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I absolutely love Costa Rica and have visited several times, covering a large part of the country, I have done few adventure activities, lots of hiking and exploring, volunteering, taken Spanish lessons and used the local buses to get from A-B. I have already advised friends and people I have met on my travels within the country & even rescued two girls that were wandering lost in San José. I hope to move here one day. I also have friends in the Costa Rican travel industry so what I don't know, I can find out - they are full of knowledge!


I recently (jan - Jul 2010) spent six months in Costa Rica. In that time I spent a month getting TEFL certified in Quepos/Manuel Antonio. I spent most of my time in in Quepos/Manuel Antonio but also travelled to Dominical, Montezuma, Samara, Puerto Viejo, and Monte Verde with a couple of trips into Northern Panama (Bocas Del Toro) and Southern Nicaragua.

I can provide detailed information about the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area as well as general information about the other destinations mentioned above. I can also answer questions about Costa Rica in general.


I've been twice and can give you recommendations on cheap places to eat/stay in Tamarindo or La Fortuna


I have lived here for 3 years and have friends who have been here for many more years. I can tell you good places and bad, tourist traps and eco places, good beaches and reasonably priced hotels and guest houses. Property for sale or rent for people retiring or looking for investments and businesses. Just ask me, happy to help!


Costa rica its Beutiful country :)


Santo Domingo de Heredia, in the center of Costa Rica, near airports and excellent public transport, is a good town (base camp) from where to discover the country's fascinating attractions: easy day trips to discover fauna and flora, volcanoes and national parks, and practice rafting, mountain biking, bungee jumping , hiking. The Pacific and Atlantic coasts are a mere 2 hours' drive away.
You may find culturally interesting and reasonably priced places off the beaten track where to stay. And if your goal is to learn Spanish, several language institutes are located nearby.


I am from Costa Rica, if you have any question, please let me know and I will try to help you. Have a nice day!


travelled the whole country,loved it

i c e

I'm 19. I just drove the panamerican highway With my family, to panama and back and spent good time in each country. If you would like any help or reliable info just ask!! Love this part of the world!! Speak Spanish! Been all over the world!

Glad to help in any way!!



Because i`m from Costa Rica and have traveled all around the country.


My first trip in Costa Rica was in 2007.
I keep on traveling EVERY year to that wonderful country.
I'm totally in love with the culture, people, food, fruits and everything here (except scorpions of course!).
Feel free to ask me about anything. I will really try my best to give to most sincere answer I can give.


Hi Guys!!! Im a costarrican, and i have traveled a lot, specially in Europe as a backpacker... so i know some things about traveling!!! I can help you about Costa Rica and everything about it... so tell me what do you want to know... where do you want to go and what do we have for you in Costa Rica...!!! I dont have a turism company and i just want to meet people from other countries and have fun!!! So, come to Costa Rica and lets have fun!!!


Because I have been traveling for over 2 months as an Volunteer around Costa Rica and will continue do so in one more month and can provide tips and "do's and don'ts" for places and such. I am also a working photographer and videographer and will help other with same interest how to travel best with their gear and what do think of and be careful for.


I have lived in Costa Rica for more than 5 years. I have my own agency here and would love to help with info or help with planning of your CR vacation . Costa Rica is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Hope you can join us soon!


I live and work in Costa Rica as a surfing instructor and guide. If you want to learn how to surf or just find out the best beaches in Costa Rica to surf, then contact me.

[email protected]


I have owned a famous B&B Country Inn in Costa Rica and I can help with Airport pick up, rental cars and tours.Even if you would like suggestions for places to stay in other areas I would be glad to help. Happy trails :)
email me at
[email protected]
check out my website


I have been to Costa Rica 14 times as I have family who has lived here for over 30 years. I haved travelled in every province of the country and I have been here for 6 months this visit. I have inside knowledge of the country and culture and know what it's like to be a visitor from the North! I always want to learn more about the country so ask me anything and I will tell you from experience or find the answer for you!


We can help you find real estate for rent or to buy.
Also if you are loooking for a vacation rental.
If you want to visit Guanacaste, Nosara then we can help you with information about tours, surf etc.
The same for Puntarenas, Jaco.
No matter what question you have just ask and we will try to help you.


Sustainable Tourism in harmony with nature.

Hello Friends. As your personal local contact, my hope is to be able to assist you in planning your vacation to this beautiful country. My extensive experience in the CostaRican eco tourism sector allows me to understand the unique needs of travelers visiting us from abroad. With that knowledge at your disposal. I offer my services to assist you in preparing your perfect vacation. Taking advange of my experience not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy nature Costa Rica style, but also to help preserve it.

Ivan Espinosa

Phones: (506) 2258-0308
Fax: (506) 2258-0537
Phone 24 hours: (506) 820-1892
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site:

[email protected]


I just returned from visiting Costa Rica for 3 weeks and can give good advice regarding a lot of things, such as tourist attractions, tour companies, hotels, restaurants, and travel tips. I am glad to help.


I have travelled throughout Costa Rica twice. The first time was about six years ago and the second time was less than a month ago (2/06). I can tell someone where to stay for cheap and the best way to travel around the country.


Love this country! My knowledge is mostly based along the Pacific Coast.


I live in Costa Rica and can help with most general questions for here and some things about Panama.


I have a company dedicated to help, visit:


Hello I know very well Costa Rica I have been working in Tourist Information since I was 15 years old , so if you need to know cool places to visit here in Costa Rica Costact me I´ll be happy to help you..


Love it, love it! I've been from one side of the country to the other. General recommendations, my favorite places, out of the way places to avoid the touristy areas, etc.


I can give some information about nice places to go in Costa rica and cheap hotels.


My name is Jose Luis I am Costarrican . I lived and worked in Costa Rica, we have a travel company, we help to customize Costa Rica Vacations Visit our site or send email to [email protected]


I have beeen traveling to Costa Rica for 9 years and have seen and experienced the entire country using every type of transportation. My brother and I own land on the Nicoya Peninsula and plan on building a house in the next couple of years.


Lived and worked in Costa Rica, and independantly travelled the whole country on a separate occasion. Also Panama, and most of South America as a budget backpacker! I can help you to travel as cheaply as possible!NOT AN AGENCY!!


Just come back from costa rica. One place to not miss. Ask me about accomodation, places of interest, tours etc. This is the most organized of my tours so far .. so i'll have addresses of places i stayed in etc.

marcia A

I spent 2 1/2 months in costa rica during the summer of 2005. I traveled around so I would be happy to answer questions.


General Travel info on Costa Rica, plus a little surf info.


I lived in Costa Rica for 3 years and I know alot about tha country. I know all of the places to have fun, (beaches, canopy tour, quad riding, horseback trails.) I know where the best schools are (Guanacaste, San Jose.) San Jose is the capital and is very crowded. Tamarindo is on the Coast and is very small and lovely, lots of surfing and fun. I know where the hot springs and volcanic mud is. Trabicon Hotel in La Fortuna is the most expenssive but by far the best. Lake Aranal is great for wind surfing. So thats about have of what i knoow about Costa Rica if you need more info. e-mail me [email protected] or send me a message through travellerspoint messenging.

Brooke Roberts


While I lived in Ecuador I worked for a travel agency and spend a lot of time in Costa Rica, so i can advise on where to go, where to stay etc.


I can give some information about nice places to go in Costa rica and cheap hotels.

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