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Travelled by car through this magnificent country of caribbean communism. Ask for information as much as you want. Visited Havana, Vinales region, Trinidad, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa.


Cuba is one of the most amazing countries I have visited, it is such a contrast to all other countried I have been! I will try my best to answer any questions you may have. Cuba is one place you need to be extremely well prepared for to avoid any frustrations on your holidays!


Born, raised, educated and living in the island all my life and worked during 10 years in the tourist industry for a foreign travel agency officially registered in Cuba. Due to my previous job I used to travel..

Cesar Omar

giving addresses and useful phone numbers along the island


I was born and raised in Cuba. Fortunatelly I had the change to travel a lot inside my country. I go to Cuba every two years to visit my family and friends.


I can share my experience, tips and memories :)


Info about Cuba ... whatever :)


I've had 45 visits to Cuba since 1997, a large number of those were two months in length. I've been from one end of Cuba to the other and have spent some time in most large towns. I spend most of my time now in La Isla de La Juventud. I enjoy Cuba and think the people are great, I'm American and they treat me with respect and friendlyness, which is surprising, considering the political history we've had. I'd do whatever I could to help someone enjoy there stay in Cuba. Lew


I am cuban, I work as a travel consultant, I travel around Cuba many times and I know well the destination

No Cuba questions; but all the answers on Cuba travel?

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