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For the last 30 years I have experienced both countries (Italy and Croatia) as a tourist, as a guide. But perhaps most important to you... I am born in Croatia and I am a resident in Milan!


I've been there on a guided tour on 2003, and have been really surprised by this Country.


Any advice you need, I'm here for you (food, prices, accomodation, sport...) Just ask, and I'll answer you asap!


If you need insider's advice about Zagreb, Rab Island or Starigrad Paklenica/National park Paklenica area, especially from natural/geoheritage aspect, I can probably help you as I've spent a lot of time vacationing or working on Rab and in Starigrad, while I was born and live in Zagreb.
As I'm also a graduate student of geography (and geology), I might be able to answer your more general questions about Croatia/its regions/cities.


Hi, I'm Croat and I not only lived nearly all my life in Croatia but I also travelled a lot in my home country, so if you need help or advice to which place to go, what to visit or how to get around, don't hesitate to ask me and I would be glad to help you.


info on accommodation, transportation,advice - cultural and natural heritage


I am living in Croatia, so I am sure that i can give you some regular advices, find necessary information....


As a 19 year-old, half Dutch/half Croatian girl I think I might be able to answer some questions for you. I have knowledge about basically all provinces and especially Central Croatia. Plus I think that the younger audience in particular find my information useful. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions about this awesome country!


I am very knowledgeable about The Dalmation Coast of Croatia. specifically the Makarska Riviera areas south of Split and the neighboring islands south to dubrovnik. I have lived a year in croatia and worked as a tour guide. I am a very good resource for hiking information, beaches and local customs and pretty much anything croatian! accomodations as well.


Hi everyone! If you need any info about Croatia in general (how to get here, sights, local transportation, any curiosities...) and/or about my hometown Split, feel free to send me a message, I'd be glad to help if I can. :)


Jeg er spesialist på øya Lopud som ligger 50 minutter med ferge fra havnen i Dubrovnik. Bilfri, frodig idyll med flotte sandstrender og turområder, derfor svært barnevennelig. Øya har kun 220 fastboende og jeg kjenner de fleste innbyggerne etter å ha feriert der i mange år. Her er det deilig å feriere fra april til oktober. Gjestfrie mennesker - på Lopud bor og spiser du billig! Jeg kan være et bindeledd mellom deg og private overnattingsteder. Det er bare å spørre meg om du lurer på noe ang. Lopud, jeg hjelper deg gjerne :-)

I know a lot about the paradis island Lopud, 50 minute from Dubrovnik. I can help you to find a place to stay :-) Lopud is a small and peacefull island with no cars and sandy beaches.


Contact me for information about Hvar, Croatia


I live in Croatia, near Zagreb, and i can give basic informations how to get in Croatia and where to find more informations about everything.


I have been travel arround Crotia for 3 weeks, so if you are traveling there may be I can help


Croatia is a beautiful country! If you are planning to travel here don't worry you won't regretted. Don’t hesitate to ask me for help. Bye!!


not the whole croatia but i can help you with islands in central dalmatia


i live there, i can help with good or cheap accomodation, information, or with extra facilities


Information about Split, islands in Dalmatia, bus, ferry, travell connections, Zagreb


Sailing in Croatia, How to charter a boat in Croatia.


holiday there by car from rovinj to split

No Croatia questions; but all the answers on Croatia travel?

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