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I'm originally from Lithuania but have been living in Dublin (Ireland) since 2001. Feel free to ask anything about Lithuania or Ireland... or any of the countries I have visited already. Glad to share my experiences and travel knowledge.


Been living in Dublin all my life, I lived in the city centre for 6 years. Living south Dublin and I am well clued in about the history of Dublin and of the country. Due to the nature of my work I end up driving to the 4 corners of this country on a regular places. I could get you from A-B the quickest or the most scenic way you want


If you have any specific questions on Ireland and can't find them on the net I'll be glad to have a look as I live in Ireland.


Originally from Ireland and before leaving spent some time travelling around it, as I don't drive I can help you out with getting around using public transport...


I lived in the Wicklow Mountains for eight months and have traveled a lot of the island.


Im from the North of Ireland - but l have travelled extensively around the Republic of Ireland and l know Dublin & Galway pretty well


Traveled on my own in Ireland three times.
Dublin, Galway, Buren, Cliffs of Mohre, Ring of Kerry, Dingle, and many point between.
Love pubs and music... and scenery.


I am Irish and have lived here all my life. I grew up in the West and now live in Dublin. If I can help on any particular topic, I will be glad to!


Beacause I have been travelling to Irealnd and North Ireland since 1991


I have lived here my whole life, but I have travelled throughout the country so I know about the different sites around the country, what sort of time frame would suit for seeing different parts, and where is and is not worthwhile depending on duration of a visit.


My country of residence for the last 4 years. Did a lot of Travel around the whole Island.


I've lived in Ireland all my life and have travelled the length and breadth of the country - can give advice on everything from camping to renting cottages to hostelling to upmarket hotels. I'm from the Southwest of the COuntry but have also lived in Dublin for 7 yrs and Galway for 8 months.


I dont just visit country , i actually move there and live there . Normally 3-6 months in the country .Sometimes even longer


I am Irish and I love travelling all over my home country. There is so much to see and do here outside of the main cities but so many people stick to the well worn routes. Having your own transport is essential to explore the country properly but there are places in Donegal that are just breathtaking, or go the main hub of Kilarney to have Gleninchaquin national park to yourself!


My home country :-)


I live in Dublin and can give you any information you need, or simply meet up for a few beers!


i am Irish and have lived here all my life . I am in my forties so would not be as in tune with back packer accomodation here but know the country pretty well and can give some direction on websites , best places to visit etc


information on ireland - where to go , tips from travellers etc - wont be able to answer every question - but happy to help out with what i can


I haved lived in Ireland for many years and have traveled the whole country So should have no problems answering questions


I have lived in the rare old town of Dublin for almost 21 years so if anybody needs any help just let me know & I'll try my best :-)


I was born in Cork and have lived in Dublin the last 10 years. I know the country pretty extansively and spend as much time in Kerry as I possibly can.


Im irish and travelled throughout my own country


Lived there for three years


I try to get to Ireland as often as possible. Done some cycling there. Especially travelled in the West.


I've lived in Ireland for about 7 and a half months, on Inishmore (an island in the Aran Islands) and in Galway City. I know the west of ireland pretty well, and I have travelled the north, and I am familiar with a lot of irish customs! If you have any questions about Galway or Inishmore especially I'd be super glad to help! :) But general irish-related questions are welcomed too.


I'm Irish, and I live in Dublin:)


I lived and worked in Ireland (Dublin) for 7 years so if you need any advice on where to stay, eat, drink or shop feel free to contact me.


I am Dublin-born and lived in Ireland for over 30 years. I write a travel guide to Dublin called "Hidden Dublin" which contains alternative information on Dublin and Ireland.

You're most welcome to ask me about living in Ireland, transport, jobs, things to do, culture, music and virtually anything!


I'm living in Dublin since dec. 2006. I've travel around Ireland and I can give some advice in accomodation and best spots to visit.


I am from Ireland and have travelled extensively around it. I know where to go for sights, culture, water sports / adventure sports and as I really enjoy nitelife and restaurants I can also help with that!


Having worked as an Electronic site technican for the last 3 years, I have travelled a lot throughout the Irish cities and countryside and having clocked over 100,00 miles in the process, I can offer real good advice about all the best places and pubs to go, roads to take and hostels and hotels to stay in and those to avoid. Apart from my native city Dublin, I know all about Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway cities also! In many ways I am like a mini encloypedia of Ireland.


Born in Dublin I have lived, worked and socialised here for 35yrs! I know the Inns :-) and Outs. Drop me a line.


Hi there, I'm Irish, live in Dublin and I've done quite a bit of travelling around Ireland and the rest of the globe. Get in contact if you need any assistance.


I have lived in Northern Ireland all my life and I've travelled to the Republic a lot and do so regularly. I'll give you any help you need on Ireland, North or South


Need to know something about Ireland before heading over? Just drop me a message...


I have lived in Dublin for 4 years and shown many fellow Aussies around both Dublin and the whole of Ireland. If you have ANY questions just ask and I will help!

Bit Devine

On my numerous trips over to Ireland, I have toured Lodgings, stayed in numerous towns and cities and kept a log of the pros and cons of each place I vist. Here at home, I organize itineraries for travellers to Ireland, as well as setting up group travels.


I am from Ireland originally so can help with most enquiries!


I live in northern ireland and have been to the south many times. I love travelling and anything I can do to help you I will eg. trains, buses,accomodation, sightseeing, culture!


I have lived all my life just outside Belfast i am now 23. I have also travelled the country extensively including Dublin and the North East and West in particular. If there is anything i cannot help with immediately i am more than happy to research and find out for you. Hope i can help!!


i live in county donegal in the northwest of ireland and am always gathering information on the area to expand my website so i have a fairly good knowledge of the county - and anything i don't know straight away - well, i'm ideally positioned to find out!


live here. places to go, history, findin stuff, been all over it! best place this side of sanity!!


Anything to do with Irish music and dance in Dublin city. I am a professional traditional Irish musician and singer (I also own my own music venue). I will give you the impartial info you need to enjoy your expererience in Dublin.


I'm from Ireland and done some traveling, Spain for two years , Austraila for one, parts of Asia. I think the best traveltips can sometimes be sourced from local's so I happy to help others as others have helped me..


I know alot about these places! I live in Ireland.

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