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I lived in Tokyo and Yokohama 4 years and travel to Japan every year since 2008.
I'm preparing travels guides and i can read/writte japanese.


we are planning to travel to Japan for 2 month in July and August and looking for all helpful tips. What regions the best to visit this time of the year? What is the best way to book reasonably priced accommodations? It any free walking tours in the large cities in english? What is the best way to get to stay in the monastery and get to the not very touristy places?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


During the past few years of regular travel to Japan, we have seen and helped many tourists struggling with some of the travel basics, simply because Japan is a very unique country and sometimes presents the unexpected. We have also talked to many people who would love to travel to Japan, but are put off by perceived difficulties with language, transport logistics and thinking it is an expensive country to visit.


Ryokans instead of hotels. Etiquette.


I travelled in Kanto and Kansai areas of Japan, visited several places/towns/cities, and used train/shinkansen a lot. I will try to help with tips on transportation, accommodation, places of interests, local custom, or anything I might be able to help you with.


sapporo,japan -i go there every year-this year,2016 will be my 18th straight year of going to Sapporo


I am born and raised here in Japan (Kanto region) and traveled relatively well domestically and internationally. I'd be happy to give any insider tips of my country and can help with itinerary.

I'd be especially happy to introduce

- Hiking trails ( we have tons of stunning trails rather than Mt. Fuji! )
- Old traditional onsens which is a bit complicated to get to
- Art/Music events
- Micro-breweries of local craft beer
- Bar hopping info in Yokohama
- Traveling with infant/toddlers in Japan
- Gallery info of contemporary photography


I'm Japanese & have lived in Tokyo.
So I can help making your travel plan to Japan.
If I have enough time , I can guide around Tokyo to you.
I'm an office enough time is important.


I currently live in Kyoto near Ginkakuji (the Silver Temple) and Tetsu-gaku-no-michi (the Philospher's Path) in the north-east part of Kyoto. I can offer help with the local area, restaurants, places to see etc. I have also visited Nagano for snowboarding, Nara, Osaka, Nagoya and plan to go to Tokyo in September this year.


how to travel in Japan on the cheap, volunteering in Japan, culture, language, food, transport - especially for western Japan (Kansai) and the southern part of the country.


I dotn just visit country , i actually move there and live there for awhile . Normally 3-6 months


English walking guide tour around Nara Park area, From Kofukuji Temple, Buddah Hall to Kasuga Shrine.

I was doing guide tour for Japanese school trip students.
Now, I 'd like to start voluteer English walking tour guide for foreign tourists.


Japan is my country and I have travelled to many places within this country. I would like to help travellers as much as possible : )


Greetings! I've lived in Japan now for ten years and every day I find that there are new things to discover and appreciate about this amazing country. I've been to 30 of Japan's 47 prefectures and have visited over 60 hot springs, most of which I hope to feature in upcoming blog posts. If you're planning a trip to Japan, I'll be happy to share with you my recommendations and answer any questions you might have. Happy trip planning!


I have travel through Japan before


I have lived here for 3 years so I may or may not be helpful.


Have lived in Japan for 2 years. Can help with tips from Tokyo to Yakushima (southwestern Japan) and any where in between.


Spent over 3 months travelling around Japan, including Tokyo, Nagoya, Nara, Kyoto, Kobe,Hiroshima,Osaka, Nagano, Fuji. Spent alot of time in Tokyo so know the city very well and have alot of friends livign there so can offer any advice needed


Travelled Japan by Shinkansen spending time in Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Hiroshima...cant really help with the Northern areas but I am happy to help with advice of good places to stay, things to see and do, Im really interested in Japanese cutlure as well so any questions give me a shout!Know some great shopping areas too!!!


was an exchange student in Japan (Gifu prefecture) for one year and travelled quite extensively throughout that period.


considering that im from japan and have lived there for 15 yrs, i think i could help you with pretty much everything. ive been to most of the prefectures. there may be a few that i havent been to, but im pretty confident that i know a lot about the country. so dont hesitate to contact me. I can speak english fluently, y hablo espanol un poco tambien. tomo una clase de espanol en la universidad. lol no puedo hablar la idioma bueno pero intento...


I lived in Japan for two years and am most familiar with Osaka, Tokyo, and Kobe.


I am a coodinator of tourism of ?????? city government.
So I am researching tourism and travel spots around my area & Japan.
If you are interested in the country side or traditional Japanese life style, I can help you.
My area is west side of Shimane prefecture.
We have a goodwill guides group and we will guide you when you come.
I can provide you home-stay family, if you are interested in. People who are practicing Japanese language are welcome.


I've lived in Nagoya for a year and done heaps of travelling, usually on a budget. Don't waste any of your holiday time in Nagoya but ask me about off the beaten track places and how to get discount tickets!


Spent several weeks travelling across Japan in October 2006. Fascinated by the country!


I live in Tokyo so I can give you up-to-date information on places to visit and fun things to do in Tokyo. This includes bars, clubs etc. I can also give tips on how to hitch-hike in Japan which will make your trip far more enjoyable and cheaper!! I'm pretty experienced in hitch-hiking!!


I am currently living in Japan and have been here for six years. I am most familiar with the Kansai area but have done a lot of traveling around Japan, including Okayama, Hiroshima, Okinawa, Gifu, Nagano, Wakayama and Mie prefectures. I am happy to help out with travel advice or if you have any general questions about Japan.


If you have any questions about life in Japan or about Japanese culture, I might be able to help!


All things Shizuoka (eels, melons, tea, Fuji Q roller coasters, blowfish...), fun things to do in Kyoto, going to school in Japan, and getting around Japan with minimal hair pulling. I've also been studying Japanese for about 4 years so I can give some language/culture pointers for foreigners abroad.


I left my own country, italy, to reach my dream, Jpana. I`m living here since 3 years now, married with a japanese mam. I visisted almost every place of japan,?in winter and summer, ski place, beaches, climbing and mountainbike`s race, big metropolis and small villages...I can really help how to survive!


I am living in Japan and can try to help with any questions you might have, especially pertaining to Tokyo or to the Yamanashi-ken area.


I travelled in Kanto region on weekends for 5 months mostly alone, taking public transport and eating where the locals ate. I could give suggestions if any is required.


I lived in southern Japan (Oita Prefecture) for two years and speak fluent Japanese. I can help with travelling in Japan, especially Kyushu, and could probably give some advice for foreigners living in or thinking about living in Japan, especially rural Japan.

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