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Native German. Art historian with a focus on architecture and cultural history, which requires a lot of travelling and seeing places. Having lived in four different federal states and having travelled all 16, I'll happily try to help with questions about my country.


I lived in Germany and still visit there frequently. I am most familiar with southwestern and southeastern Germany. I have extensive experience traveling by rail and purchasing tickets online.


Native German with some 30 years of experience living in this country. I can't help with Berlin, but feel free to ask a question about the rest of the country.


Hi there :-)

I live in Germany and like my country, especially Bavaria and Rhineland Palatinate. I would love to help with any questions about history, planning, architecture, churches etc.

Thanks :-)


Iam am of German decent,speak the language and we travel there regularly, and are willing to offer any help we can.


I know Hessen pretty well, I've been there many times. I am living occasionaly in Darmstadt, 25 or so km away from Frankfurt. I would be happy to help you around if i'm there the same time as you! :)


I have been living in Germany for over 10 years and have extensively travelled in the North, East, South and West Germany. Now am based in Düsseldorf, western part of Germany. Anyone visitng Germany esp. to Düsseldorf can contact me shall be happy to to be your guide.....


I am German and have lived in Germany all my life. I have travelled around a lot, not only in Germany but in most European countries and Australia. I am from Kassel, currently living and studying in Marburg and am most familiar with Hessen and central Germany but might also be able to answer questions about other regions and cities or find out things that are only available on the internet in German, so don't hesitate to ask!


Having moved around in Germany quite a bit, I might be able to give you some inside information especially about the bigger cities like Hamburg and Berlin.


If you are going to Germany, I can give suggestions on what to do - and work out a detailed plan for your travels off the beaten track if you want it. All you need to do is tell me your schedule, your budget and what kind of things you are interested in.

I will also help you figure out that tricky German website, if you need it.


I studied german at university and was in Germany several times for study or vacation.



I am currently living in Luxembourg & travelling extensively throughout Germany and I will be happy to help you with any query you may have about Germany travelling tips. Do feel free to check my blog Escapades around the 3 borders Country which will already provide you with some interesting informations about many places around Germany


If you come around Nuremberg drop me a line...but also for other parts of Germany or Europe !!!


I lived in germany for 5 years, in Koln NRW.


native German, especially South: Stuttgart, Konstanz, Baden-Baden


The Netherlands is situated next to Germany. Part of my family lives in Germany so for regular questions I should be able to help out on this country too. I also speak German so if there are any help requirements necessary you can also let me know in German.


I travelled in Germany last year. I am familiar with the Autobahn network in the country and U-Bahn system in Münich. I went to Heidelberg, Weinheim, Rothenburg, Münich, Dachau, Oberammergau, Füßen and I crossed the border into western Austria. So if you need any help feel free to ask. I also speak some German and can help you with common phrases.


Lived in cologne for half a year.


Anybody visiting Berlin, Germany can contact me, I shall be happy to be your guide to show/recommend you some of the nicest places in Berlin.


Lived here most my life.


I live in Bavaria, not so far from Munich


Information on how to use regional and city trains.


I am living and studying in Hamburg. Great place to be and would like to share my knowledge. Also about Leipzig I know quite a lot, have lived there for nearly 18 years.


Born in Hong Kong, but having been living in Germany for 5 years.

Individual travel experience: Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Scottland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA
AND, of course, Hong Kong :)

Welcome to share travel info / experience!


Ive lived in Freiburg, Heidelberg, and in a small town near Munich (Prien) and have traveled fairly extensively around the rest of the country.


I live in (and love!) north Germany and both seas :-) So if you need any help in finding accomodation or calling them (i know that German's not the easiest language on earth)... feel free to ask me.


hamburg/northern germany; this is where i live ;) drop me a line in case you need some advise. ill also try to help you with other parts of germany.


Well, I live in Freiburg in the very southwestern corner of Germany. Nice city (often praised for its alleged mediterranean flair) close to the black forest, France and Switzerland. Drop me a line for any more particular help.


I live in Germany (close to Frankfurt) and can help with all kind of information. I have visited lots of cities here and can also tell you more about education, universities and so on.


i live in cologne-it´s an amazing city with a million things to see and to do-there´s a lot of cultur and fun-stuff going on! i just love this place!

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