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Lived in the UK all my life, mostly in England, and have travelled extensively throughout the country. :-)


Lived in the UK for the last 10 years or so,2 years in Yorkshire, the rest in London and Surrey.Know a good amount of where to go and how to do it cheaper.


I run a tourist information centre that can supply you with an excellent range of information about Norfolk, a county 2 hours North of London


Born and raised there, particular knowledge of the South of England and of the Channel Islands. Can tell you about some of the great heritage sites, castles, German hospitals and bunkers, good times to travel, accommodations in general. Just ask me....


How to get to, how to get around, people, culture, food, prices, accommodation, places to visit, places to avoid


I have a vast knowledge of the Isle of Wight and a good knowledge of Brighton and the surrounding area. I am now discovering London so I may be able to help with that.

I study modern British and European History, so if you need any historical information to help with your travels then please ask :)


I am fond of to stay in new accommodations, so I know all about best accommodations in London.


Travelled extensivelyaround England all my life


Hello, I need help on conniving my mom to move to England and she has been thinking for about couple of months now and how can you convince her to move to England!

Thanks Sarah


I have lived in England all my live (apart from a couple of jaunts away to travel in other parts of the world!), in several different areas and... I run a travel company, Great British Escapes, which arranges tailor-made holidays in Britain, so I travel extensively in Britain for my job. Very happy to help if I can.


Travel details or advice on England, places of interest, national parks and tour intinaries.


I live here! I know a fair bit about the country but in particular Sheffield, South Yorkshire. If you want to know about nightlife, restaurants transport, etc give me a shout! Also ask me about the Derbyshire Peak district!

I grew up in Cheshire, and not far from Stoke on Trent, so I can try and help with that!


I live in Yorkshire and I can help with enquiries about Lancashire and Yorkshire northwards.
From younger days I can help with Devon and Cornwall.


Have worked in the Lake District in Cumbria. Can provide all sorts of information concerning the Southern and Western Lake District in particular (Kendal, Ulverston, Millom area)


Born in London, now living in Somerset.. Can help with London, Somerset Devon and Cornwall.. Advice or any help.. I will do my best to find our for you if I dont know already!...


This is such an easy to country to get around for an N. American you may not need much help. My favorite town was Bath and favorite area was the Lake District.


I have lived here practically all my life so am willing and able to offer advise and tips to any would-be traveller to these lush if not completely overcrowded shores!


Grew up in London and went to university in Manchester. Plus have travelled around a lot!


general advice on travel around the UK based in Nottingham so can help quite a bit on travel in the east midlands


Helping with advice about the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire


I speak English, Chinese, Cantonese. Whoever speak the languages listed above, I could probably be helpful for them.


I live, work and play in the Lake District and am an active climber/walker


i have lived in london for 20 years .im from scotland originally. would be happy to advise on any topic re london or scotland, the auld country :) please ask ... john


Born in England and returned to live there for 12 years. Went to Warwick University (if anyone needs information about university life in the UK)and have extensive knowledge on London, Kent, Berkshire and the South West.


I have lived and worked in Manchester in the north of england for the last 27 years of my life. I love the place and think it has a lot going for it. If you are thinking of coming to the north of england and making manchester your base, get in touch with me and I will see I can help you - if not I will find out what it is you need to know!


I have lived in the old university city of Oxford for several years and would be happy to help with travellers' queries.

Where can I...
...go for an open-air swim?
...get a late night drink?
...follow in the footsteps of Chelsea Clinton when I get the midnight munchies?

Jayney D

Was born and raised in England. Brought up in the North East of England and have lived in West Yorkshire for 8 years (3 in Leeds).
Can help with things to do, places to visit etc, particularly historical places.


I'm born and bred in Somerset. Lived in Taunton for most of my 23 years, but spent 4 years at Uni in Plymouth and now in Bristol. I know most of the good places to visit in the south west area (Devon, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire)


i was born here and grew up in Bournemouth , south england and have been to many places around england over the years!


I have lived in North England for 3 years and teach there.


Ask me about the Forest of Dean, Gloucester & Gloucestershire. I'd love to help with any queries you have :)


Advising people arriving in London on the easiest way to find flexible, fun and well paid work.


Willing to help anyone who is planning on visiting Manchester. I have a large knowledge of good places to go especially nightlife!


London, Liverpool, Manchester

matt p

Can give advise on a good range of destinations in England. Including: castles, seaside towns, walks, countryside, shopping etc.
(also spent short time in Egypt & Scotland)


I can provide accomodation in England in nice clean sunny room in beautiful village with river and castle.


I have never been to Europe and an planning a trip to the Alnwick International Music Festival in Northumberland England. Would like to heare from people who have travelled or live in that area.
Has anyone been to the festival in past years?


pretty much anything you want to know, esp. channel islands. home!

Emma B

I have lived in the north, the midlands, and now the south of England so I know my way around my home land quite well.


Having lived in England all my life and being very familiar with all our public transport systems I'd be more than happy to help anyone with any queries. I'm afraid I'm limited to being a soft 'southener' so any questions about London, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire etc I'd love to help you...

Si usted está viniendo a Inglaterra de un país Hispanico, podría contestar su pregunta en español.. :)


Know a lot about Nottingham and the Peak District can help with most things including places to go, camp sites etc...


Indepth knowege of most of the country. where to go, and where not to go!


Surrounding area


Born and raised there...I still return to visit family and friends. I know how to make a £ stretch like a rubber band! Stayed in hostels, b and b, and hotels. Happy to give any advice you need.


Britannia rules the waves


Want to know about the best places to go in North West England? (i.e, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool) I can give you advise on where to go if you are interested in the alternative rock scene, places to shop and clubs to check out etc.


Well I live in England I have traveled through most of the country... and Scotland, Wales.
Scotland is my favourite place in the country and I have traveled their extensively... I also live in East anglia and know that very well,
Its the land of the Iceni...


Questions about Northumberland and the North of England, that is Northumberland and Cumbria are my area of expertise.


You can question me about London, the underground, places to visit, where to stay,...

No England questions; but all the answers on England travel?

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