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Coral Coast.
Family travel.
How to shave and cut your face in a humid climate.


I first came to Fiji working on one of the first cruise ships that docked in Suva, as a member of the ship's Entertainment Staff. That was when Suva was still a sleepy little tropical village. My first dozen visits were with the Queen Frederika, but in the years to follow I was there frequently as a Tour Director, and as such flew into Nadi. I know a lot of places to visit, island hopping, fishing, resorts and the Korolevu Coast I know better than the not as popular North Coast. I love Fiji, - but not Suva so much anymore. I can of course explain........d:o)


Did the most touristy and least touristy things in Fiji over a 2 weeks period. Visited the entire main island thoroughly.


Fiji Experience
General travel inculding island hopping


Spent two and a half months there in 1998, went to many different islands and lived with the locals. I can give advice on places and local customs.


I can give info on very cheap accommodation through staying in local villages. If you are interested in experiencing traditional Fijian village life, traditional foods, adventures in remote places, trekking, and seeing your tourist dollar go straight back into local communities, I can give you some directions.

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