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I am Dutch, but I have lived 26 of my now 77 years in Indonesia. Presently with my wife I settled in Spain. In retirement we re-visited Bali (which I have known since 1969 when Bali was still untouched by mass tourism) and explored Aceh, Sumbawa, Flores, Timor (including Timor-Leste) and West-Kalimantan. Our interests are history, culture and unspoiled nature. I am open to any questions, if your travelling style is off-the-beaten path.


"Have travelled through-out Indonesia, from Pulau Weh in the west, to Kupang in the east, including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Bali and Nusa Tenggara..."


I live in Jakarta, travel to Bandung and Bali often, have travelled to Lombok and Yogyakarta a couple of times. If you need some info about Indonesia especially those places, just ask me and I will try to help you.


I am an Indonesian, live in Jakarta. I can help you out with informations you might want to know before you fly to Indonesia.


I'm Indonesian but I'm living in Seoul, South Korea, now. I was born in Malang, Eastest part of Java island and I've spent my teenager time in Bandung, West Java. For everyone, especially from Korea, who wants to go Indonesia for travelling or anything and you have trouble with Indonesia situation, you can contact me. I'm happy to help you.


How to get to, how to get around, people, culture, food, prices, accommodation, places to visit, places to avoid


I can help with questions on Lombok, specifically the south of the island around Kuta, where I am based.


I have travelled to Indonesia 9 times since 1997 and spent a total of about 18 months there. Areas I know are: West Java, West Sumatra and North Sumatra. Have my own free english school in West Java where travellers can volunteer to help the students practise their English.
In 2006 I spent a wonderful 5.5 months wandering around Java, Sumatra, Aceh, few days in Bali, 5 days at Kuta south Lombok and 6 days in South Sulawesi.
In 2008 I spent one month in Java, Sumatra.
In 2009 I spent 11 days in Java and Bali.
Currently my visiting money is sent privately sponsoring an unbelievably talented young Bukit Lawang man to study a Bachelor of Fashion Design in Jakarta.


I like travelling. I am live in Malang East of Java where many famous tourist place. I work as a tour operator and staff of Kampong Tourist. One of Backpacker hostel in Malang. I think Kampong Tourist is the only cheaper hostel in Malang with a nice place. I can answer and help you to find the cheapest way to travel around east of Java. I was live in Jakarta also. I can help you if you want to know something in Jakarta. I will do my best to help traveller.


I was a citizen of Indonesia who is familiar with the culture and tourism in my country, because I love travel trip so I decided to build a company called "Golden Angelz Tour Event & Organizer" who handles many domestic and international tourists who want to visit once to know the culture and tourism in Indonesia, for friends who wish to visit the Indonesian state and in need of your help at the same information can contact me:

Hotline : +62 81251812383 / +62 8998811991
Blackberry Pin : 520EC748
Line + Whatsapp : +62 8998811991
YM + Msn : jimzbronx
Email : /
Blog :


I'm Indonesian and have lived in and traveled to different parts of Indonesia. Currently I work in Nias Island, North Sumatra. I can help you travellers who wants to get useful info about South Sulawesi, Jakarta, Bandung, Nias Island and northern Sumatra in general.


My hometown especially bandung, the capital of west java province. I know some special interesting places in bandung and its surrounding.


I have spent almost seven years living in Indonesia and majored in the language at university. I have travelled around Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok and South Sulawesi.


part of the time I am living on Bali so I can arrange a lot of things and have contacts there.

Tety Gints

As a local tour guide I know many things about my country and especially for my region, north sumatra. If you wanna know anything about tourist destination in north sumatra, just let me know. I will kindly to help you :). You can email me, or directly find me on blackberry, invite my pin 27a0023b or on whatsapp at +6287879435298.

Tety Ginting

Hallo... my name is Tety and i'm an indonsian. i live in Medan in Nort Sumatera. Currently i work as a guide tour in a Peranakans museum.
Let me help you if you wanna visit my place one day. I know many things and interesting place in North Sumatera.


Email me or post your question about Indonesia especially Bali to


I'm native Indonesian, and at the moment, I also live here, in Bandung to be precise.

I have been lived in some places in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Medan, Bukittinggi, Ambon, and Banjarmasin.
I also have travelled to Palembang, Bangka Island, Nias Island, Bali, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Halmahera.

Just to know that you're not alone, just give me a holler if you feel like you going to those area.

I can travel with you (not only to those places, but also RTW if necessary), or I can help you anything that I can, including share you my couch.




I live at Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.
Living here since i was a little child i can show you what interesting to be found in jakarta from locals perspective. Where to sleep, what transportation to be choosen, where to go .. all differ to individual preferences.
Have been living in and visiting several city in Indonesia : Pangkal pinang, Banda aceh, Surabaya, Bandung, Malang , Yogyakarta and Bali.
Will be happy to answer all of ur question (--;)


What to see in Bali, how to travel arround the island,...


If you do like trecking and camping in nature please just contact me for Bali, Indonesia.
E-mail to :


I can help you to provide many information and tips in North Sumatra and Bali..
For Bali region you can as my help for sure..I lived in here..About North Sumatra, i've been there for 20 I know exactly each parts of North Sumatra.


i was a backpacker for 3 years, and i already walking around indonesia and Montana to Utah,US..
i can help you to find a better and cheaper accomodation if you wants to traveling through Indonesia..
just count on me....


i can explain many things u need to know before you go to indonesia,don't be hestitate to ask question to me

i will help you for sure


Hey there, I was borned in Indonesia and now live in Malaysia. I travel to Indonesia almost twice a year as there are so many beautiful place to visit and revisit! Lemme know if I could be of any help... I hope I can. CiaO!


I live in Bali, so anything Balinese is my forte....


If any travellling information, about the ittinerrary, how to travel to the places of interest, and some hotels information, some people who you can contact. and traveller can have some ideas ofn the destination

Dee Pan

Hi everyone, I am A North Sumatran living in Bali. If u need any assistance about great places in Bali, what to do n what to buy, or may be u need any accomodations or transport while u are in Bali, please dont hesitate to contact me at



I can organise your accomadation, tour and holidays


general advice and help on bali and gili isalnds


I have been in this area of the world 3 out of the last 5 years and have traveled extensively through SE Asia. Feel free to contact me about gettting around out here.


If you Need my assistance for your traveling to Bali just contact me at +62.361.8528176 or +62.81337286437 by e-mail :


i was born and grown up in indonesia for 17 years. i'll help u if you have some questions. i'll do my best to answer it. just feel free to ask.


Hi I'm Putri from Indonesia.I travel a lot in my country. Mostly I go hiking. If there is something you like to know about Indonesia,hotel rates, many interesting place, hopely I can help you.


I am Indonesian for sure :-), spending my high school and university study for 8 years in Yogyakarta and was involving in Yogyakarta Youth Tourism for about 5 years. I'm happily to assist for virtually anything you need to know about Yogyakarta and nearby city. For mountainers, we could share experiences for I have been up to top of every Java's mountain :-).

I have also travelled to North Sumatera (Medan, Asahan, Toba Lake), North Sulawesi (Manado, Bunaken), West Flores (Komodo) and not to mention ordinary tourism site: Bali & Lombok ;-).


All you need to visit Bali and other region in Indonesia, I'm ready to help you. I'm a travel agent in Indonesia. I'm very happy to give you a nice vacation in Indonesia.


Hi, My names Obet, I am from Toraja, Sulawesi. If you are planning to travel to Sulawesi, ask me anythings. I will be happy to share my knowledge of my area.

Regards, Obet


I may give some information, useful tips, and suggestion on visiting Indonesia. I dont promise i can anwers all inquiries about Indonesia -well, since Indonesia is a big country, having many islands (not only Bali hehe) it's almost impossible to comprehend all in your lifetime hehe- but i'll try my best. Hope i can be of help :-)


I can help with general tourist information about Bali.


I live in Jakarta. I know several places around this country. If you need some helps, just contact me.


I've spent quite a while in Indonesia in 2002 travelling from Sumatra all the way to East Timor. I'm desperately in love with that arcipelago so contact me 'coz love's the strongest force!


i've lived in bandung indonesia all my life.
so, if you have question about my city, feel free to help you


ive lived and studied in indonesia for 4 years, nough for me to know the basics......lemme know if ne of you backpackers need help.....taa

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