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I'm 19. I just drove the panamerican highway With my family, to panama and back and spent good time in each country. If you would like any help or reliable info just ask!! Love this part of the world!! Speak Spanish! Been all over the world!

Glad to help in any way!!



I can help you answering any question about Guatemala because I had live all my life in this beautiful country and I can recommend you the places, restaurants, hotels, etc. that best suits your necessity.


I spent a glorious month travelling Guatamala-by far the bast experience of my trip around Central America. Breathtaking


Ask me anything about Guatmala!!! :)


I've been living in Guatemala since August'06 and plan to be here for at least 3 years. There is lots to see and do for the active person! From affordable sailing to climbing active volcanoes!
Just let me know how i can help!


Live in Antigua Guatemala.


I've travelled somewhat extensively in the central highlands- the most popular area to visit- and also to Tikal. I know people there for those interested in staying in a small mountain village and helping out with projects or meeting Mayan weaver families.


In 2006 I write:
I have been back to Guatemala, this time for 6 months! It is an amazing country and I recommend it to everybody to go there!
In 2004 I wrote:
I have been there for just 3 weeks and also tried to study some spanish. But I have been there on my own and I can tell you a lot about the things I have done because it was one of my best vacations.


My family is from Guatemala City, just ask.


am a travel and tourism specialist for the entire Central American region stretching from Guatemala through Costa Rica, based in El Salvador, a still exotic destination in the heart of Central America. I live and work in the region for over 18 years so am not just another traveler passing through. I speak the language and am deeply immersed in the culture, customs and history of the pueblo(people). Donald T. Lee

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