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The Maldives are often considered the most expensive destination on the planet. Not quite true, but not exactly untrue either. There are a number of things people need to know about the Maldives prior to planning a trip. A Muslim country, the island of Male is the "city" and it is the capital as well. It id considered the most cramped capital in the world. The island is completely covered in city with no room for any expansion. There are different rules for Male, as opposed to the many resort islands. If you want to visit, there is a way to navigate the wildly and often outrageous prices on the resort islands, and last and not least, if you want to visit the Maldives, do it sooner rather than later, as before the end of this century, the Maldives will be no more, as they will be the first country to be a victim of the global warming/climate changes. The government is already pleading with a number of nations to give the Maldives people a picce of land to call their own, which they will call the New Maldives, or fact simili there of. I may be off by some centimeters, but I saw a news item stating the highest point of the nation is 43 centimeters.

Anuj Tikku


Yonder Holidays

Yonder Holidays is a professional inbound Tour operator and Travel agent, based in Male’, Maldives. We have been strengthening our roots in establishing and developing in the most competitive areas in the Travel Industry of the Maldives.

Yonder Holidays is active in taking the true image of Maldives closer to increasing tourism sector. With the increase of tourism leaps and bounds in Maldives within the past six years, we do our maximum in treating our clients to a worthy and wonderful holiday in the ever Sunny Maldives.

As to highlight our services, we domestically offer all main Resorts, hotels and live-aboard touring, located in the Maldives such as:-

Booking and arranging accommodation to our inbound Tour Operators and travel agents as well as free individual traveller.
Booking and arranging Spa holidays, honeymoon holidays and renewal of love ceremony.
Arranging Diving, snorkeling and cruising, safaris on live-aboard, luxury yachts and boats.
Handling cruise liners and arrange day excursions.
Organizing sightseeing tours of Male', the capital island.
Arrange fishing expeditions.
Also offer our services in any other field related to the travel industry.


i live & work in Maldivs. I have worked in many hotels and travel agencies and have great knowledge about maldivian resorts. if you want any informaiton shoot at me


Since I'm a specialist in accommodations for both Sri Lanka (i'm based in Sri Lanka) and Maldives - I would happy to help and/or assist planning their holidays to these two main areas.
I'm a Tour Operator and Ground Agent for many companies involved in Accommodations for these two destinations.

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