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4 years of learning Arabic (not very successfully I admit), taking Middle Eastern studies at university and 3 months living in Palestine have got to be good for something - I'll try to help you the best I can.


I spent 5 years as a Overland Tour Leader in the Middle East and Africa running tours anywhere between Istanbul and Cape Town. Plus 2 years working as a Dive master in the Red Sea.


ask me anything about jordan israel or egypt


i am from india ...i have been living in uae and oman for more than 6 yrs ....any queries i'll be happy to help


i live in kuwait , i can arrang for groups to visit kuwait and all the gulf country including iran , and tour making , i am welling to answer all your needs in kuwait , feel free to ask


Living in Dubai UAE, i have many contacts for the above countries as well as traveled extensively through them. I may also be a dab hand at Oman, Jordan, Sri lanka and India too.


I have lived in Saudi Arabia for the past 6 years and have travelled extensively in the Middle East and beyond (Iran, UAE, Syria, Turkey, Oman, Nepal, Bhutan,Tibet, Morocco, Sri Lanka). My home is in NZ and I know that region and Samoa very well. Can I be of help?


I can give information on personal travel experiences to some of the places I have visited.


My wife and I have travelled in our own vehicle through North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We are currently on expedition and can give information on all aspects of travel planning ie visas, documents, vaccinations, things to pack as well as routes, risk assessment, places to see, keeping safe and where to dive! I hope we can help!

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