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I can assist with answers concerning Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX.


I am 26 year old mexican who loves traveling his country. I know many famous tourist places but also many very beautiful hidden places and we must not forget the cheap places. Also I live here so I can tell you the truth of many places and security tips; if I not know the answer I'll search for it.


I live in Mexico and have travelled extensively in the majority of the states here. I run a nonprofit organization in Cuernavaca, Mexico that brings volunteers to work with community projects. I can give advice on travel, where are the best places to go, etc.

i c e

I'm 19. I just drove the panamerican highway With my family, to panama and back and spent good time in each country. If you would like any help or reliable info just ask!! Love this part of the world!! Speak Spanish! Been all over the world!

Glad to help in any way!!



Information about Mexico State, some beach destinations as Acapulco, Tuxpan,Tampico, Playa azul.


General questions about Q. Roo and the
Yucatan area, mayan ruins and beach destinations.


I spent 2&half travelling from Mexico city down the pacific coast, across the midlands (Palenque!), down the carribean coast island hopping, through Belize and Guatamala and back to Mexico City in 2003


I live in Mexico City I also know many places near from here like Puebla, Cholula and Tlaxcala if you want some help about Cancun I know this area too, so please feel free to ask, I wish I can help you! :)


If you ever come to Mexico, I can help you with ome tips or highlights, anything you need.


I live in Aguascalientes, the center of this country. I can recommend you beautiful unknown places which you will love more than the usual Cancun or Acapulco. Dare to go somewhere else! There's a lot of to discover here in Mexico.


I live in puerto vallarta,but I know information all about mexico,cancun,oaxaca,chiapas,etc..and also if you like to visit vallarta I offer nice and good accomodations at my place for all travellers that like to learn and know my country....


I specialize in the area of Rocky Point (Puerto PeƱasco), Sonora. We have the volcanic natural reserve of El Pinacate, beautiful beaches & much more. Check us out at


Mexico City's my home "town" so i'd be happy to help you in any way. I can also suggest nice trips on and off the beaten path in southern and central mexico.


If anyone have questions, specially regarding the Baja California Sur or need references, just drop a line I will try my best


tips and information about places to visit


I live and work in Baja California Sur, and am a Real Estate And Mortgage expert.
I am happy to answer questions in these areas as well as general Mexico questions.
No worries I am not out to sell you real estate, I don't selll real estate.




I have the answer you're looking for...'coz I'm Mexican!!! and I love my country.


I lived and worked in Mexico for about 9 months in 2006 and came back in 2007 for 2 more months. I travelled a lot throughout Mexico and also through Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. I am still working in tourism and can give you a lot of advice on which routes to travel and how.


Done fairly extensive travel in Mexico. Mainly through the central less touristy parts, but all over really.
More than happy to give advice on where to go and what to see, where to stay and how to get around.


i live in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, where many people might not know how to get the best out of it.
i think my advice can help you.
what do to
where to shop


I lived in Mexico for 3 years. It i slike a second home to me. I do not know he very north of the country all that well, but I can help with logistical questions.


I can tell you a bit about Chichen Itza, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Playa Maroma


I know the region, and I can explain some details for a safety trip.


I live in Mexico City, so feel free to ask me anything about this stressing and exciting city ...


Well it is my country since I was born, and I'm passionete about the history and the places, I visited most of my country.


I am familiar with travel requirements and have been visiting Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco regularly for over 10 years and can recommend restaurants and local travel and tours.

adrienne f

Familiar with Puerto Vallarta area & condo rentals, also Guadalajara but less so


I am living in Mexico, on the island of Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea! A great place to dive, snorkel, relax and experience an authentic mexican island! We are 12 miles across the water from very popular Playa del Carmen but we are worlds away! I can help find the best accommodations that fits your needs and budget. I can advise on diving, snorkeling, ruins, restaurants, whatever the island has to offer is just a question away!


I can answer general questions about sites to see around Mexico City and the Spanish Language and customs.


all general enquiries about my country


Ive visited Mexico some years ago and liked it very much. I ve read about its history, culture, arts and i keep up to date with its news.
Id like to go there again.. i have to have the money tho :P


I know about Mexico traveling, specially for historic-cultural and most of all about isolated beautiful places both in the coast and the mountain



I don't claim to be an expert on Guadalajara, having only been there on holiday for two weeks, but I was lucky enough to have my sister (6 months) and the staff from a volunteer/traveller company to help. Can provide a little info on how to get around, places to see and good nights out.


i lived in mexico for two years, and have also traveled through out. i'm familiar with the gringo trails, but am also familiar with the less touristy parts of mexico.


I was born in Xalapa and have lived in Veracruz for most of my years. I am a teacher and a Travel Helper for my city/ state.. Can recomend hotels, arrange tours, daytrips to areas of interest.. or help you with about anything you might need during your visit here.. Maria de Veracruz


I work and live in Mexico and Central America. I can provide insight into the coutries of the Ruta Maya.


Questions about Hotel Bahia Principe Tulum, Riviera Maya and Yucatan. I was there for two weeks on October 2001.

No Mexico questions; but all the answers on Mexico travel?

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