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I have lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the first 28 years of my life. Need help around Malaysia? Easy, just drop me a line! :-)


Hi folks,

As for the touristic attractions, I will leave you to browse thru the guidebooks. But if you want to know and do more...nature,rainforest,caves,river boat ride,trust me. Maybe you want to spend some time in Loagan Bunut National Park (Miri),Klias Wetlands (Sabah), Endau Rompin Park (Johor), or unheard areas like Sg Bebar for a blackwater experience & wrinkled hornbill watching...Feel free.


Answer enquiries on just about anything Malaysia especially the state Sarawak, where to go, where to stay, where to eat, what to do and who to look for if they need anything here. Will go the extra miles to assist them personally when they are here if I have to and if they seemed harmlessly helpless.


i can help with just about anythin


I visited 8 months back and it was guided by a family. So, I know more.


Traveled to Georgetown, Penang, Kuching,Borneo and the Genting Highlands (called the city of entertainment) in April 2005 for 3 weeks.


I am an expat who has lived in Malaysia for some time, and can give general help with travel quetions relating to Malaysia. I am particularly interested in nature and the outdoors.


A resident Langkawi Island - will help any tourists to get right information on the islands etc


How to get to, how to get around, people, culture, food, prices, accommodation, places to visit, places to avoid

Nisha J

Been to Malaysia many times, can help with budget travelling and to know about lesser known places.


I am from Malaysia and i can help to provide information of this country or especially tourism in Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia. Sarawak and Sabah is the two largest state of Malaysia and located at the Borneo Island. We welcome you to Sarawak and Sabah and try to answer your question as much as we could. Thank you.


Hi all feel free to drop me a mail regarding any enquires about Malaysia


A KLian (kuala lumpur citizen) for about 6 years now i think..haha
Occasionally I visit good places in vicinity of KL.
So I can help...i guess...
I'm more of a low budget traveller in and out of Malaysia.


I was born in Malaysia and spent 19 years living there before moving to New Zealand so I do know quite a bit of my country of origin. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know something.


i know some really unique places to visit


East coast of peninsular may ask anything!


If you ever need a personal guide in Malaysia especially in Kelantan, please contact me before your departure.


I live in Malaysia.I maybe helpful to share info about Malaysia.Travel & scuba diving in Malaysia info.


born in Malacca(Melaka), more than 20yrs staying there,
studied @ Penang island 3 yrs, didn't like the food there
moved to KL more than 7years
food lover

rasta de pablo

All Malaysian beutiful place I get u thre


Travelled Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo in summer 2005. Time of my life. Spent my time diving off its islands and am totally hooked. Borneo is a difficult place to travel but definitely worth the effort!


I was born in Penang, lived in Penang for all my life and absolutely love this small island. I'm always willing to share the little secrets of this lovely island. Drop me a line anytime!


been there like many people but maybe helpful when it comes to travelling remote as a woman alone with some strenous trips included.

Not Lost

The Perhentian Islands, Terengganu. I am an annual visitor to the Perhentians and can help with current happenings, accommodation and all practical information on these islands.


i can give tips on travel


Ready to offer help/advice/tips for those travelling around KL or any other parts in Malaysia.


I am local guy, can give info on Ipoh, Pangkor Island, Cameron Highland, Langkawi and Penang, provide info on accomodation, transport etc


Fr tropical rainforest with the secrets of million years to thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, malaysia is a constant revelation to its visitor.

As our country tagline "Malaysia Truly Asia" the harmonious blend of three main races and other indigenous cultures provide visitor with many exciting cultural festival and event throughout the year.

Malaysia spendours and natural beauty is best experienced and discovered, not just talked or read about so "Selamat Datang -welcome to malaysia". Visit us and enjoy the country.

Drop me a line & see if i could help you



I am a city girl from Malaysia who use to work with the Tourism Ministry. Travelling to Malaysia can be without its hassles. Seriously. Ask away.
Terima Kasih (if you know what this means, then start planning your trip already!)


I am a private tour guide. I can help in all travel tour related matters or answer any questions on Malaysia itself


I have lived in Melaka Malaysia for 50 over years and would be willing to help in any enquiries about Melaka, and Malaysia.


Hey there, I was borned in Indonesia and now live in Malaysia, hence I know Malaysia by heart. Lemme know if I could be of any help ... I hope I can. CiaO!


I'm a true born and bred Kuala Lumpur girl and love everything about my city. What's more, I adore meeting new people, so drop me a line if you want a local's perspective of this city/country. Area's of expertise: nightlife, food and insider information on KL's must-see's.


I am Malaysian citizen staying in Kuala Lumpur, capital citiy of Malaysia. I can give many information about hotel,food,places of interest and etc.

vasanthi govindan


I am a resident of Malaysia. Throughout the years I stroll around tourist spots in Malaysia.

From tourist attractions, accomodation, entertainment to local cuisines... I think I can give a helping hand for those who wish to travel to Malaysia.


Born and bred Malaysian, studied in Oz, living in England and am travelling Europe. I believe Malaysia is sadly, very misunderstood by loads of backpackers cos most of you just end up wandering about Chinatown whist waiting for your flight out to the next destination. The guidebooks just tell you the same stuff the Tourist Info would. And then everyone ends up doing the same thing as the other person. How predictable! To experience Malaysia, you need a local to give you that bit of insight to a country that would otherwise always only be known for its Twin Towers.


Hi. I studied in beautiful Borneo for 3 years and have travelled extensively during that period. If you have any queries with regards to travelling in Borneo, especially Sabah, please feel free to drop me a note. Will be more than glad to help.


I was born in Malaysia, and lived there for 20 years. Am now living in the UK. So anyone needing any help with anything, I will try my best to provide you with the information you need.


Can tell you where to go(whether you're into culture, beaches, clubbing etc) and where to stay (from low-end to high-end) and how to get from point A to B.


I'm Malaysian. I had been travel to most of the places in Malaysia. I hope my experiences can help.


i am a Malaysian. any kind of advice if i can help.


I can help give suggestions related to travels in Malaysia and ASIA


If you are coming by this way, bring along a bottle or two to drink! In return, you will get great local information and plenty of help on where to stay and eat. Message me for more!


I'm a Malaysian who staying in Kuala Lumpur. If anyone need a helping hand when you're planning to visit or during your stay, I'll be glad to help.
For those who come from Mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, I speak Mandarin , Cantonese and of course English and Malay too.


I spent a month in Malaysia last year. Visited Penang, Cameron Highlands, Koha Bharu, Kuala Lumpor, Kuala Terranganu, Perhenian Islands and Cherating.
Happy to answer any questions that you have.


willing to help ! :) Especially sarawak part, i will try my best to help u out!
Kuching, Sibu and sabah .

Mohd anuar

Whoever coming to malaysia i can say you are welcome and if you have any difficulty
in finding any information whichever i can
help pleasee-mail me earlier before your arrivals anything that i can help i will extend my helping hands.thanks.


I was raised up in West Malaysia and spend all my life in Selangor region. Am not a great traveller and would try my best to offer any info or help. Have work abit in Singapore and currently in the UK.

Marsha M

I can recommend some places to go and if you have questions about the people here, the culture or any type of concerns regarding going about in Malaysia, ask ahead!


Have extensive knowledge of Penang in particular following 13 visits, some knowledge of Kota Kinabalu.


I know well about Langkawi island in Malaysia. Need any infor Pls feel free to write me.


Anyone coming to Malaysia - Batu Pahat, Johor, let me know.


I have lived in Langkawi for over 20 years and I think that qualifies me as the person who can help anyone on everything about Langkawi.


There's more than meets the eye - as Optimus Prime always says. Hehe I am a fan of Autobots! I can help you with questions about Malaysia e.g how do you get around, how to do this, or that, in Malaysia. My hometown is Negeri Sembilan, and I can gladly take you to my hometown, visiting fruit orchards and me Granny too.


I know a lot about Malaysia and especially Langkawi. I have been travelling through Malaysia a lot of times and I live in Langkawi for 2,5 year now


travell together and be your tour guide - Malaysia is my neighbour country and I can speak all their local languages


i live in kuala lumpur, malaysia. you can ask me anything about kuala lumpur and malaysia as i love to travel.
i would help with no charge :)



i have travelled malaysia many times before and now i am studying in malaysia. i know west malaysia well and can be of help in giving various travel tips, specially on how to travel cheap!

any enquery welcome!



Tips about weather, Transportation, food, immigration rules, Accomodation or simply anything what have to do with traveling in Malaysia

I'm a foreigner located on Langkawi doing fishing & Boat tours. I speak the language and travelled all over malaysia several times by car or using bus.


I've been to Penang, Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Malacca, JB etc. I can tell u where to stay, rip-offs peculiar to the country, where to stay, how to move about, etc.


Where to visit
Where are cultural and historcial sites


guide araound KL or Penang..bus fare and budget hotel


Recently, I am working at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was born in Kuantan, which is a city half covered by beach. I have been travel numbers of state in West Malaysia. So, you can ask me about Malaysia.


I have been to Taman Negara many times.Why?? Because i keep going back for activities which I missed out, such as rapid shooting,cave exploring,night safari,canopy walk,night jungle trek etc. I can help with information of transport,accomodation,guides,activities of Taman Negara(Malaysia National Park).I stay quite near to Batu Caves and enjoy driving up Genting Highland for a cuppa at Coffee Bean there after work.Also, I would love to show places of interest around Kuala Lumpur if it fits in to my free time.I may drive up to Taman Negara this Christmas.Anybody wish to car pool?


places to go, contact numbers, etc.


I am in a team of Personalize tour guide cater for tourist in the Kuala Lumpur City. We can get you dirt cheap bargains from DVDs to food and counting. Hassle-free service and maximizes the value of time/money while you are here. Email me at


Spent time visiting a friend and exploring


When to go, dos and dont's in the country,etc

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