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I made the trip from Pai in Northern Thailand to Luang Prabang via Van, and the Slow Boat up-river. Although the experience was beautiful in it's scenery going up river, some of the other legs of the journey can be a bit annoying, uncomfortable to some older travellers wanting to take the "Scenic route". I definitely think the "The road less travelled" in this case should be the 35 year olds and under. For as long as this route has been made available, it seems a pity that the operators of the different legs have not made it easier, more comfortable, and more accommodating to more seasoned travellers by re-investing some of their capital into an enterprise that could be made easier without effecting the overall cost of the journey.


Wicked country only been a few places but will help in any way i can


I travel to Laos a few times a year and love the place. Can guide you through the country without any problem. Not really sure about the border though


the countryside...


I have travelled into, all over and out of Laos overland. I have been to:

2-day slowboat trip on the Mekong from Chiang Rai
Luang Prabang
Van Viang
Si Phan Don (Don Khong and Don Det)
overland into Cambodia


General travel information on Laos, including hotels and tours.


With 12 years leading motorcycle tours through Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. I can provide all detail information you will need for your trip in those countries. I love adventures as discovery remote area. I DON'T LIKE TOURISTY AREA. If you looking for THE ADVENTURES OF A LIFE TIME just contact me to get all information you will need. You can post your question on this forum or email me at When you are in Vietnam you can call 0084912464880. I am volunteer to help you at any time


general travel and info


I travelled Laos in Jan./Feb. 2005

No Laos questions; but all the answers on Laos travel?

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