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Game Parks Information,Hotel Accomodation information in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Safari Organization and transport.Shopping information in Kenya and nice beaches to spend your honeymoon


I'm not an expert on Kenya but I've travelled quite a bit in the Eastern and Southern bush. I've visited several safari parks and if I can help just ask.


Jambo! I am a huge lover of Africa in general, and have visited 26 countries on the continent. As a Int'l Tour Director I did a number of safaris in Kenya, some of them included Tanzania as well. I have an extensive knowledge of the various and plenty tour and safari operators in Kenya, and am familiar with most of the Kenyan destinations. I can also help with choosing an operator, and I am not trying to tout those I know personally, but rather help with choosing one from the on line pages of any and all of the local operators, and how to recognize the not-so-good from the good ones. Knowing how to tip on a safari is an art. Holla if you are contemplating a safari or Park and tribal visits in Kenya.........d:o)


Anybody out there who want to visit mount kenya,kilimanjaro or kenya in general.Iam an expert on that field, with a support of a team of proffesionals who assists me.I have a very good knowledge of the country's laws and customs and i can take you for a tour in any part of kenya and Tanzania.You can also ask me a question regarding any kind of a cultural tours or a good safari.In case of budget traveller.I can help you to find other fellow travellers with the same interest like you for you to join and travel together and lower the budget.Always committed for expert advices.You can now ask your question.welcome to Kenya!!!!


I am know much about travel destinations and conditions in Kenya. I have helped many travellers and I also run the travel blog


Am a Kenyan citizen by birth,I have educational knowledge about Kenya,I have a passion for my country and am also a tour operator


I am a profession tour operator in Kenya, based in Nairobi. I have handled over one thousand tourists with different itineraries. I know all the national parks, game reserves and tour destinations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. I know all the hotels, lodges and camps for accommodation in these parks/reserves. There is generally no travel related questions in Kenya that I cannot answer

wilfy Muya

I have lived in Kenya since birth and am an avid traveler of Kenya. Practically have been to all corners of Kenya and to most of the tourist attractions in Kenya.


I am Kenya and I have lived here since I was born. While in college I traveled all over Kenya because the cause I took dictates for one to travel Kenya. Moreover, I am a tour consultant and understand what travel is all about. I know what Kenya has to offer in tourism!


I am Kenyan, live in the Capital city Nairobi. In addition, run an content website( for all budget and backpack travelers across Kenya. Send in your questions and I shall be willing to assist you at any time.



All travel information and packages for honeymooners,business travellers,tourists in need of new adventure in the travel world.


I've been living here since 2005 and I'm working in tourism so I can give many usefull information to who is willing to receive.


hi every one i own a tour and safari company in kenya called danmi safaris ltd, i know everything about kenya and east africa , contact me for everything about accomodation,tours and safaris all the packages


Am a resident of Kenya and have live here for the rest of my life. I love traveling and that is why I created a blog called You can searcch for it and find more details and also in my profile.


Travelled many time trough East Africa. Got many feriends over there. Visited many place. So if I can help

Just ask!



I have lived in kenya for over 10 years and i have visited all the major destinations in kenya.I can say that kenya has a little bit of everything that a traveller may enjoy.


Travel, Tsavo National park, zoology,voluntours,volunteers,safety,accommodation,transportation,Masai Mara,cheap tours,other travel related issues


I have been able to visit many places in Kenya and exploited its vast wildlife and exotic scenery.I have gone to places like Maasai Mara national Park,Tsavo East and West national Park,Mount Kenya,Rift valley and the coast.I therefore have gud knowledge about Kenya and can therefore be able to advice someone who is willing to travel there.


advise on best place to visit and best operators


Kenya is my country. I live and work here and have so much insiders on the country. I wish to write, add and answer information on Kenya


Am a travel/tours consultant and am a kenyan myself so i believe in myself and that the information am going to give is correct!



I have visited almost all National parks in Kenya and Tanzania. I was also born and brought up in Kenya and Tanzania and i will definitely help other travelers with my knowledge and experience who want guidance before they visit Kenya or Tanzania.

Anthony Gitau


Have travelled extensively in Kenya as a tourist and for work.I know most of the interesting places to visit and how to get there and i would like to share my experience and knowledge with other travellers on this forum.


I can organize volunteer projects in fields of wildlife and Marine Conservation, accomodation and transportation with food.

I can organize excursions to Mount Kenya, Kilimajaro and the great rify valley.
I can organize student tours back packing in Kenya and lastly Bunjy Jumping, Kayaking and White water rafting in Kenya.


Anything any one would like to know i can be of help as i am currently living there.


I was born and raised in Kenya. I have good knowledge of faun and flora found in different places of this country. Are you travelling to Kenya? ask me any question and I will answer.


Lived in East Africa. Tribal language & customs knowledge.
Travel experience.


Safari, travel info, security, exchange rates, wildlife and general information


I am a graduate from the world famous Kenya Utalii College, having specialised in Tours & Travel and would like to be of help to anyone who needs factual touristic information about Kenya,Tanzania and Zanzibar.

In brief.......Kenya and Tanzania have some of the best National Parks in the world. The two countries boast of abundance of the big five( lion, cape buffalo, Savanna Elephant, Leopard and the Rhino) in her parks in big numbers. If the reason for travel is the big five, these are the counties to think of.
We have breath-taking scenary, snow capped mountains, millions of flamingoes.........not forgetting that Kenya is a bird paradise boasting of over 1000 different species,some of which are migratory.
Thinking of relaxing in the beach?.........Our Kenyan coast has some of the cleanest beaches......the fact that our country is within the tropics leaves no doubt that this is the place for sun-bathing,with world class beach hotels.


What do you want to know? travelling is my business. East and central is my point of interest. I am an African!


You need to travel to Kenya and have no idea what to do? I can give you indeep ideas about doing either wildlife, cultural tours, treks or walking holidays in prestine destination off the beaten tracks. All geared towards helping local communities benefit directly from tourism sector. I have been ecotourism industry for the last 12yrs and it has been a challenge to come up with activities that incorporate local communities to help preserve the environment and delicate cultures under threat. Let me hear what you need to know.


I am a Liverpooldlian, i travelled to Kenya at a tender age of 10 and fell in love with the country,i later went bak to become a citizen at 15 livedthere for 2yrs working as a tour consultant from 18 to 22.I have a home in Kisumu but i travel most of the time to check on my family.I can help by giving pieces of advice on recommendations, travel, tour itineraries, accomodations rates and costs/prices, weather, cultures,photography,politics and all that concerns Kenya


Helping those who want to know best travel points in kenya.Hotels where to stay especially Nairobi and there rates.Accompanying those who may want to be shown around, and much more aof Kenya surrounding.


I have operated a travel agency in East Africa for the last 10 years. Come and see the marvels of nature.East Africa provides untamed savannahs,pure wild that hasnot been touched by human activity. If you want to see all the BIG FIVE in a single game drive, then this is the place to be. Ask me anything about this, and i will give you the best deals you can think of.


I can help in any one who wants to come to Easta Africa for safaris & going with them for the safaris eg masaia mara,Amboseli,Tsavo,Samburu Mt.Kenya,Mombasa and the national parks in Tanzania and Uganda.Planning their itineray,finding accommodation from 5 star hotels to budget ones.Picking them from the airport on their arrival date at any time 24hours.
Am a tour agent based in Kenya that deals with all kind of safaris from Kenya -Uganda-Tanzania.I will be ready to help in anything to do with travel within East Africa.

Just contact me on:



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