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We are an Irish\Ecuadorian\Canadian couple living in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal, Galapagos. Maria Elena is from the Islands and spent 20 years in Canada. Sean is Irish by way of England, Africa and Canada. We have summered here since 1997 and moved to San Cristobal permanently in 2008. We operate a travel agency, specialising in Vivencial Fishing (the only kind of fishing that is legal for visitors). We're happy to answer questions about life in the Galapagos, fishing in the Galapagos (now there's a tricky subject), visiting, cruising, diving or simply respond to curiosity about this truly unique environment and the special challenges it faces.


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I have been in the Galapagos for the past 9 months, I had my home there, worked there. I will be back again in December 2011 for a 2-year period. Anything you want to know about San Cristobal, I can tell you. Intersted in nature, wildlife, beaches, nightlife, travelling between the islands (and no... it's not only government people who take the inter island flights... everyone does when they can), volunteer opportunities... etc.

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