel with people who want to discover this wonderful country!

i c e

Just spent alot of time in Central America! Drove the pan-am. Speak spanish. Love this part of the world!!
Helpful reliable info!! Ask and you shall recieve!



I have been a frequent traveller to Jamaica and can help with questions concerning Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay areas. My background is that of pharmacologist so I can help with information concerning vaccinations, medications, etc. also.


Cycled through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama


My name is John Rica and i want to go Central America in next month but i don't know about this country so my question is which place is best to traveling in Central America, i wanted to see beautiful beach, hotel ,restaurants, So anybody have any idea about Central America country then please share with me

jason kiwi

Travelled for 3 months fromm Guatemala to Panama


Travelled 3 months in Guatemala, Southern Mexico and Cuba. Three places very different, but each worth a visit. If you go to Guatemala please make sure to pay your respects to the people and let them know you care! They are a wonderful people. I volunteered there and will never forget them. Mexico is like "Little America" even though they don't like Americans, but it is beatiful and some places you can still see some of the old culture.
Cuba...CUBA!!!! Cuba can never be explained - you just have to live it. We stayed with some different locals and went around most of the island. Stay away from the more turisty places - it's NOT Cuba. Eat where the locals eat, dance where the locals dance - if you pay with peso, you know you get your money's worth.

Ask away or visit my homepage to see some fotos.


Hi everyone! I've been living in Central America for well over 7 years and have traveled it extensively via: backpacker, and now progressed to family travel from camping and lodging in rustic cabins to mid range to resort travel.

Let's just say I've taken full advantage of my time here and love to help who ever is coming here.
So please ask away!


We (husband and I) have recently travelled by bus through Guatemala and Costa Rica and the northern part of Mexico (Copper Canyon).


i've gone to cuba a couple of times, so i know well what to do and how to save some money and enjoy more, i've been to jamaica also a couple of times and it is worth recommending! and not so difficult to travel. I've been to dominican republic and it is very easy as well

Jeremy T

Travelled through for six months and researched a lot.


I was travelling in Central America for half a year, avoiding crowded tourist areas as much as I could. But still saw some of the best known sites as well. I'll try to answer all your questions.


traveled throughout....whatcha' wanna know?????


I spent 7 months in Central AMerica and loved every single second so I would love to help other people sort out their plans. If im not going on holiday im either looking at this website or lonelyplanet the whole time and also looking at the cheapest flights to furthest possible destinations. If I cant travel then Id at least like to help others to do so and get the most out of their time away. I think I could really help people with their questions of where to go, what type of budget, doing it solo and how far places are from one another.Thank you:)


I am a travel and tourism specialist for the entire Central American region stretching from Guatemala through Costa Rica, based in El Salvador, a still exotic destination in the heart of Central America. I live and work in the region for over 18 years so am not just another traveler passing through. I speak the language and am deeply immersed in the culture, customs and history of the pueblo(people). Donald T. Lee


I founded LiahonaQuest, the only fully licensed foreign-owned tour operator in Central america and southern Mexico. Be in business for 8 years I can help byproviding guidance in travel prep, and in finding accomodations, restaurants and activities.

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