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As it is one of my favorite countries, I know a lot of many places in Chile. Especially the northern and southern most parts have my interest: Atacama and Patagonia.


Chileno y viajero, puedo ayudar en lo que sea a los viajeros que pretenden visitar Chile.


Travelled the Chilean fjords for many years and know about all the villages along the way, from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas.


information about trips and hotels specially in the north of chile, also bolivia and peru


I recently visited the north of Chile, Have some info about prices, places to visit, transportation, etc


Alex Maureira, Professional tourist guide in Santiago of Chile, I can advise you what to do, where to stay and helping you to optimized your time and money.


I live in Santiago, but have lived in all the north of the country. Any question I could help, I'll be glad


I will be hiking the "W" circuit in Torres Del Paine National Park in the next couple of weeks. Regarding the water safe to drink from the streams? Do you recommend purifying and filtering it before consuming? We will be staying in the Refugios within the park....are you able to buy bottled water at these stops? Is the water safe to drink in these places as well?

Thanks for any help!


Although I am not use to backpack in my country I have lived here nearly all my life and visited quite a few places.


The Chilean Tourism Network is a community formed by professional tourist guides from CHILE specialized in different areas of our country; this time offering our advices from the area of Atacama Desert; Lakes District, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt ; Patagonia, Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine.

Our mission : is helping the English speaking traveler ,with your next trip to this areas of Chile and giving you the details and advices which you must know to make your travel experience the best as possible according your needs and budget.Eventhough English is not our native language, due to, we are 100% Chileans , we try to give the most honest advice, in spite of all our grammar mistakes!


Hello! I've been travelling around Chile (Santiago/Pucón/Puerto Varas/Punta Arenas/Puerto Natales) and Argentina (El Calafate and Buenes) on March 2008. Wonderful places!!! If you need any info or help, let me know!


I can tell you to much things about CHILE....desert, culture, capital, valley...and much more, If you want to know something, only ask me....



I run a backpackers tour operator and spanish school in south of Chile , in the city of Puerto Varas , a quiet little town near by the Llanquihue lake. Any informations you will need about the lakes district , all out door activities you can do here , as rafting , sea kayak , canyoning , trekking , horse riding ...from half day to 8 days treap.
If you want to learn spanish and enjoy south america , ask anything you want to know.
saludos Nicolas.


I was born in Chile and have lived there on and off for 15 years. I can help with general questions and specific questions about Santiago (Chile's capital).


I can help people planning a trip to chile by giving information about weather, routes, places of interest, hotels, apart hotels, tours, maps, etc.


I can provide specific information for travelling in Chile, from the north including San Pedro de Atacama, to the central zone including Wineries, Valparaiso and Santiago, and also Lakes District, Chiloe Archipelago, Austral Way and Patagonia(Torres del Paine Park).
Also Easter Island and Juan Fernandez archipelago.


I lived in Antofagasta for a year, can help with just about anything in the Atacama desert.


I studied in Santiago de Chile for 6 months and traveled extensively throughout the country, as well as venturing into Argentina and Bolivia. Would love to give recommendations and share ideas.

No Chile questions; but all the answers on Chile travel?

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